Potential Kitchen Disasters

So many of us spend so much time in the kitchen on a weekly basis; how much time do you spend thinking about kitchen safety? I heard this week from the folks at Liberty Mutual that October is National Fire Safety Month, and to raise awareness of the dangers lurking in the kitchen, they shared their site BeFireSmart.com, which includes simple tips to keep you safe while whipping up delicious treats. Do you follow these tips?

Have you ever had a kitchen fire or other scary cooking experience? Time to tell all!




BeFireSmart.com – Tips for a Fire Safe Kitchen


1.Keep a multipurpose fire extinguisher in a place where it is easy to access.

2.Be sure you are properly trained to use your fire extinguisher.

3.Never leave anything on the stove or under the broiler unattended.

4.Keep any flammables such as dishtowels and plastic/paper food packaging well away from the stove.

5.Maintain a three-foot kid-free and pet-free zone around the stove.

6.Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing while you are cooking.

7.Pay close attention while frying or grilling.

8.Ensure oven mitts or potholders are dry. If wet, they won’t protect you from the heat.

9.Smother oven or microwave fires by turning off the appliance and keeping the door closed.

10.Never attempt to fight a fire that spreads quickly or won’t go out. Close the door, leave your house and call the fire department from outside.

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  1. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    Good things to keep in mind.. I’m guilty of having my dog and her toys/balls all over the kitchen. So not safe!


  2. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Fire safety is SO important. My senior year of college my dad sent me a fire safety PSA video with a victim of a grease fire and it scared the bejeezus out of me. This is really important info.


  3. Daisy’s avatar

    thanks for the tips! It’s always good to have a reminder about these things. especially since I’ve been cooking a lot lately.


  4. Megan’s avatar

    Great tips! In college I was teaching one of my friends how to fry breaded chicken for chicken parm, and we were talking and not paying attention and suddenly looked over to see the pan flaming. I don’t even remember the details of what exactly happened… but luckily it was very small and went no farther than the pan.


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