Spicy Cod with Heirloom Tomatoes

Summer produce really hits its peak at the end of August and in early September here in Massachusetts. It takes us quite awhile to warm up, but when we do, there is no shortage of colorful, flavorful, local beauty. It’s comforting, when everything becomes so much about autumn, that our summer gets to linger a little in the form of vegetables, warm days, and meals outside.

As I mentioned in my Saturday post, we both had a rough work week. I won’t get into it, but it was more than your average bad week, and it brought a lot of uncertainty, one of my least favorite things.

What do I do in those tough times? I cook and take pictures of food, of course!

I found these glorious, spicy local peppers and knew that I needed them, not just to eat, but to photograph. I arranged and re-arranged them and took more than a few shots before chopping them for a Spicy Cod with Heirloom Tomatoes.

spicy peppers

This summer I have fallen in love with these sweet little gems, Sun Gold tomatoes. They are truly sunshine in a little bite, and I had a hard time not eating them all on the way home.

sungold tomatoes

Other ingredients in this simpler is better summer dish included cilantro, lime, and fresh ginger.

cilantro and lime

And of course about 2.5 pounds of beautiful cod.


Making this dish was simple; I did not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen on a perfect evening after a long day, so I simply chopped a bunch of the peppers and added them, along with tomatoes, to the cod, which I sliced in thin fillets. I drizzled the fish with a beautiful olive oil I picked up at Trader Joe’s, a spicy but fruity, aromatic oil that only cost about $6. A sprinkle of sea salt, and I put the fish into the oven at 400 until it was nice and flaky, about 12 minutes. Definitely keep an eye on it, as you don’t want it to dry out.

Spicy Cod with Heirloom Tomatoes

When I plated the fish, I made sure to include lots of peppers and bursting tomatoes, as well as adding a squeeze of fresh lime juice, grated ginger, and cilantro.

Spicy Cod with Heirloom Tomatoes

Perfect, summery, simple. And I should mention, inspired by Michelle’s recent fish with tomatoes and cilantro.

How are you enjoying the simple pleasures of the last lingering bits of summer?

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    This dish looks fantastic! My mom brought over bags of tomatoes and habaneros from her garden…I can’t wait to use them!


  2. Daisy’s avatar

    what a gorgeous dish. beautiful colors! i know you had a tough week, hope you are hanging in there.


  3. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    So simple but this dish looks packed with flavor. I am on a big seafood kick these days! Here’s to hoping this week is better!


  4. Michelle Collins’s avatar

    I love the looks of all of that fresh produce! I’m trying to incorporate fresh corn in just about everything – fresh corn in the summertime is one of my favorite foods!


  5. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    That looks great. It would go well with some brown rice. Delicious!


  6. Megan’s avatar

    I definitely fell in love with those Sun Gold tomatoes too, and I baked them up with flounder and basil (using the recipe Michelle was inspired by). I might even be able to handle the spicy peppers in yours… I’m getting more adventurous!


  7. Christine’s avatar

    Looks wonderful. I love heirloom tomatoes.


  8. RavieNomNoms’s avatar

    This is just amazing!! I am so impressed…heirloom tomatoes are so tasty! I love that you paired it with cod…


  9. Tiffany’s avatar

    I Love this dish! I wish all recipes were so simple, and I really wish my heirlooms were producing better this year, struggling. I might have to run to make a trip to the market….


  10. alicia’s avatar

    YUM. I’m loving the end-of-summer produce right now. You used up all my favorite veggies in one dish!


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