I love birthdays! It’s the only day that’s all about me (and Spike Lee, my birthday twin), and while I don’t love being the center of attention, I do love all of the extra special love that comes my way. And honestly, I love being in my 30’s. It feels so much cooler than being in my 20’s, though I heartily agree with anyone who wants to check my ID! You’ll see, 20-something’s, it is fabulous.

I have had a great year with many ups and a few downs but mostly lots of growth. If I could wrap up the year in one photo it would be the photo below.

Half Moon Bay

In this next year? I want to find work that is challenging and meaningful and fun. I want to continue to grow my circle of wonderful friends and contacts. I want to volunteer more, complain less and learn to spend less time on my laptop but to get more work done.

That’s all for today. I hope you are having a good weekend, and I will be back tomorrow with my regular posting schedule.

When is your birthday? Do you have a famous birthday twin?

  1. Eric King’s avatar

    Happy Birthday Meghan!


  2. traveleatlove’s avatar

    Also – if people have had trouble commenting – WordPress cannot have a title that is simply a number – by adding the st at the end of 31 – it no longer considered 31 to be a date in March – that it was actually a blog title and accepts comments now. Sorry for the long-winded explanation – just trying to save some fellow bloggers confusion due to the issue we faced with today’s blog.


  3. Daisy’s avatar

    Love that picture of you! Happy Birthday Meghan. xoxo


  4. John’s avatar

    I’m happy to see you making the most of each day, each year, and enjoying yourself! All the best. :0)


  5. Lara’s avatar

    Hi Meghan,
    Hope you have a fabulous birthday! I’m with you – I”m enjoying the 30′s too.

    Here’s to a wonderful next year! :)


  6. Meghan’s avatar

    Happy birthday Meghan!! (And you too Spike, as I assume he reads his bday twin’s blog). Mine is Usher who is just a year older than me (and must be so embarrassed at how much more successful I am).


  7. Kerstin’s avatar

    Happy Birthday Meghan!! Hope you have an awesome day and year ahead!


  8. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)’s avatar

    Happy birthday!! I’m 31, too. My birthday is December 12th, so I have a lot of holidays to compete with as an adult, but I don’t feel my age AT ALL, so I love celebrating like I’m turning 16 over and over. :)


  9. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

    Happy birthday Meghan!! I share a birthday with two of my best friends – how cool is that? ;) Enjoy the rest of you birthday weekend! xo


  10. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Happy birthday Meghan! I wish you all those things and more.


  11. Kelly’s avatar

    Happy Birthday!!! :) Glad you hear you love your 30s!
    I also hope you get all your wishes for the next year!


  12. Michelle’s avatar

    Happy Birthday!!!! I also love being in my 30s. I feel so much more self-aware :)


  13. Megan’s avatar

    Those are fabulous goals. Happy Birthday!


  14. Little Miss Fitness’s avatar

    Hey girl! Happy Bday! I just stumbled upon your blog through Kath and love it. :)

    Can’t wait to read more!


  15. alicia’s avatar

    I Love this picture of you!! Happy Birthday!!

    And my birthday twin is Abe Lincoln….the height discrepancy is amazing.


  16. Justin’s avatar

    Happy Birthday! I share mine with Ben Franklin and Michelle Obama.


  17. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Hope you had a really fabulous birthday, fellow March baby! I love that photo. Sadly, my birthday twin is Justin Bieber…


  18. Elina (Healthy and Sane)’s avatar

    Sorry, I know it’s late but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday anyway. Sounds like it was perfect :)


  19. Raija’s avatar

    That is easily my favorite photo of the year of you! So glad you can reflect so warmly and wisely on your year!


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