Soup Weather

In New England, it seems soup weather lasts about 10 months out of the year. The cold and rainy weather earlier in the week had me wanting something warm and cozy, velvety and comforting, but without the fat that cream and butter add to hearty winter dishes. I am glad the weather is finally starting to cooperate with my desire to get healthier!

I have an old school vegetarian cookbook from back in the day when I was hardcore vegetarian, and it had the suggestion for using potatoes to make a soup creamier without the cream. I had a head of cauliflower in the house for snacks, so I decided to whip up a quick cauliflower and potato soup.

sweet onions

I started with one and a half sweet onions, peeling and chopping them finely. Then I scrubbed three russet potatoes and about 3/4 head of cauliflower clean and chopped them, adding them to a pot of boiling water until they were soft.

russet potatoes


Once the cauliflower and potatoes were soft, I drained them out and added them to the blender, filling it up with a few cups of vegetable stock. You could also use chicken stock if you had it laying around.

chicken broth and vegetable broth

The veggies will be nice and soft and will puree up into a velvety, creamy soup. Beautiful!

cauliflower and potato soup

To serve, I scooped a few ladles of the soup into bowls and topped with with some white truffle oil.


If you don’t have truffle oil, a bit of olive oil would work just as well. I added some black pepper for a bit of extra flavor.

cauliflower and potato soup

You would probably never be able to tell that this soup didn’t have cream in it, it was so rich and creamy. The flavor of the cauliflower was subtle but definitely came through in a nice way. You know how cauliflower can smell kind of funky when cooking, but this was very mellow. I love potatoes, and I love sneaking healthy veggies in wherever I can, and this was a total hit.

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  1. Megan’s avatar

    This soup definitely sound velvety and I love the drizzle of truffle oil on top.


  2. Megan’s avatar

    This soup definitely sounds velvety and I love the drizzle of truffle oil on top.


  3. Jolene (’s avatar

    Soup is my ultimate comfort food. This sounds heart and soul warming :-)


  4. Kimmy’s avatar

    Yum. I could eat soup all year round, but I definitely need it in the spring when my body can’t decide if it’s content or freezing cold!


  5. Julie’s avatar

    Oh my goodness, that looks delicious!! And as a belated reply to yesterdays’ post, you totally rock!!! You don’t hear that enough, but you really do!! Love reading about your work & adventures. =)


  6. Kelly’s avatar

    This sounds delicious. Random question, I haven’t really ever cooked cauliflower before, does it take about the same time to cook as the potato or should I put one or the other in first? Also how much do you cut up the cauliflower before cooking it?


  7. Michelle’s avatar

    I love that you used cooked and pureed cauliflower for this soup. Cauliflower is one of my favorite healthy substitution whenever I’m trying to cut back on carbs, etc.


  8. Raija’s avatar

    This looks really great and easy. You should take your recipe list and create a downloadable PDF — designed — for printing. I would give it to people as a gift! ;) I bet my aunt would love this soup. And Lonce was saying he should start checking out your blog for new food ideas.


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