Awesome Vegetable Cornbread

I cook a lot of vegetarian food, and I love many if not most of the things I make. I am not afraid of herbs and spices, new vegetables, grains, and legumes, or of experimenting with flavors from all over the world.

With all of that said, every now and then I make something that just wows me, and I definitely have a new current favorite. It might be because my body was craving certain nutrients or my taste buds were craving certain flavors, I don’t know, but I am excited!

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been inspired this week by my Moosewood New Classics cookbook. On Monday night, I decided to make a version of a meal I saw in the Moosewood book, vegetable cornbread with drunken beans.

I am a huge cornbread lover, but like with most breads, I am always looking for ways to make them nutritionally dense while still full of flavor. By the way, I just love quick breads. Love em.

This corn bread called for all sorts of things, and I decided to keep it simple with fire roasted corn and peppers both frozen from Trader Joe’s.

corn and peppers

I thawed them out throughout the afternoon and was sure to drain out as much of the water as possible.

For this recipe, the wet and dry ingredients were mixed separately, and I decided to add red pepper flakes in for a little bit of spice. I also decided to omit the shredded cheese in the recipe because I knew I would be topping this bread with saucy beans, and I figured the cheese flavor would be lost.

corn bread

I also subbed in whole wheat flour for all purpose. It was all good.

veggie corn bread

Fiesta bread!

veggie corn bread

Perfection! Well, a little cracked, but not too bad, right?

veggie corn bread

Bursting with veggies, the final result was moist and a little spicy, great with a little bit of butter and jaw-droppingly good topped with drunken BBQ beans. I’ll be back with those later. Until then, enjoy your day!

What’s your favorite bread? Is it a crusty baguette or a bagel, pita, etc. ?

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    I think I’ve got some time on my hands coming up and this blog post reminds me that I need to do some baking!


  2. Daisy’s avatar

    this is such a delicious looking loaf of bread!


  3. Molly’s avatar

    I love your addition of the roasted corn and red peppers. It sounds absolutely perfect for this bread. Isn’t Moosewood the best?


  4. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    Looks good – love that the bread is bursting with color! Is there a link to the recipe somewhere online?


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      I wasn’t able to find the recipe online, but I just used a basic corn bread recipe and added the veggies. I have done the same in the past with jalapenos, and it comes out great!


    2. amie’s avatar

      this sounds awesome – and easy!! :)


    3. Heather’s avatar

      I love bread – with cold butter. I hate when butter melts.

      I love honey and oatmeal in bread – the combo is my fave!


    4. Elizabeth’s avatar

      This is awesome! My favorite cornbread is packed with fresh corn.


    5. Megan’s avatar

      I love fresh baguettes, but I also love the simplicity of quick breads. This is definitely bursting with veggies. I would have kept the cheese. :)


    6. alicia’s avatar

      when it comes to bread I do not discriminate. I love carbs. Though I am always drawn to a perfectly toasted english muffin with good butter melted in the nooks and crannies….
      I need to get off the internet and go make breakfast! STARVING.


    7. Charlene’s avatar

      What a great way to add some nutrition (and color!) to cornbread! My favorite breads are fresh baguettes and breads with lots of seeds & bite to them!


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