Zesty Black Bean Soup

In keeping with the week’s simple and healthy theme, I decided to unearth some of the many dried beans I keep in the pantry for a comforting soup. Though Friday’s weather made it seem like spring was near, I couldn’t get warm this weekend and needed something hearty that could bubble away on the stove while I was working.

black beans

I soaked about two cups of dried black beans in plenty of water overnight, then drained and rinsed them before prepping the rest of the soup ingredients.

I smashed six cloves of garlic and minced them, then added the garlic to some olive oil, starting it on low heat.


To the garlic, I added my soup’s secret ingredient, Howard’s Hot Pepper Relish. I love the sweet and spicy flavors of this peppery relish, so I put in three heaping tablespoons.

Howard's Hot Pepper Relish

Howard's Hot Pepper Relish

Once I could smell the garlic starting to cook up, I added the softened beans, two cups of water, and half of a bag of frozen sweet corn.

organic sweet corn

I brought everything up to a boil, then brought the heat down to low, letting the soup simmer for over an hour, checking to see if water was needed. You will want to eyeball it and taste the beans to make sure they are cooked all the way through.

black bean soup

To make the soup an even more complete meal, I cooked up some al fresco spicy jalapeno sausage, sliced it into small pieces, and added it to the soup.

spicy chicken sausage

And finally, I added a dollop of Fage 2% Greek yogurt to the top of the soup. This would definitely be fine without the chicken sausage for a vegetarian soup, maybe even with some quinoa or brown rice added to bulk it up.  Delicioso!

I am in a serious weather funk. I can’t warm up, even when I am dancing to my Ke$ha Pandora station or lifting weights, and I feel tired all of the time. I just want to open the windows and to be able to sit in my house without my coat! Can it be spring yet?

Hot pepper relish is a condiment that I love to have around the house. What is your favorite condiment?

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  1. Brian @ A Thought For Food’s avatar

    Hahahaha! I’m not sure Ke$ha can warm anyone up. ;-) But I know exactly what you mean… even in our apartment, with the heat on… I’m still freezing. And here we are again… with more snow fall.

    Hopefully a hearty soup like this will help.


  2. Michelle’s avatar

    I think it is obvious that mustard is my favorite condiment!


  3. Daisy’s avatar

    looks like a great soup to warm up with!


  4. Megan’s avatar

    The soup looks lovely… maybe with some less spicy chicken sausage for wimpy me. :) I feel tired all the time too… I need more sunshine and fresh air. Bring on spring!


  5. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Black bean soup has been a fave of mine ever since childhood. I would totally add some chopped avocado to this for some extra richness.


  6. Emily’s avatar

    I love that chicken sausage – what a great idea for a quick, warm-up meal! I felt incredible on Friday when it was warm and then – BAM – cold and tired again. Spring can’t come soon enough!


  7. Kristina @ Life as Kristina’s avatar

    ohhhh I’ve got extra black beans from tonights meal-may have to steal this! looks delish!


  8. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    Sounds delicious. I like the addition of the yogurt to cool down the heat.


  9. Meesh’s avatar

    I would have to say sour cream. I’m currently in a Latino kick, so that might change soon.

    I absolutely love chicken sausage. I find chicken itself to be really boring and meh, but chicken sausage is amazing!


  10. alicia’s avatar

    Your soup looks delicious. Black Bean soup is certain to warm you up – every time. I have lots of dried beans in my cupboard, and I think I’m going to cook some up this weekend.

    I’m definitely on team drowsy – especially with the rain and darkness – I need more sunshine!!


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