Boston’s Got Saus

Frites, fries, chips, call them what you will, but one of Western Europe’s favorite street foods is definitely my healthy-eating downfall. I can easily pass up cake, candy, or any other sweet, but put a plate (or cone) of good fries in front of me, and I am happy.

I’ve eaten them in chip shops in Ireland, from windows in Belgium and from stands in Amsterdam, and I have rarely found fries that were as satisfying as those in Europe.

Boston got exactly what it needed this week with the opening of Saus, Boston’s first Belgian street food café, near the Faneuil Hall area of the city. Located in a row of bars that includes Paddy O’s and the Purple Shamrock, I can pretty much guarantee this spot will be packed on weekend nights, and based on the tasty fries, sauces, and waffles, I am pretty certain it will attract traffic from all over during the rest of the week.

Saus Boston

I headed toward Faneuil Hall early and met Michelle to walk over to Saus for some daylight photos. Snuggled in a row of bars, Saus is absolutely adorable.

Saus Boston

More café than fast food joint, Saus offers a high table with stools in addition to some tables and chairs and some standing room. A blackboard lists options for frites, dipping sauces, waffles, and drinks.

Saus menu

And in true Belgian style, cartoons like Tintin decorate the space, giving it a fun and whimsical flair.

Saus Boston

It reminded me of a conference I went to once in Brussels; our company actually had its dinner at the Belgian Comic Strip Museum.

Saus Boston

While Michelle and I waited, we checked out the Saus menu and were tortured with wonderful smells of fries and dipping sauces. I could not wait to try everything!

Saus Menu

Let’s get to the eating, shall we? The owners of Saus could not have been more welcoming, and we had the chance to chat with them while we tried all of the dipping sauces.


And there were sauces. There was truffle ketchup, bacon parmesan, spicy samuari, cheddar and Duvel ale, vampire slayer (roasted garlic), mayonnaise, ketchup, curry ketchup, presto pesto, Saturday night chive, and two specials, Green Monster and Pegasaus.

sauces at Saus

sauces at Saus

I started by trying all of the sauces and then made repeat visits to my favorites. I really have to say I enjoyed every single sauce, but I loved the truffle ketchup, bacon parmesan, cheddar and Duvel, and samurai sauces the most. I should mention that all of the sauces, including the classic ketchup are made in-house. And they definitely show that homemade quality you can’t just get anywhere.

truffle ketchup

In addition to the frites and sauces, we also had a chance to check out the deep-fried egg over frites.

frites and egg

A runny egg yolk over fries? As a few people mentioned, this would be a good breakfast the morning after a night out. Smile

frites and egg

Clearly, bloggers + a table full of fries and dipping sauces = lots of fun

Bloggers at Saus

As though all of the fries were not enough, before we left we also sampled homemade Belgian Liege waffles topped with different sauces, berry berry, salted caramel, and lemon cream. I only had enough room for a bite of the salted caramel, but it was incredible. I’ll return with more room for waffles next time.

Belgian waffle

It was great to get together with my fellow Boston blogger ladies (in addition to Michelle, Megan, Daisy, Bianca, Elizabeth, Rachel, Lizzy, and Bridget) . I always have such a fun time with this group, and it was a nice pick-me-up after a couple of artic days! I should add that because Megan knows one of the owners, all of our food was complimentary which was incredibly generous of Saus. It was really quite the treat to get to try everything!

Your mouth is probably watering at the above photos; Saus really offers some great options whether you enjoy salty or sweet, so if you are anywhere in the Boston area, definitely add it to your must-visit list. I will definitely be returning soon with my husband (who loved the takeout I brought him!) and friends soon. I wish the owners of Saus the best of luck for a booming business, but somehow I don’t think they will need luck!

What is your favorite street food? Are you a fry person like me?

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  1. Daisy’s avatar

    Saus rules. that is all.


  2. Bridget’s avatar

    It was awesome to see you last night!! I’m jealous you’ve actually had these in Belgium (we’re planning to go next year)! Happy Friday Meghan :)


  3. GirlyGreenGirl’s avatar

    I LOVE FRIES (and lately, waffles too!)

    ~ GGG


  4. Meghan’s avatar

    Even the pics remind me so much of the frites in Brussels and Amsterdam. I am so excited this place came to Boston!


  5. Michelle’s avatar

    I seriously think Saus is going to be a deadly temptation for me after a night at the bars! I love Korean street food, like dukboki!


  6. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    I really wanted to go to this! looks seriously addictive. And I hope they’re open late because this food is perfect for post-bar snacking (though I never stay out late in Faneuil Hall!)


  7. Elizabeth’s avatar

    I am LOVING reliving it through your awesome photos. Loving the closeups of the crispiness. I really can’t wait to go back, especially for the waffles.


  8. Megan’s avatar

    Oh I do love fries! The ones at Saus were so crispy and perfectly salted. I might become more of a waffle girl after last night too!


  9. RavieNomNoms’s avatar

    This is too much fun!!


  10. Belinda @zomppa’s avatar

    Great to know!! Will remember this when next in Beantown.


  11. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    This looks fabulous! I’m drooling over the egg on the fries.


  12. Kate @’s avatar

    I agree, European fries kick ass! I have yet to find something similar out here in Chicago.


  13. Yesim’s avatar

    looks great my favourite!! frices , sauses are great too …..


  14. Meesh’s avatar

    I want SAUS! this place looks awesome, a welcome addition to our fabulous food scene


  15. Shirley’s avatar

    I was just at Fanueil Hall and somehow managed to miss this place! Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely be checking in next time.


  16. alicia’s avatar

    I loooove fries. You got some gorgeous photos at Saus!


  17. JazzRules’s avatar

    Just moved to the top of my ‘To Do’ list.


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