Tale of Two Seasons

I’m trying to embrace Fall, I really am. I made pumpkin brownies, had a bonfire at a friend’s house the other night, and have made the pretty big switch from cool, crisp white wines to our seriously never ending collection of Cabernet Sauvignon. We went a little Cab crazy over the past few years, and now it’s everywhere! I’m loving the brightly colored mums I see around town, and I really like the creepy feeling that happens around Halloween. I am a big fan of ghost stories, scary movies, and other chilling things.

But I am already over the very dark mornings, being freezing during the work day (I literally wanted to put my feet in the oven after baking the brownies the other day.), and being hungry all the time. And when it comes to food, I never got my fill of tomatoes, fresh salads, cucumbers, and grilled vegetables. With the desire to start eating more healthily (again!), I visited The Fresh Market this Sunday after we dropped the boat off nearby for winter storage (sniffle). I  love The Fresh Market and take any chance I can get to visit.

I have been enjoying quinoa lately where I have not in the past. The difference? I really dislike any dry foods like rice and grains, but if I add some sort of nice sauce, I can eat them just fine. With this easy, healthy lunch recipe, I crossed over two seasons and came up with a beautiful result.

pattypan squash

A few cups of mini patty pan squashes, cut in half.


Three cups quinoa, juice of one juicy lemon, and 1/4 cup of fruity olive oil

olive oil and lemon

Lots and lots of fresh cilantro


1/2 chopped white onion

cilantro and onion

grape tomatoes

A pint of grape tomatoes

quinoa salad

Quickly cook the squash until tender while quinoa is cooking according to package directions. Once done, toss all ingredients together. I topped mine with kalamata olives and goat cheese and enjoyed every healthy bite. Yum.

This solved our lunch dilemma for a few days at least, and it was a valiant effort at bringing some fall flavors into our repertoire. Since discovering ways to make myself like quinoa and the like, I am really looking forward to incorporating more of these healthy things into my life.

Do you have any ingredients that you used to dislike that you have changed your mind on?

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  1. Daisy’s avatar

    What a beautiful dish, I can practically smell the cilantro though the screen.


  2. Michelle’s avatar

    I definitely am more open to pork dishes than I ever was before. I could feel you cringing this morning when I saw the snow outside!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      We had to put the heat on last night! I was so disappointed, but our downstairs neighbor had her floors varnished, so I had the windows open all day to avoid dying from the fumes!


    2. Ranjani’s avatar

      This looks beautiful and healthy! Those mini squashes are too cute. I used to dislike eating olives plain (I didn’t mind them in pasta or other dishes) but I am changing my mind.


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        My husband hated olives when we met, but I just kept putting them in things and he came around. :)


      2. Megan’s avatar

        That looks awesome! We were talking to the chef after our tasting, and one of the dishes is going to have a mix of baby vegetables like pattypans. So excited!


      3. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

        I adore meals like this — and pattypans are so cute!


      4. Shani’s avatar

        Where did you find those squash? I’d love to pickle some.


        1. traveleatlove’s avatar

          Yum! I love all things pickled. I got them at the Fresh Market at Hingham Shipyard, but I think I have seen them at Whole Foods. They are really cute!


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