Eating Out in Sharm el Sheikh

Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy the below guest post on eating out in Sharm el Sheikh! It certainly makes me want to hop on an airplane.


Food in Egypt cannot be compared to that of other countries in the region; it has its own flavors and tastes. It stands alone. Holidays to sharm el sheikh and other resorts in the country should always have an itinerary dedicated to sampling the various dishes on offer.

With many national dishes, including Kushari, fuul, falafel, and kebabs, Egyptian food is a colorful array of taste and spices. The country also offers up the chance to taste some of the home grown juices and fruits, including sugar cane, orange, dates and others.

eating out in Sharm el Sheikh

The street food sold in Egyptian cities and towns is some of the best food in the world. Prepared from fresh ingredients in front of your eyes, it is hard to resist.

eating out in Sharm el Sheikh

One of the best dishes offered up by the street chefs is Kushari. It is a dish which consists of a base of rice, brown lentils, chickpeas, macaroni, and a topping of Egyptian garlic and vinegar and salsa. The ingredients are all mixed together to create a palatable creation so sumptuous that you need to try it at least twice. The falafel created by the street sellers is both light and tasty; the little balls of chickpeas are served warm with sauces and salad, creating the perfect midday meal.

If you are looking for restaurants in Sharm el Sheikh then the market area in Old Sharm is best known for its seafood restaurants. The popular Sinai Star seafood restaurant offers three courses for just over $20. Another great eating spot in this area is Fernando’s Italian restaurant. The food prepared in this Italian is freshly prepared in a family kitchen. None of the restaurants in this area serve alcohol so make sure your bring your own.

eating out in Sharm el Sheikh

The Na’ama Bay area also offers some great grub. Restaurants like the Little Buddha, which sells sushi, and the Tandoori Indian restaurant are brilliant places to sample world foods.

Anyone on a last minute holiday to Egypt should take the opportunity to taste the delightful food on offer in the area. Whether it is world food or freshly prepared street food, you will be blown away.

What is your favorite street food? Have you had a chance to sample street food in another country?

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  1. Megan’s avatar

    Yup, I’m ready to hop on a plane for that falafel dish!


  2. Charlene’s avatar

    I love street food! Some of my favorites include:
    - midye dolma (stuffed mussels) & doner kebaps on the streets of Istanbul
    - bahn mi & goi cuon (fresh spring sprolls) throughout Vietnam
    - jian bing (egg crepes) & you tou (fried crullers) & rou jia mo (pork sandwiches) in Shanghai
    - humitas & tamales in Peru
    - tortas, elote (roasted corn) & tacos al pastor on the streets in Mexico
    - gulab jamun in India
    - roti canai/roti prata (flatbread with curry dipping sauce) in Malaysia/Singapore
    - pisang goreng (fried bananas) in Indonesia

    Just thinking about these (and so many other options!) is making me think a mid-afternoon snack is in order!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Wow! You have tried a LOT of street food, how fun!


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