July Reverb

What new thing will you try this month?

Summer is definitely a time for trying new things. Take for example this past weekend. . .

I went swimming in Boston Harbor, and I liked it. It was a nice part of the harbor in the Harbor Islands, so it wasn’t like we were jumping off of Rowe’s Wharf into trashy, icky water.

Night swimming in the ocean is incredible. I would definitely recommend trying it.

taco dip

Another thing I am trying this summer? Staying outside, away from TV and my laptop as much as possible. I want to be salty, covered in sunscreen, and as summery as I can get.

We ate several “dinners” on our boat, with dinner consisting of dips, chips, brownies, and cupcakes. This taco dip and hummus quartet were from Trader Joe’s and I definitely recommend them.


These beautiful cupcakes were from Megan, and I definitely recommend seeking her out and eating her cupcakes at some point. Smile These were truly some of the best cupcakes I have ever eaten, bursting with strawberry flavor and not too sweet, not at all.


When I say I am trying to spend all of my time outside, I mean it. We spent Sunday, all day, on the boat in the rain with Michelle, Megan, and their fiancés. It was cool and blissful, and we got to see fireworks from all around.

rainy day

What else am I trying this July? I have decided to REALLY kick off my Marketing/Social Media/PR consulting business. I have a name, I bought the website domain, I have an email address. I am just waiting on a logo design and to do some legal stuff before I unveil everything. I am so excited!

In the meantime, I am also kicking off a new gig, doing some Social Media work at zipcar, this week.

I’d also like to do more ocean swimming, take paddle boarding lessons, eat dinner outside at least 4 times a week, get my butt in gear for the 10k I am running in September, and just soak up every single second of summer this July.

July is indeed a time for trying new things! Are you trying anything new this month?

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  1. Daisy’s avatar

    so bummed we missed the boat and those cupcakes!! I am totally all about spending time outside, so i love the mantra of this post. and most importantly, congrats on taking the next steps to kicking off your business!!


  2. Michelle’s avatar

    I’m moving this month…does the count? We had such a lovely time on Sunday and are more than happy to join you on your outdoor adventures. Also, I may have convinced Bret to do the 10K in September!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Moving most definitely counts! I totally thought of you when I was writing this post. Change can be great! I am excited about the 10k. I just need to seriously start training! :)


    2. Elizabeth’s avatar

      Congratulations on moving ahead with your business– I’m so excited for you! I am 100% with you on spending as much time outside as possible. :)


    3. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

      Congrats on starting your business! Looking forward to the unveiling. I love the positive feel off this blog and all the new things for July. This month I am going to try to lessen sugar and gluten in my diet (per my doctor’s recommendations – supposedly it might help with my allergies). I’m not really looking forward to that because I know it’s going to be really hard, but I am looking forward to being hive free! So we’ll see how it goes. I know you can relate :) Which 10K are you running in Sept?


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        I am running the Portland Trails 10k in Portland, ME: http://trails.org/10k-static.html
        I hope your hives get better. I am definitely starting to think mine are caused by the sunscreen I have been using!


      2. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

        Congrats on the business move. It sounds like an exciting month for you!


      3. Megan’s avatar

        Thanks so much for having us on the boat! We had such a great time. Can’t wait to hang out again! And I’m so happy you liked the cupcakes!

        Congrats on the business! I know you’ll be incredibly successful!

        Can I join you for some of those outside dinners? 4 times a week?! Wow. I really wish I could get outside that much.

        I’ll keep you posted on what new things I might be trying this month…


      4. Raija’s avatar

        Night swimming is the best — I had a really great one once on Nantucket under a full moon – it was awesome. And remember night swimming at the Cape?!

        Speaking of needing to run…I’m sitting here waiting to see if I’ll digest before I fall asleep and try to go for an evening run. Sigh.

        I am so happy about the new business launch and can’t wait to see it all unveiled. You are the best!


      5. Emily’s avatar

        Swimming in the Harbor sounds awesome! Glad you had a good holiday weekend!


      6. Ché @ Knight at the Restaurant’s avatar

        Sounds like a great day…I had NO idea you could actually swim in the Boston harbor. What’s the water like? Is it cold?

        After the winter we had up here, you’re so right about wanting to stay outside as much as possible. Gotta soak it up while it’s there. This month I’m making moves to cut processed food out of my diet. I figure that now’s the best time to go au natural, with all the farmer’s markets and such so readily available.

        Congrats on the business moves, that’s exciting!


      7. Alicia’s avatar

        Living in New England you definitely have to get outside in the summer! Since the rest of the year its cold and I’d rather be cooped up inside next to a warm fire!


      8. Susan’s avatar

        I’m definitely going to make an effort to be outside more. Also, I’m going to Nova Scotia this month too. Congrats on your business and good luck :)


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