Lobster Puttanesca

Also known as a meal I magically threw together using only ingredients we already had in the house. While I spent last weekend out of town visiting my family, my husband spent the weekend working 15 hour days until he finally got to come home at 1:15 am on Monday. Needless to say, neither of us got to the grocery store this weekend, and coming up with a delicious meal became a daunting task.

Trader Joe's cappellini

Luckily, we always have some sort of random items in the cabinets and freezer. I started with a half package of Trader Joe’s cappellini. I love super thin pasta, and this one is a bargain. It really does cook in three minutes, as the package promises.

I busted out a can of black olives, also from Trader Joe’s. Canned black olives might not be the most highbrow menu item, but I really like them. I used half the can in my sauce and the other half as my snack while I patiently waited for the husband to get home Smile

black olives

I had some jarred capers left over from many months ago. They were still good!


And I had the last of my gift from the Muir Glen tomato dinner, their super fancy Meridian Ruby Reserve tomatoes. I can’t wait to order some more Muir Glen products. Their tomatoes are truly superior.

Muir Glen Meridien Ruby Tomatoes

To make a nice puttanesca-style sauce, I added five chopped cloves or garlic to some olive oil and started the garlic cooking until it sizzled. I then added the chopped olives, capers, more olive oil, and the tomatoes, liquid and all.


I let the mixture simmer, added some garlic powder and crushed red pepper flakes, then got started steaming some lobster tails I have had in the freezer for awhile. My mom really spoils me with all sorts of food items when I go home! Smile

lobster tails

Steaming the lobsters was quick and easy, as was cutting the shells, removing the meat, and cleaning out the vein. I was left with sweet lobster meat which tasted freshly caught.

lobster meat

I boiled the pasta and at the very last minute, I added the hot pasta and the chopped lobster to the sauce. I didn’t want the lobster to cook any more as I did not want it to get tough. Mixing it with hot pasta and hot sauce made it the perfect temperature while leaving it nice and tender.

lobster puttanesca

Not too bad for someone who had NO clue what dinner was going to be at 5:00 last night!

Canned tomatoes and pasta are must-haves in my pantry. What do you always have on hand?

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  1. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Puttanesca is one of my favorite pasta dishes. I’d never had it until I went to Italy and the farm served it regularly. Did you puttana means whore and this dish is so named because prostitutes would lure their clients with it? That’s one theory on it.


  2. Lauren’s avatar

    I’ve never thought to freeze left over lobster… probably because I eat it all but it’s a great idea!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      We actually bought it frozen. I don’t think you are supposed to re-freeze fish or shellfish!


    2. Emily’s avatar

      Wow, that is probably the best ad hoc dinner I’ve ever seen. Lobster is not something I typically have “on hand” – I’d have to plan for this one!


    3. Michelle’s avatar

      Wow, that looks great, especially for an on-the-fly dinner! I always have pasta, too. Also, chickpeas, fresh tomatoes, onions, and various cheeses.


    4. Michelle’s avatar

      This is an awesome thrown together dinner!


    5. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

      Um…you make me feel ashamed about my thrown together meals of oatmeal and vegetables. Looks fabulous!


    6. ashleigh’s avatar

      Wow that looks delicious, especially for just being throw together! Yummy! I always have canned tomatoes, pasta and BEANS!


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        Beans are definitely another staple! They are so versatile.


      2. Megan’s avatar

        That sounds sounds fabulous. I always have canned tomatoes and pasta around too… and bread crumbs… and of course tons of flour, butter, and sugar!


      3. Shoshana’s avatar

        Oh my..that looks so deliciously insane. It’s too bad I no longer eat shellfish, I would have made this dish in a heartbeat :)
        I bet it’s just as good without the lobster, right?? :)


      4. Daisy’s avatar

        what a fantastic dish you threw together last minute! i always have pasta on hand, but I don’t always have tomatoes or sauce on hand. not good!!


      5. RavieNomNoms’s avatar

        Well for just being “thrown” together, that looks sensational!


      6. Big Al’s avatar

        This is right in my wheelhouse…thanks for the add…now I cant stop thinking about this…I wanna eat it!!!


      7. Joy’s avatar

        The dish looks wonderful. I love the simplicity while having the different flavors.


      8. Kate @ Diethood.com’s avatar

        OH that is a delicious meal! Lobster and pasta are such a good match.


        1. traveleatlove’s avatar

          Mmm yes! I love lobster with anything!


        2. Leanna @ Raptortoe.com’s avatar

          Oooh gotta love lobster! You need to get your hands on some lobster oil and drizzle it on at the end. So goood!!


        3. Belinda @zomppa’s avatar

          Nope, not bad at all. Want to come over here?


        4. Kankana’s avatar

          wow .. pasta and lobster .. my two fav in one dish..


        5. alicia’s avatar

          YUM – can’t go wrong with that combo! I always have pasta, tomatoes, and beans….and an emergency box of annie’s.


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