Green Meatloaf

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you have any fun plans for the day/evening? Due to my being away and my husband’s gazillion hours of work this weekend, our plans are still up in the air, but I am sure we will think of something!

Last night’s dinner, inspired by recent recipes on Alicia’s and Emily’s websites, looked a little more like something you would serve on St. Patrick’s Day, and with Valentine’s Day on its way out, green is where it is at.

I usually make meatloaf several times over the course of the winter; during the last Presidential primaries, meatloaf became a good luck charm when we ate it on the evening our candidate won several states. Following that, I made meatloaf on the evening of all big primaries.

I returned from visiting my family in NJ craving some comfort food as I was missing them and had a harrowing drive back that included a warning from a state trooper. I was also intensely craving greens, and thus green meatloaf was born.

spinach meatloaf ingredients

The ingredients were few: 1/4 onion, chopped, three cups of spinach chopped, a container of ground turkey, one egg, a drop of ketchup, some ground pepper, and salt.

I started with my favorite kitchen tool, these salad shears from the Foodbuzz Festival swag bag. With these my spinach was chopped into tiny pieces in no time, ready to be quickly sautéed with the onion in a bit of oil.

salad shears

chopped spinach

I cooked the spinach down just a bit, then cooled it while I mixed the ground turkey with the egg, pepper, and salt. I then folded in the spinach.

spinach meatloaf

When everything was well blended, I placed it in a loaf pan to cook at 375 until the meat was cooked through. I pondered using a muffin tin to make mini meatloafs, but I envisioned meatloaf sandwiches and went with the loaf pan instead.

spinach meatloaf

About 20 minutes in to cooking, I drained off some liquid from the meatloaf to make sure it cooked up nice and brown. Then I started on the sauce.

Muir Glen was so incredibly generous last month, and I am still reaping the rewards of attending their dinner at Garden at the Cellar.


I added a can of the Muir Glen organic tomato sauce to the pan that the spinach was cooked in, then added a pinch of red pepper flakes and some garlic powder.

Muir Glen tomato sauce

When the meatloaf was done, I cut it into slices, topped with tomato sauce, and served with my incredibly easy and delicious mashed potatoes.

spinach meatloaf

Just a bunch of potatoes, boiled until soft, drained and mixed with Kerrygold and skim milk, mashed until creamy.

mashed potatoes

Does it get any more comforting than meatloaf and mashed potatoes?

meatloaf and mashed potatoes

I’ll be tucking this recipe away and making it again in the very near future, maybe as part of our St. Patrick’s Day feast. Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, my birthday falls on the same day as the Boston parade this year, what should I do?!

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    I adore that you added spinach to your meatloaf to make it just a little more nutritious! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    This looks healthy and tasty. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


  3. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

    I love recipes with chopped spinach. I’ve never made homemade mashed potatoes until last year, now I want to make it over and over again haha. How fun that your bday falls on St. Paddy’s this year!


  4. Elizabeth’s avatar

    I have such fond memories of meatloaf. Some spinach added sounds delicious.


  5. Roxan’s avatar

    My husband and I have no plans yet either, but like you I’m sure we will think of someway to celebrate valentine’s day. We’ve been out of town so it’s been the last thing on our minds! This meatloaf looks great, I love all the healthy green that you included. Yum!


  6. Emily’s avatar

    Yay for spinach infused dishes! This looks delish!!


  7. Megan’s avatar

    The meatloaf looks so good! I think we should go out for a b-day/St. Patrick’s Dat celebration!


  8. alicia’s avatar

    Looks deeeelicious. I love the spinach addition! Great way to get an extra veggie serving in there!


  9. Grace’s avatar

    Meatloaf is such a wonderful comfort food. Way to make it a little healthier!


  10. Kate @’s avatar

    I love meatloaf… Add some spinach to that and it is a perfect meal for moi!

    Great new design!


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