Easy Little Dumplings

Because I can’t eat at Myers + Chang every night, though I really would if I could, I decided last weekend to make some sort of pork dumpling at home.  I have been enjoying the addition of more pork to my diet recently, and I love how well it goes with all sorts of flavors, from maple and apples, to tacos, to this delightful, Asian-inspired recipe.  I love pork in the slow cooker, especially when feeling under the weather, so on Sunday morning, I got this pork roast going.

pork roast

First I grated up a ton of fresh ginger, really an entire large root. I patted it on to the sides of the pork and placed it into my slow cooker. To that, I added a cup of rice vinegar, half cup soy sauce, a few tablespoons of sriracha and a few drops of sesame oil.


sesame oil

I let the pork, which was frozen to start, cook on high for a few hours until it was thawed and started to cook, then added a handful of chopped scallions. I  flipped it over so the flavors would get evenly distributed, and I let it go for another four hours on low while I made cupcakes.

green onion

When the pork was cooked through, I used a sharp knife and my trusty Oxo tongs to shred it. God I love tongs. I use them just about every day and have three sets. I find them much more helpful than a spatula when flipping grilled cheese and even omelets. The pork smelled great, the house was warm and cozy, and we had no appetites. The pork got put aside as we skipped dinner and went to our neighbor’s house for an outdoor fire. The next day we were stricken with the ugliest flu ever, so the poor pulled pork just sat and sat until we were able to eat again. I got a little worried that three days went by before we were able to eat it, but it was delicious. My original plan was to get Nasoya wontons and make little dumplings out of those. However, my unsuspecting husband was the one to do the shopping, and the kids at Shaw’s, well they led him in the wrong direction.

rice paper

He came home with this rice paper instead, but it worked out just fine. I happen to love the texture of these thin wraps, and I plan on making fresh rolls with the rest. With a quick soak in hot water, the rice paper wraps were ready to be filled. I made some with just pork and some with pork and shredded cabbage. To cook, I added the little dumplings to a pan of hot oil, tossed until hot, and served with soy sauce and sriracha. In my mind they looked much prettier, but I am generally happy with the way they came out. I love that these wraps can be filled with all sorts of ingredients and flavors to make a different meal each time. Fun party food! Or just a delish anytime meal.

pork dumpling

I do realize this photo is awful and way too bright. There is definitely something wrong with my camera; I can’t get it to take photos unless there is a ton of light, no matter what setting I use. Perhaps it’s more something wrong with the person using it? Likely. Winking smile

I am incredibly, extremely happy that it is Friday. Today I have an exciting meeting about the PR I am doing for a big upcoming event, followed by a focus group, a day of work, and an evening out. Tomorrow I am taking a road trip with friends to Portsmouth, NH. I’ve never been there! If you have any recommendations, please let us know.


What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    I’m glad to hear that you are in better spirits and I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


  2. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    I love using rice paper – these dumplings look easy and tasty! Looking forward to Portsmouth!


  3. Daisy’s avatar

    the dumplings look quite tasty!! I didn’t realize you had never been to Portsmouth before! you are going to love it!


  4. Megan’s avatar

    I’ve been incorporating a lot more pork into our meals too. It seems like pork and beef have been my go-tos lately rather than chicken. The dumplings sound great. And I am really looking forward to tomorrow!


  5. Raija’s avatar

    You make everything look and taste delicious!


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