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Planning a Superbowl dinner and need some last minute help? Look no further than the festive and fabulous spread my sister in law Clare put on in Galway this past week for my brother in law Patrick’s birthday. From drinks to dessert, this meal incorporated lots of different flavors and offered a great balance of vegetables, meat, and cheese to please any crowd.

Mexican themed dinner party

Clare and Patrick’s beautiful apartment overlooks Galway Bay, and in daylight, especially at sunset, the views are breathtaking. Ever the creative hostess, Clare had set the table with hollowed out peppers as candle holders which created fun patterns of light and a cozy atmosphere for a family dinner.

Mexican themed dinner party

Casper posed for plenty of photos.


And we got down to celebrating. I started with a Sol beer with a lime, a refreshing change from the Guinness consumed during the rest of the week.

Sol Mexican beer

While we chatted and caught up, we devoured this avocado dip, made with traditional guacamole ingredients like avocado and limes, but mixed in with ricotta cheese for a creamy spread for hot pita triangles. I ate about a million of these and could have kept going if the enticing smells from the kitchen didn’t stop me!

avocado dip

We continued with the Mexican fiesta theme with a pitcher of homemade margaritas.



When we got to the table, we were met with a feast. First up was chicken tortilla soup. With a rich tomato broth and tender shredded chicken, the soup was a constant delight of flavor, only enhanced by the avocado and cilantro on the top.

chicken tortilla soup

A three bean Mexican salad provided a delicious vegetarian side dish that accompanied the remaining avocado dip and some chunky homemade salsa for the main course.

three bean salad

Enchiladas stuffed with chicken and topped with sauce and cheese were the star of the show. After all of the other things I had eaten, I opted to have rice, bean salad, salsa, and avocado dip, the perfect combination of foods that was both satisfying and felt healthy. A bite of the hubby’s enchiladas was enough to let me know they were fantastic.

chicken enchiladas

We all felt as though we might roll away from the table, completely stuffed and happy with such an incredible meal. But there was more!


The dinner party was capped off with a sweet, custardy flan, one of my favorite desserts for its caramel flavors and smooth texture. Even after a big meal, the flan felt light and not at all overwhelming. It was the perfect dessert for me!

Clare put together a menu even better than most restaurants. Though I do love to cook and entertain, putting together complete menus is something that I need more practice in. If you need a Superbowl menu or even a fun menu for an at-home Valentine’s Day dinner, this menu would be a great choice!

It’s just over a week away; do you have Valentine’s Day dinner plans yet?

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  1. Daisy’s avatar

    This meal looks amazing! Love that she chose a Mexican theme. Still no Vday dinner plans for me – playing it by ear since I will be traveling. what are you guys doing?!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      We’ll be staying home and cooking, most likely. I really hate going out on Valentine’s Day! But we usually plan a dinner out later in the week as well.


    2. Megan’s avatar

      That looks like a feast! I love the hollowed out peppers used as candle holders. I may steal that idea.

      I’m going to make something for V-day dinner, but I haven’t decided what yet. I stay away from restaurants that day. Years of experience waitressing and hostessing have taught me that.


    3. Lizzy’s avatar

      I’ve wanted to have a mexican themed party for awhile now! I need to get on that : ) I just made tortilla soup on my blog and I love it! So addicting. Looks like a delicious meal : )

      I think I’m going to cook next Saturday night- lamb chops- never made lamb at home- I’m excited!


    4. MarmandeintheKitchen’s avatar

      The dinner party looks great, especially the flan! Staying in for Valentine’s day – restaurants are little too hectic that weekend!


    5. Clare Taylor King’s avatar

      Hi Meghan,
      Aww I’m really happy you enjoyed dinner with us. It was so nice to have you guys be with us for Patrick’s Mexican yums yums!

      I am looking forward to seeing you both again soon.

      P.s I’m so happy to report that Patrick and I will be in Spain for our Valentines Day. I’ll let you know more when we get back. :)


    6. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

      Ooooh guacamole with ricotta! Yummm. I just bought avocados last night, so I might attempt this for a Superbowl party tom!


    7. Simply Life’s avatar

      wow, what a wonderful and delicious dinner party!


    8. Lori Lynn’s avatar

      Sounds like a great menu.
      Casper is a cutie!


    9. Alicia’s avatar

      We don’t usually go out for Valentine’s day – since its right around my birthday. We usually stay at home and make tacos. I realize its a strange way to celebrate – but it works for us!!


    10. Kate @ Diethood.com’s avatar

      Everything looks yummy good… I’d go for a bowl of the tortilla soup and a side of that Margarita!!


    11. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

      I love the peppers for candle holders. Very creative!


    12. Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca)’s avatar

      Nope, no plans yet! Better talk to the hubby :-)


    13. Meesh’s avatar

      This dinner party looks absolutely FAB. Can I just come to Ireland and hang out with you? K, thanks.

      The pepper candles are the CUTEST idea ever. Very creative.

      And the tortilla soup and enchiladas is making me think I need to get or make mexican for dinner.


    14. Elizabeth’s avatar

      I am so jealous of this meal, particularly the dip, tortilla soup and FLAN.


    15. Heather’s avatar

      I love the hollowed out peppers as candle holders – how festive with the meal you had!

      I bet the ricotta made the guacamole much thicker then sour cream. Delicious sounding.

      We do not have any plans for V-day – I have school that night anyway!


    16. Michelle’s avatar

      What a lovely meal! I especially like the addition of ricotta to the guacamole.

      We’re heading to Basho for Valentine’s Day!


    17. Raija’s avatar

      I am not good at all of the timing that goes into serving a meal like that with things coming out at different times. It looks like a completely fabulous evening – atmosphere, drinks, food and company!!


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