A Brunch Adventure Like No Other

We brunched and brunched. And then brunched some more. Because that is precisely what Boston Brunchers do. For the January Boston Brunchers brunch, the brunchers paired up with the Langham Hotel for a contest. Each of the lucky Boston food blogger winners won a seat at the Langham Hotel’s luxurious City Brunch. A detailed menu can be found here.

Where to begin?

Cafe Fleuri at the Langham Hotel

Immediately after arriving in the beautiful lobby of the Langham Hotel in Boston’s Financial District, I heard the sounds of live jazz music making their way down the stairs from Café Fleuri. I met up with fellow brunchers Daisy, Megan, Emily, Melissa, Justin, Renee, and Lara near the bottom of the stairs. Did we know what we were in for? There was only one way to find out.

Sunday Brunch at The Langham Hotel

As we ascended the stairs, smells of roast coffee filled the air, and Langham Hotel brunch cocktail menus provided stronger options like the Hot in the City Bloody Mary.

Langham Hotel Brunch Cocktails

I went the Venetian route with a peach bellini, bubbles and sweet peach the aperitif I needed to prep me for an indulgent brunch Odyssey.

peach bellini

And so the journey began. Round and round the room we went first just snapping photos and marveling at the wonders before us.

jazz brunch at the Langham Hotel

From the fresh and healthy granola parfait

brunch granola parfaits

And around to bright, summery fruits and a world of cheese

brunch buffet fruit brunch buffet cheese

A taste of Italy in summertime with a caprese salad

caprese salad at the brunch buffet caprese salad at the brunch buffet

And an elegant beef carpaccio

beef carpaccio

Sweet visions tried to disarm us around every corner.

Boston brunch cupcakes cupcakes at the brunch buffet

And treats from the sea beckoned brunchers to sail away to Neptune’s lair.

shrimp martinis at the brunch buffet

Langham Hotel raw bar

The temptations were many.

brunch cannolis

The colors downright mesmerizing, almost hypnotizing

eggs at brunch

Though dared, I could not face my fear of the chocolate fountain (after an unfortunate incident involving a chocolate fountain and a piece of pineapple getting stuck at a conference years back).

chocolate fountain

So I made my way from the brunch wonderland to the safety of my table and my fellow brunchers.

Round 1- shrimp cocktail, crab salad, bean and tomato salad, and a tasty egg

Boston brunch

I caught Daisy as she bravely juggled multiple plates on her own return from the brunch buffet wilds.

brunch at the Langham Hotel

Round 2- roasted beets, Lake’s End goat cheese, Marcona Almond

Also known as my favorite dish of the day

beets and goat cheese

Also a favorite, Eggs Benedict with Canadian bacon and chive hollandaise

Eggs Benedict

Megan and I wondered at how, with so many eggs to make, the chef managed to cook these to sunny, runny perfection.

Eggs Benedict

Just when it seemed it couldn’t get any better, and seemingly out of nowhere, a beignet fairy visited our table, depositing warm, sweet, cinnamon-y, beignets for all.

Cinnamon Sugar Beignet

But still we weren’t done! Still lured by the East Coast Catches, I delighted in briny oysters, a bite of sushi, and perhaps the best smoked salmon in all the land, smoked and maple cured in-house.

raw bar smoked salmon, oysters, sushi
oysters oyster

There was room for just one more. . . one more plate that is. Beguiled by sweets on every table, I could not escape without a few bites, chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate croissant bread pudding.

chocolate covered strawberries chocolate croissant bread pudding

For as much ground as I covered, I didn’t visit nearly all of the corners of the beautiful brunch universe that the Langham Hotel has put together.

Truly a paradise for all of the senses, our brunch journey brought together brunchers from Somerville to Dorchester and beyond all with one mission, to brunch until we couldn’t brunch any more. And we did.

Boston brunch Boston Brunchers

Everyone at the Langham Hotel was wonderful and welcoming, and I can’t thank them enough for so generously hosting us. My brunch was provided compliments of the Langham, but that aside, I would absolutely recommend their City Brunch, especially for a special occasion like a shower or reunion.

After looking at my Langham brunch photos, the mister and I decided that an overnight stay-cation at the hotel, followed by City Brunch, might just be the perfect late-winter pick-me-up. Stay tuned!

What is your favorite brunch item? Do you go for salty/savory or sweet?

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  1. Brian @ A Thought For Food’s avatar

    It was such a wonderful day. Great food, great people… and you captured it beautifully


  2. Daisy’s avatar

    I nervously approached the chocolate fountain after visions of chocolate spewing in every direction played in my head….

    ooo a staycation! perfect idea. there are so many great hotels to staycation at in this city and knowing you get to wake up to brunch like this, langham is an easy choice.


  3. Emily’s avatar

    Well said! I am so envious of your perfectly cooked eggs benedict (mine was not so good). I may have to bring my husband to brunch also – I can only imagine the destruction that would ensue!


  4. Belinda @zomppa’s avatar

    My goodness…how does one join this brunch group?? Great spot for next in Boston!


  5. Michelle’s avatar

    I was originally signed up for the brunch but missed it due to a last minute trip to New Jersey. I’m sorry I missed this awesome brunch!


  6. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    The runny egg looks delicious. I would’ve been overwhelmed with all those options!


  7. Justin’s avatar

    I think I’m still full! I love your photo of the cannolis.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Can you believe that by around 4:00 yesterday I was starving?!


    2. Amanda L. (Tales from a Kitchen Misfit)’s avatar

      Goodness gracious great balls of fire it looks like you had an amazing time! Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t get picked because I would have gained 5lbs while there!


    3. A Boston Food Diary’s avatar

      A beignet fairy! Is that something I can wish for- because I LOVE the sound of that! Great write up!


    4. Elizabeth’s avatar

      Wow. I would also love that beet dish.


    5. Kate @ Diethood.com’s avatar

      Wow – that’s a lovely brunch! I so enjoy attending brunch parties…looks like you had a fab time!


    6. Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle’s avatar

      Buffets overwhelm me, my eyes are bigger than my belly! As for savory or sweet, it depends on the day, I can usually do either, though sweet usually happens more often.


    7. Renee’s avatar

      Ah…memories! Love the photo recap of everything delicious!


    8. Sharon (umommy)’s avatar

      Everything looked simply amazing! Now that is what I call a brunch :)


    9. Jill’s avatar

      That looked so tough! Lucky you. Eggs benedict, peach bellini, chocolate fondue – HEAVEN…
      I want to come over to the US!


    10. Megan’s avatar

      I love eggs Benedict! And especially loved them at the Langham. How did I not notice at brunch that you had bacon on your plate?!

      Was so fun brunching with you. See you tonight!


    11. Alicia’s avatar

      Love the pictures!! I love eggs benedict. And I certainly would have joined you in all the seafood options!! I love oysters, crab, and shrimp!!


    12. Judy’s avatar

      I love brunch and this looks fabulous. I’m sitting in an airport and starving. Your photos are not helping!


    13. Terri’s avatar

      Wow! That brunch looks amazing! My mouth is watering from all the pictures and descriptions. I will have to add that to my “must do list” for my next trip to Boston. I love the way they presented the yogurt and fruit in the martini glasses (I will have to steal that idea)!


    14. ashleigh’s avatar

      that looks like the most amazing brunch EVER! Everything looks delicious!


    15. Jean’s avatar

      Wow! What an endless array of gorgeous food! I would have had to be rolled out of the room! Gosh, I can’t stop looking at all that food. Yum!


    16. Enrico’s avatar

      one word – envy……

      that looks amazing – great photos – and you all look like you are having a blast in the last photos.

      Great writeup here – I hope to visit this place myself the next time my parents are in this part of the world. Thanks for the recommendation for a wonderful Sunday. :) How cool was it having a jazz band at such an event???


    17. Jason Phelps’s avatar

      Looking at these wrap-ups is making me sad. On the other hand I was outdoors in VT having fun which always makes me happy. Next time I hope!



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