Grilled Peach Salsa

It is so much easier to eat well in the summer! Are you absolutely loving the abundance of fruits and vegetables everywhere? I am. I have been grilling up a storm, and while my focus is mostly on grilled vegetables, a comment from Melissa reminded me how good grilled fruit is.

When I saw this box of local peaches at Trader Joe’s I immediately decided to make some dishes with grilled peaches.


I simultaneously made grilled peach salsa and grilled peaches and yogurt. For the salsa, I started with four peaches, pits removed. I put them on a hot grill and let them start cooking while I diced up a jalapeno.


grilled peaches

I also cut about a quarter of a sweet onion and added that, along with the jalapeno to the food processer.


I also grabbed a peach to mash up in Greek yogurt. It was a delicious contrast of hot and cold, sweet and tangy.

grilled peaches

Once the peaches were roasted and nicely caramelized, I added them to the onion and jalapeno. In went a squeeze of cilantro from Gourmet Garden, and round and round everything went until I had a nice, smooth salsa.

grilled peach salsa

And it’s all gone. We ate it all in less than an hour. The combination of summery sweet peaches, spicy jalapenos, and sweet onions tasted so refreshing. The salsa was great warm and even better when it had chilled for a couple of hours. This would make an amazing topping for grilled fish or chicken or in tacos. I can’t wait to make more grilled fruit salsas this summer!

What is your favorite summer fruit recipe?

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  1. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    Delicious! I love peach salsa.


  2. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    Looks great. I’ve made salsas with mango and pineapple. But never peaches – what a wonderful, summer dish!


  3. Elina (Healthy and Sane)’s avatar

    Mmm, grilled fruit really is good but I often get too lazy and just eat it plain. It’s such a different flavor profile. Must do this this summer! Also, local peaches at TJ’s? I’ve never seen local produce there. Pretty cool!!


  4. Daisy’s avatar

    this sounds phenom! I have been loving watermelons lately and they have a special post tomorrow, yippee!!


  5. Elizabeth’s avatar

    The peach on yogurt looks fabulous! Dave and I had plans to make grilled peaches this past weekend but the ones we bought at WF were completely mealy and unsalvageable :(


  6. Michelle’s avatar

    I love this simple and healthy recipe! This looks fantastic!


  7. Megan’s avatar

    That peach salsa sounds delicious! I just bought a white peach vinegar and want to make some sort of salad with peaches with it. Wish I could grill them! Maybe I’ll try indoor grilling them.


  8. Kerstin’s avatar

    I can see why it didn’t last long – it sounds fabulous and really addicting! Grilled peaches always make me so happy :)


  9. Alicia’s avatar

    Peaches are my absolute favorite summer fruit. I like them perfectly ripe, eaten out of hand….but I would be all over your salsa too :)


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