Not my Week

Hi friends! Happy Hump Day. I am having one of those weeks. Here’s what has happened so far:

Friday: Frustrating day of work. Went shopping at Trader Joe’s on Boylston Street, paper bag full of groceries ripped across the bottom in the middle of Boston. Hoisted grocery bag from underneath to try to contain, and the bag cut my face. No, really. And no one offered to help, kind of like the time I fell in Boston and people stepped over me. Starting to see a pattern. . . yes that I am clumsy. But also that people here aren’t the nicest.  Later that day, I stepped off of a curb and twisted my ankle.

Saturday: freak boat crash resulting in possibly very damaged boat (the upside, no injuries)

Sunday: stress preparing all day for an interview

Monday: Frustrating work day -  for real, why does no one respond to emails or voicemails?! Have we become THAT busy that a simple yes/no/maybe response is just too taxing?

Tuesday: Realizing work  (and $$) is slowing down for the summer, had the T door slammed just about on my arm before the driver drove away, frustrating day, had a runner spit into the wind. . . and it came back and hit me, frustrating evening trying to plan a client event . . . like the kind of thing that makes you want to bang your head against a wall

Today: Woke up, stepped in cat vom in my bare feet, have some sort of issues with my eyes again, and my allergy hives continue to pop up, and still no response from the person I am trying to plan an event with. For next week. I am starting to dislike the general population.

Today it is taking every ounce of energy left not to just say forget it all and sit on the deck in the sun.

Speaking of sun, it’s a scorcher out there and looks like it will be for the next two days. When it gets hot outside, the last thing you want to do is create an elaborate meal inside.

Blogger inspiration, in the form of Michelle’s tuna burgers, to the rescue!


I always keep tuna on hand, but we actually rarely eat it. Burgers were a simple, not very labor intensive option. All I needed to heat was one pan!

I started with two cans of tuna, drained, and an egg, breaking up the chunks of tuna to incorporate all of the egg.

tuna burgers

dill seasoning

I added about a cup of panko break crumbs and a few shakes of this “It’s a dilly” dill and lemon seasoning. It is quite tasty.

tuna burgers

My burgers were not nearly as pretty as Michelle’s. They totally fell apart and I had to kind of smoosh them back together.

summer dinner

But that was okay, because they tasted great, had lots of protein, which I tend to fail on in my diet, and took just a few minutes to cook. Served with some pickles, an easy corn salad, which I will post later, and this, my favorite mustard.


Trader Joe’s Hot & Sweet Mustard – good on anything from sandwiches (turkey,cheese,  spinach, avocado, on whole grain for me!) to pretzel sticks to cut veggies, this mustard packs a tiny bit of spice balanced by a lovely sweetness.

So there you have yourself a pretty easy, almost no-cook summer dinner, inspired by the blog-o-sphere!

I am ready for this week to be over now. . .

What’s happenin’ with you? Are you having a good week?

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  1. Jess’s avatar

    Oh hang in there! Doesn’t it feel like sometimes the walls are falling down all around you? Especially when you get spit in your face. Yeghhuck.

    What I always try to do is think about how blessed I am with everything else, and try not to let those things get me down. Or I just plain laugh at how ridiculous the current circumstance is. Like right now I have poison oak all over my leg and have to do a presentation tonight with this giant bandage on my leg that makes it look way worse than it is.

    Keep ya head up and stay positive! My mantra on days like today, “life is a privilege.” :-)


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Oooh I hope your poison oak goes away quickly. That must NOT be fun in this heat!


    2. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

      Aw, MAN. I can’t believe no one stopped to help you with your bag. I would have done that for a stranger! I had a pretty rough May for a variety of reasons so I’m just happy that it’s a new month! Hope you can enjoy a tall glass of wine on this hot day!


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        I have definitely stopped to help people in the same situation before. I guess we are just nicer than most :) I hope your June is better than your May!


      2. Megan’s avatar

        I think your bad week streak needs to be over. That’s too much for one person to have to deal with. (And yes, people around here are definitely not the nicest.)

        I would have just grabbed a glass (or bottle) of wine and plopped down on the deck if I were you.


      3. Daisy’s avatar

        good grief. one thing after the next. so ridiculous that no one helped you with your groceries. things can only go up from here on out!!


      4. Michelle’s avatar

        I’m sorry your week is going so poorly. :-( I hope it gets better soon! And I’m glad that my blog post inspired your tuna burgers. You’ve inspired me to try out this TJ mustard!


      5. Michelle’s avatar

        Oh no, I’m sorry about your awful week! I hope you have something planned sometime soon to look forward to?


      6. Di’s avatar

        I’m sorry you’re having such a bad week! Hopefully it gets better…hang in there, the weekend is SO CLOSE! :( I’m going to make an effort to be nicer to people.

        My week has been busy (but dragging) with bits and pieces of crap tossed in. I think the worst part was when I opened my (not-even-close-to-expired) yogurt at lunch on Monday and it was moldy. Not too bad in the grand scheme of things.


        1. traveleatlove’s avatar

          A moldy yogurt IS a big deal! I actually had a spoiled yogurt in first grade and it turned me off yogurt until college! All of those years of calcium missed because of one bad cup!
          I do find that being extra nice to everyone else when I am feeling crappy makes me feel better and hope that the good karma I put out will eventually turn the situation around.


        2. Shannon’s avatar

          Wow! You definitely win for the crappiest week. I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. Really hope it’s on the upswing!


        3. Elina (Healthy and Sane)’s avatar

          OMG, hope things start to look up soon. Let’s go out to dinner.. or at least drinks. :)


        4. Michelle Collins’s avatar

          Oh wow. Sorry to hear you are having such a bad week! My week, compared to last, has actually been pretty good, and rather stress-free.


        5. alicia’s avatar

          Sounds like an awful week – but it can only get better.

          I am obsessed with that mustard. I can put it on anything…no really, anything.


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