Dim Sum Brunch

It seems natural to follow up my post on the BCAE Celebrity Chef Series with Joanne Chang with a visit to Myers + Chang because that is exactly how my Saturday panned out.

As I mentioned in my last post, I started to get quite hungry during the Celebrity Chef Series, which featured desserts and dessert wines. It just so happened that as I was leaving the Fairmont Copley, my husband was in the area on his way home from grocery shopping. Yep, he went grocery shopping while I was at a baking demo, love him!

Myers + Chang dim sum

We go to Myers + Chang dim sum brunch about twice a month, but as we say every time we eat there, I could eat Myers + Chang food every single day. The best part about dim sum brunch is that the plates are very small, and you end up trying a bunch of different things.

I started with a Moo Thunder Stout. Myers + Chang has a short but fantastic list of beers, wines, and cocktails, and this beer in a can is one of my favorites.

Moo Thunder Stout

But my favorite thing at Myers + Chang, and maybe one of my favorite foods in all of Boston, are the Asian pickles, a mix of a variety of spicy pickled vegetables including hot peppers, carrots, daikon, and kimchi.

Myers + Chang Asian Pickles

If I could figure out the secret of these vegetables, I would eat several servings of them per day. They are my perfect food.

Myers + Chang Asian Pickles

We also always get the lemony shrimp dumplings. They are crispy on the outside but not greasy or fried-tasting, with a bright, lemony flavor.

lemony shrimp dumplings

Brussels sprouts and caramelized onions also always make their way to our table. These Brussels are cooked to perfection, charred on the outside, soft on the inside.

Brussels Sprouts and Caramelized Onions

New to us on Saturday were the coal black chicken wings with house made sriracha. These promised to be spicy, but they ended up being my least favorite dish of the day. They didn’t have any spice Sad smile Maybe I am just used to, and counting the days until, the sriracha corn.

coal black chicken wings with house made sriracha

I bypassed the chicken wings and went for the dan dan noodles. Peanutty and mixed in with crunchy cucumbers and cilantro, the dan dan noodles at Myers + Chang are also something I would eat every single day if I could.

dan dan noodles

The last dish we ordered were the oysters with fermented black bean sauce and pickled sprouts. Myers + Chang knows how to do oysters. They were very lightly fried so that the natural oyster flavors came through and were perfectly enhanced.

fried oysters with fermented black beans and pickled bean sprouts

Brunch at Myers + Chang is very leisurely as they bring the food as it is done so the eating occurs over a period of time. Dim sum brunch is excellent for a couple or for a big group, is reasonably priced, and provides the perfect opportunity to try lots of different menu items.

What is your favorite brunch? Does it lean more toward breakfast or lunch?

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  1. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    That’s a cool take on brunch. I lean toward the more traditional pancakes sort of deal, but this is something I’d definitely like. I really like the cow on the beer can!


  2. Justin Ide’s avatar

    Love the write up. Never been to Meyers + Chang but the lemony shrimp dumplings look amazing!



    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Thanks! It is one of my favorite meals in all of Boston. The small dim sum servings really give you a chance to try everything!


    2. Kelly’s avatar

      I really need to get back to Myers and Chang. I want to try those lemon shrimp dumplings, I didn’t try those when we went!


    3. Amanda L.’s avatar

      That looks great! I’ve still never been to Myers + Chang. Need to go!


    4. Meesh’s avatar

      Love Myers + Chang. I can’t believe I didn’t order the pickles when I went, what on earth was I thinking? They look crunchy. I like that.

      And i LOVE the cow on the beer can. very cute.


    5. Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca)’s avatar

      I prefer breakfast to lunch, and I like when it includes bacon!

      Cilantro and kimchi are two of my favourite things ever, and they are both in this post!!! Mmmmmmmm!


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        They are my favorites too! I can not get enough cilantro.


      2. Michelle’s avatar

        I am going to make kimchi for my 30 by 30 list and I promise to make you a jar! I lean more towards breakfast for brunch although every now and again, I can’t resist a good burger!


      3. Justin’s avatar

        I recently took my dad here for dim sum to celebrate both of our birthdays. I absolutely love the fried oysters and the brussels sprouts. For me though, I always have to get Mama Chang’s Dumplings…


      4. alicia’s avatar

        I have never had dim sum brunch – but I think I would love it for some of the same reasons that you mention – I love getting tastes of a lot of different things!


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