Pear and Hazelnut Quiche

I love getting new cookbooks. Even though I pretty much never follow an entire recipe, I love the inspiration and organization they provide. I also enjoy pretty pictures of food, of course. That is why, when I received the Stonyfield Farm Yogurt Cookbook at the Stonyfield event last week, I got straight to work meal planning from it, using its healthy yogurt recipes as inspiration. A recipe for an Autumn quiche immediately caught my eye. Pears and hazelnuts definitely sounded like a delicious combination, and a mix of eggs and yogurt gave the dish the healthy protein I was looking for in a normal meal plan.

pear and hazelnut quiche

My “wing it” version of Stonyfield’s quiche lacked the pie crust that theirs called for. My quiche making discovery, that flour or biscuit mix sinks to the bottom to form its own crust, was magical, and was the base of this quiche. eggs

pears hazelnuts leeks

I started by sautéing a chopped leek in butter until nice and soft. Then I threw in about 1/2 cup of hazelnuts to  get browned and buttery with the leek.


While those cooked on low, I mixed five eggs with half cup of Greek yogurt, a half cup of milk, and a half cup of whole wheat flour.

eggs and yogurt

Mmmmm. . . 1% organic milk tastes like the milk in Ireland, which I drink all day long when I am there. I used to use only skim until we accidentally bought 1%, and I can’t go back. It is so rich and delicious.

Stonyfield milk

pear and hazelnut quiche

Once the leeks and hazelnuts had cooled, I whipped them into the eggs and poured the whole thing into a pie plate, topping with slices of pear. Into the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes it went. Once it was firm, I put the oven setting on broil for about a minute to brown the top. Yum!

pear and hazelnut quiche

I served the quiche atop a bed of arugula with a drizzle of Girard’s dressing and some more hazelnuts. It made a perfect, light late summer dinner and an even better lunch. I think I am going to start making a quiche a week with different ingredients. I love the versatility and protein and potential to include lots of veggies and, in this case, fruit.


Have you been taking advantage of the abundance of fall fruit? Make anything delicious?

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  1. Ranjani’s avatar

    This looks delicious – pear + hazelnuts is a great combo. I recently made a quiche with apples, and I loved the addition of fruit to the eggs.


  2. Daisy’s avatar

    the fruit/nut combination happening in this dish sounds amazing. I have been drinking sooo much milk with meals lately since I didn’t when I was away. love 1%!


  3. Erica @ In and Around Town’s avatar

    That flavor combination sounds amazing, love the idea of having it in a quiche!


  4. Elizabeth’s avatar

    What an awesome mix of flavors. I love the addition of leeks too. There are so many recipes in that book!


  5. Megan’s avatar

    Hazelnuts and pears sound like such an interesting quiche filling. I love that last picture!


  6. Alaina’s avatar

    Yeah! I now have a dish that I can use my freshly picked pears in! :-D I love the mix of savory with fruit.


  7. Michelle Collins’s avatar

    I love quiche – this is such an innovative twist on the classic dish. Sounds perfect for Fall!


  8. Shannon’s avatar

    That is definitely a combination I never would have thought of… but I love both hazelnuts and pears so I’m sure it was incredible!


  9. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    What a great idea! I love adding yogurt to baked goods — why haven’t I looked at that cookbook yet?!


  10. Michelle’s avatar

    I love the use of pears in this quiche! I’m looking forward to going apple picking this weekend and making lots of fabulous apple treats!


  11. bhavani@ameanderingmango’s avatar

    What an interesting combination for something savoury – I love salty and sweet together in one dish. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Jason Phelps’s avatar

    Pretty cool no crust trick!



  13. Renee’s avatar

    I made an apple, maple, cheddar quiche last week for a baby shower. It was beyond words! I have to make it again for pictures though so I can post it!


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