French Toast Bread Pudding

When life gives you a somewhat dry Maple Yogurt Cake that no one wants to eat. . . make Maple Bread Pudding!

Have you ever had a baking disappointment that wasn’t quite a disaster but wasn’t really very good either? For whatever reason, my maple cake was so dry that we sort of left it on the platter for a few days. Rather than throw it out, I reinvented it.

To help along the already-dry cake, I broke it into chunks and allowed it to dry further overnight.

maple yogurt pound cake

The next day, I assembled a batter, just like something I would use to make French toast, to soak the cake.

almond milk and skim milk

I used about a cup each of Silk Pure Almond Milk and organic skim milk. I have said it before, but the Silk is absolutely delicious to drink, the only almond milk I can drink on its own. And it is great for baking.

I mixed the milk with two eggs, a ton of cinnamon, and some fresh nutmeg.

bread pudding

Then I fully soaked all of the cake in a loaf pan, putting it in the refrigerator for an hour before baking it.

bread pudding

Once I was sure the cake was soaked, I popped this into the oven at 350 for 25 minutes. I just checked it frequently to make sure it didn’t dry out too much. The end result was a custard-y light bread pudding. Perfect with a drizzle of maple syrup, this was still technically cake but made for both a nice dessert and a good breakfast, paired with mixed berries.

almond milk and skim milk

I was glad that I could salvage the cake, and I love making bread pudding, so I found this recipe easy and perfect for my mostly-novice dessert skills.

In other news, I just can’t warm up today. And its not even that cold out. And I am really itching to go to the gym to lift weights, but am afraid I am not back up to 100% yet as I still have a cough. Any ideas on good workouts to ease myself back into exercise?

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  1. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    I like doing workout dvds when I’m sick or trying something off Exercise TV.
    The pudding looks great!


  2. Alicia’s avatar

    Well, you know that I’m going to suggest a moderate intensity yoga workout to ease back into things….

    so instead, I’ll tell you how yummy your cake reinvention looks!


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    I am so impressed that you didn’t like a dry cake go to waste. This bread pudding looks AWESOME!

    Also, it was great to see you tonight!


  4. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Bread pudding made with your maple yogurt cake sounds so good.
    I’m glad you made it out tonight! I’ve definitely been in that position of starting to feel better and wanting some sort of low-impact exercise. Maybe it’s cliche but light yoga always feels good. I’m someone who really likes to stretch and so it feels especially good after being sick when my muscles are sore and stiff.


  5. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    Bread pudding is one of my favorite dishes to whip up. Next time try it with cinnamon swirl bread for a really French Toast-like experience!


  6. Megan’s avatar

    I drink Silk all the time, but I’ve never tried the almond milk. I will have to do that!


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