Kerrygold Butter Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

This giveaway has ended. Thank you, Kerrygold for hosting!

And a giveaway! Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Thanks to those of you who submitted posts for Healthy Recipe Week. If you would like to submit a recipe to be posted, please send me the recipe text in an email with a photo attachment, and I will let you know what day your recipe will be posted.

How glorious was the weather yesterday?! I went for a run which was my first good run in forever, and I almost cried because the weather felt so nice. I spent the whole run thinking and looking back, it was a rough winter in many ways! I am ready to look ahead!

We didn’t do much for Easter, but I did bake a special dessert, butter cookies from a recipe from the Kerrygold USA website.

Kerrygold butter

The recipe was, of course, rich in Kerrygold butter. I was out of salted, so I used a mix of salted and unsalted.

Kerrygold butter

The recipe called for mixing the butter and sugar with a mixer. Since I don’t have one, we used every other tool in the kitchen to mash the butter and sugar together until fluffy. We are fancy bakers in my house, let me tell you!

butter cookie dough

Eventually, the dough came together into a nice, non-sticky ball which I refrigerated overnight to allow it to firm up enough to cut.

butter cookie dough

Once ready to bake, I rolled the dough into a somewhat even log and cut the cookies out.

butter cookie dough

18 minutes later in a 325 oven, and my not-so-round cookies were done. We’ll call them Easter egg shaped, shall we?

butter cookies

To make the sandwiches, I softened some raspberry sorbet from Trader Joe’s and stuffed it in between two buttery cookies.

raspberry sorbet

Isn’t it pretty? The crunchy, buttery cookies were a tiny bit too sweet for me, making just a small sandwich the perfect dessert. I love cookie sandwiches for the contrast between cool and warm, crunchy and creamy, and I loved that the color of the sorbet was so spring-like!

ice cream sandwich

ice cream sandwich

I am thinking that these will be a great dessert for Mother’s Day, which is just a couple of weeks away! Kerrygold has all sorts of great recipes on their website, and I am teaming up with Kerrygold to help you make one or more of their recipes for Mother’s Day or another spring occasion!

They are generously giving one reader a hamper containing a month of butter and cheese. I have made several Kerrygold converts, including my mom and sister, over the past few months, and once you try their butter and cheese, I think you will be in love too!

To enter:

1) Go to Kerrygold’s recipes, and let me know what recipe looks best to you in a comment.

2) Tweet “I want to win a month of @kerrygoldusa butter + cheese” with a link back to this post and follow @kerrygoldusa if you aren’t already. You’ll want to, they do lots of tweeting about butter and cheese! :)

3) If you have a blog, let your readers know with a link back to this post in your next post.

I will choose a winner on Friday morning, so please check back. Good luck!

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  1. Jason Phelps’s avatar

    I so wanna make the Kerry Gold Mac & Cheese at My wife loves M&C and making it using real ingredients is the pinnacle of what it can be!

    Thank you for hooking up a great sponsor for a giveaway.



  2. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Those cookies look insanely buttery. And I love the pop of color from the sorbet. I would totally make sticky date pudding. It’s so delicious. I am drooling over the thought of a toffee sauce made with kerrygold


  3. Samantha’s avatar

    Wow, they have a lot of delicious looking recipes (the Pear, Cumin Seed, and Aged Cheddar Grilled Sandwich? Yes please!). I think the Bubbly Cheddar Tomatoes look amazing (and easy!), but I’d also love to try the Colcannon recipe!


  4. Kaitlyn’s avatar

    I want these melting moments cookies right now.


  5. brandi’s avatar

    oh man – those look so good with the sorbet!

    I really want to try the Irish Pub Salad and/or the Dubliner Cheese Souffle. I’ve never made a souffle before!


  6. Marcie’s avatar

    The Mac and Cheese looks insanely rich and delicious….great Mother’s Day recipe!


  7. Clarice’s avatar

    I think I could make a meal out of the Potato Bites and the Bubbly Cheddar Tomatoes. Those look great.


  8. Shannon’s avatar

    Oooh I’d love to make the Dubliner Fig & Walnut Foccacia!


  9. Kimmy’s avatar

    Oh wow, the Dubliner White Bean and Rosemary Dip looks divine. I can’t wait to get my rosemary into the garden to whip that up.


  10. John Frost’s avatar

    Have to go with the White Chicken Chili with Aged Cheddar for the best looking recipe. Yum!

    Thanks for the contest!


  11. Megan’s avatar

    The Duhallow asparagus pasta looks amazing to me!

    Love these cookies sandwiches… they are definitely springy and so perfect for Mother’s Day!


  12. Taryn’s avatar

    Ahh what a great giveaway! I LOVE Kerrygold butter… and I would absolutely make a dessert with it, I’m thinking the Sticky Date Pudding since I’ve still NEVER tried that.


  13. Taryn’s avatar

    Also, I tweeted about the giveaway (@tbren15) and now follow @kerrygoldusa!!


  14. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    The berry tart sounds fantastic! Great looking cookies.


  15. Daisy’s avatar

    I am following them and I tweeted about the giveaway!


  16. Daisy’s avatar

    all their recipes sound amazing. I’d love to make this one: Pear, Cumin Seed and Aged Cheddar Grilled Sandwich.

    PS you know I am one of your converts! :)


  17. Carol’s avatar

    I would serve the butter cookies with tea for Friday’s royal wedding!


  18. Noel’s avatar

    I’ve made the white bean dip recipe on the Kerrygold site for football parties and it is DELISH! Decadent and perfect with chips or crudite!


  19. alicia’s avatar

    Your cookies look deeelish – a combo of satisfying and refreshing that I could totally get behind.

    As for the Kerrygold recipes – I’m at a lockout between the bubbly cheddar tomatoes, and the fig and walnut focaccia….those pictures shouldn’t be visible at 5pm. They’re making me hungry!


  20. Michelle’s avatar

    I desperately want to win this giveaway! The bread and butter pudding looks fabulous!


  21. Michelle’s avatar

    I tweeted about the giveaway and am following Kerrygold USA!!/Funfearlessbean/status/62639587192872960


  22. Shannon’s avatar

    I tweeted and am now following @kerrygoldusa!


  23. Amanda Maynard’s avatar

    Mmm. What’s better than butter cookies? They look so yummy!

    I’ve been way into tons of fruit lately so I’d have to pick the raspberry tart that’s on their site. It doesn’t have to look perfect to be good!


  24. A-Tooch’s avatar

    YUM to the Grilled Blarney Castle Cheese and Chutney Sandwich. and I’ve actually been to the Blarney Castle!


  25. Renee’s avatar

    I would love to make the Blarney Castle Cheese Cups!


  26. Renee’s avatar

    Tweeted the contest and follow them on Twitter :)


  27. Matt’s avatar

    Mmmm. Ivernia, Sage and Walnut Cheese Crusted Biscuits look fantastic. Though I think I am going to have to try these cookies too.


  28. Evan Thomas’s avatar

    The melting moment sandwich cookies look amazing.


  29. Will’s avatar

    I just printed the date pudding recipe, the kids and I will try to make it for my wife on mother’s day, wish us luck!


  30. Cathy’s avatar

    I really like the Dubliner Fig & Walnut Focaccia! Will definitely be trying that one!


  31. Shannon’s avatar

    wow, the dubliner fig and walnut foccacia sounds amazing… i would love it for lunch right now :)


  32. Shannon’s avatar

    tweeted (and follow) @tri2cook


  33. Karen’s avatar

    duhollow and asparagas sounds amazing :) i definitely will try this if i can find/ if i win the cheese contest!


  34. Donna’s avatar

    The slice and bake butter cookies look good right now. You need good butter for those, or you’re doomed.


  35. Shannon’s avatar

    I think the Dubliner Artichoke Dip looks amazing, and so do your cookies with the raspberry sorbet.


  36. Shannon’s avatar

    I tweeted!! Thanks!


  37. amanda’s avatar

    i want to make the melting moments cookies – yum!

    also tweeted and am now a follower of all things cheese/butter. :)


  38. Lucy’s avatar

    Love your idea of ice cream sandwiches and think it would work well for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. I think I’ll whip up a batch of butter cookies and put out different varieties of ice cream so that my kids can customize their own sandwiches.


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