Garlicky Greens Frittata

Happy Friday! I am late to the blogging game this morning because I stayed out until midnight last night! Crazy, right? I had a great dinner with a few friends, followed by drinks out, a movie shoot sighting, and finally a taxi ride home to get some sleep. . . but definitely not enough. I am pretty tired this morning, but last night was just what I needed. A recap of dinner at Coppa will come soon!

I am thankful to work for myself today! I crammed a ton of work into the early part of the week so I can take a little time off this afternoon to enjoy the nice weather.


So, I was having a great week in the kitchen. I discovered a new vegetarian favorite and some quick, easy ways to sneak veggies and tofu into a dish. I was on a roll and couldn’t wait to whip up the garlicky greens frittata I had been dreaming of.

It started out fine with a giant bowl of kale. Mmmmm green. I haven’t been able to stand the sight of a green smoothie lately, so I was definitely looking for other ways to get my greens. Do you ever just randomly go off things you usually love?


Or maybe I am weird? Disappointed smile 

Anyway, I started out with a big bowl of kale, using my veggie scissors to chop it into manageable pieces, hoping that they would blend nicely with a bunch of eggs, garlic, and olive oil for a beautiful frittata with a nice crust on it.


Next up was the garlic, six large cloves, smashed then chopped oh-so-finely and mixed with the kale and a glug of olive oil.

kale and garlic 

I sautéed the kale and garlic until sizzling and then added six large eggs mixed with black pepper and a little olive oil.

kale frittata 

Not enough eggs or oil, too much kale Sad smile  My beautiful frittata was thin, stuck to the pan, and cooking way too quickly. The only way to save it was to scramble it up and make a big pile of kale and eggs.

Luckily, I wasn’t serving this for anyone else but the husband and me, and it tasted amazing. The kale was a little spicy, something I notice every now and then with kale. I love it!

kale scrambled eggs

I’ve learned my lesson; next time I make this I am baking it and putting it under the broiler to get the golden crust. You can’t win them all, but it was at least still edible! This would make an awesome, healthy-ish brunch dish along side a spicy Bloody Mary!

Have you had a disappointing kitchen experience lately? What is on your calendar this weekend?

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  1. Daisy’s avatar

    it still looks good. can’t win em all. somehow Michelle and i stayed out till 1 and I’m really wishing I didn’t have to work today!


  2. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    I stayed up until 10 last night. What is happening to us?! I bet we’ll start drinking soda next ;)

    It sounds delicious. I’m sorry it didn’t come out as pretty as you wanted. Just an excuse to make more!


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    Last night was a LOT of fun! I slept in WAY late this morning and no blogging for me today since Blogger is STILL down.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      I wish I slept in! But I feel energized today after a much-needed fun night out! I didn’t realize blogger was down, and for a second I thought I was going crazy or had the date wrong.


    2. Megan’s avatar

      I can’t believe you guys stayed out that late… gotta say I’m kind of happy I headed home after dinner and at least got some sleep!

      I tried to make easy cinnamon rolls the other night… and they came out tasting like cinnamon biscuits. So not what I wanted.


    3. alicia’s avatar

      this still looks delicious as a scramble. I have an upcoming post about a total kitchen FAIL.


    4. Elizabeth’s avatar

      I really need to make more frittatas. They are so good.


    5. Emily’s avatar

      Ugh. The scramble looks good – but I hate when that happens! I burnt pomegranate molasses this weekend. It was disgusting and mess to clean. Oops.


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