Rodney Strong + TasteLive!

Last night, we had some friends over to participate in another TasteLive! wine tasting with wine bloggers from all over the US. I knew the last TasteLive! event would be hard to top; we actually tasted in the home of the TasteLive! folks in California, and it was a lot of fun.

Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc Rodney Strong Chalk Hill Chardonnay Rodney Strong Reserve RRV Pinot Noir Rodney Strong Symmetry

The theme for last night’s tasting was “A Bright Idea” with Rodney Strong Vineyards. In addition to the follow four bottles of wine, I also received an energy-saving light bulb in the mail, the goal behind the tasting to talk about the wines but also the winery’s Green Light Pledge to switch out incandescent bulbs for more energy-saving bulbs. We happened to need a new light bulb for our hallway, so it worked out well!

TasteLive event

The tasting lineup was spectacular. I love Rodney Strong wines and visiting their winery, and last night just made me want to return!

2009 Charlotte’s Home Estate Sauvignon Blanc

We started off with the Sauvignon Blanc, and everyone went back for a second pour. This is a perfect summer wine, light, crisp, with some mineral notes and citrus flavors. It retails at $13.50 which, I think, is a steal for such a beautiful wine.

2009 Chalk Hill Estate Chardonnay

I am not always a Chardonnay fan, but there is definitely something about the Chalk Hill Chard that I love. While Chardonnay can be too buttery and oaky, this had some very nice vanilla flavors.

2008 Reserve Pinot Noir

I tend to not gravitate toward Pinot Noir, but this really packed a flavorful, well structured punch. It had multiple layers of flavors, from the raspberry and cherry fruit side to the slight white pepper on the finish.

2007 Symmetry

Stunning. The 2007 Symmetry Red Meritage, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Cab Franc, and Petit Verdot, has so much going on. It is velvety and smooth, luscious, with dark fruit and chocolate flavors. This is a special occasion wine, at $55 retail, and if you ever have the chance to taste it, go for it!

I loved tasting Rodney Strong wines and chatting with some people from the winery. Below are a couple of photos from the tour we took on our last visit.

And speaking of Sonoma County, I am excited to announce another giveaway, this one related to the Wine Road. One of the great Wine Road events I have had the ability to attend was the Food and Wine Affair. This event has its own cookbook, Tasting Along the Wine Road, which is a comprehensive collection of food and wine pairings, and since there were two of us, we got two books. Since I love it so much, I thought I would give away a copy to one of you. It’s a really beautiful book with some info on wine and the Sonoma County AVA’s (American Viticultural Areas) where wine is grown.

Tasting Along the Wine Road

To enter, simply leave a comment and let me know your favorite food and wine pairing, your favorite place to enjoy a glass of wine, or any other wine-related tidbit I should know about you. Dislike or can’t drink wine? Tell me! The recipes are still great, so you should still enter!

And the winner of the chocolate giveaway is. . . Gina! Gina please email with me your address so I can get you your chocolate! Thanks for entering, everyone. And stay tuned for another giveaway later in the week, this one to a Boston store.

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    What a great giveaway. My wine tidbit is that I think I deserve a glass of bubbly at least once a day…although I don’t nearly indulge in it that much!

    Great seeing you for lunch today!


  2. Daisy’s avatar

    I was following your tweets last night! sounds like fun. I like how they have a variety of retail price points.

    I am trying hard to think of my favorite place to enjoy a glass of wine. I think I would have to say MY COUCH. no seriously, whats better than that? This week I have been drinking a bottle of Robert Mondavi Riesling. It’s crisp and fruity, without being overly sweet.


  3. Joel Clark (joelhopland)’s avatar

    Nice post, Meghan. Thanks for playing last night!


  4. Megan’s avatar

    I happen to love Pinot Noir, and that one you described sounds fabulous to me. Let’s see, in the winter I gravitate toward Shiraz and will happily drink it with any cheese and dark chocolate. In the summer, I prefer Sauvignon blanc or bubbly with lighter things like grilled foods, fruits, and summer salads.


  5. brandi’s avatar

    this is awesome! Wine + food pairing is something I want to learn more about. I love going to meals where they have suggestions because I just don’t know enough yet about wines to make perfect pairings myself!

    This would be a fun book to cook through and a great way to find new wines to try!

    Right now, I’m all about trying any wine – I don’t have a ton of experience with it, so I like to try anything to really find out what I like.


  6. Jason Goodell’s avatar

    If you haven’t tried Tyler ‘s pot roast taco recipe with any rich Spanish wine you are really missing out on one of the best thursday dinners in the world!


  7. Jason Goodell’s avatar

    Tyler Florence that is…


  8. Beth @ The Sailing Foodie’s avatar

    I am usually strictly a red wine girl. However, there is something so magical about sitting on the beach during the summer getting ready for a cookout/picnic/clambake with a glass of super cold white wine. All just seems right with the world! Greenvale Vineyards in Newport as some of my favorite white wines!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Greenvale has such a gorgeous property! Some of my favorite whites are from Travessia in New Bedford. If you like Greenvale, I think you would love Travessia! :)


    2. The Financialite’s avatar

      I am in love with red wine.. and Duck Horn is an all-time favorite of mine! I could drink it anywhere but honestly, I love to just sit and gossip with my girls over a good bottle of wine or two :)


    3. Kelley’s avatar

      My favorite glass of wine is a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough (region of New Zealand). My favorite place to drink it – hmm… toss us – maybe my couch? Or possible on a patio on a gorgeous summer evening? :)


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