Vegetarian Hunters Stew

The original plan for last night’s dinner was to continue using up every morsel of food we have in the house. With a swag bag full of beautiful Muir Glen tomatoes from the Garden at the Cellar/Muir Glen Vine Dining event and chicken drumsticks in the freezer, left over from my chicken adobo night, I set out to make a sort of hunters stew like the stew from Nigella Lawson’s Nigella Express.

I started by thawing the chicken and decided to cook it in vinegar as I did for the adobo recipe. Unfortunately, the chicken looked really wrong when it started cooking. Let’s just say there was a lot of blood, and it just kept coming. . . and so my stew became vegetarian.

Muir Glen

The ingredients: 1 can of tomatoes, 3 cloves garlic, crushed, and chopped finely, 1 can of white beans, rinsed, about 20 teeny tiny potatoes, and about 1/2 cup of orzo

garlic white beans

I know, two different starches in one dish; I was feeling physically pretty blah by the time I started cooking last night. I have been having a lot of fun with my really hard workouts lately, but as a result I don’t think I refuel enough.

I seriously chowed down on this dinner.


It was quick and simple. I boiled the potatoes in about a centimeter of water until the water was almost boiled away. To that I added the tomatoes, juice and all, a bit more water, and the garlic and cumin. Once everything was at a nice boil, I dropped in the orzo so that it could soak up the tomato goodness. At the very end, I mixed in the white beans, topped with crushed red pepper, and served myself a giant bowl.

hunters stew

Alongside a glass of Travessia Urban Winery Jester, a red blend made right here in Massachusetts, this meal was perfect comfort food and just what I needed to brighten up an exhausted day. Except, I really wanted nachos, and I still do.

I will be back later with a recap of the Boston Wine Expo, and for the rest of this week I will have lots of great guest posts from recipes to travel posts to a virtual tour of a US wine region. And I will be popping in here and there from Ireland to say hello, hopefully, so check back often!

Are you ready for spring yet? Disappointed smile

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  1. Emily’s avatar

    Ha – I always really want nachos but sometimes a heart stew just has to suffice. Have a great trip!


  2. Emily’s avatar

    Ha – I always really want nachos but sometimes a hearty stew just has to suffice. Have a great trip!


  3. Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle’s avatar

    “Ready for spring” doesn’t quite cover it…I am strongly considering moving next year!


  4. Michelle’s avatar

    I am DEFINITELY ready for spring! I had a hearty dinner last night but what I really want are sunshine, citrus and salads!


  5. Justin’s avatar

    Interesting about the chicken, I wonder what went wrong. I’m intrigued by the cooking in vinegar. I’d like to try that.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      I guess it was just that the bones were cut and the marrow was coming out as it was cooking. No big deal :) I should have tweeted a photo of it. Cooking the chicken in vinegar like the adobo recipe is absolutely delicious, and it all just falls off of the bones.


    2. Daisy’s avatar

      way to make good use of the tomatos! so strange about the chicken though.


    3. Sues’s avatar

      This looks delicious! Hope you have an amazing trip to Ireland… I’m just slightly jealous! :)


    4. Elizabeth’s avatar

      Orzo, beans and potatoes together sounds fabulous.


    5. Megan’s avatar

      Chicken grosses me out so much sometimes. Dinner looks like it ended up being tasty though! Have a great time in Ireland!


    6. Jason Phelps’s avatar

      I had a friend tell me one time that the greatest things in the food world come from mistakes and mishaps. Cheese, wine, etc. Sometimes these things need to happen to take us to a better place.



    7. Alicia’s avatar

      Without the meat that stew still looks hearty and delicious. I love white beans!

      mmm nachos.

      Have a safe, wonderful trip!! xoxoxo


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