Ginger and Irish Cider Carrots

Before I get started on this simple, delicious, and somewhat healthy side dish (that is perfect alongside turkey for a holiday meal), let’s just look at my box of produce below. Two giant bushels of giant carrots, pulled from the dirt that day, six apples, a bunch of celery, a giant yellow onion, and a piece of ginger root, all purchased for 8 euros. If I could find quality, local, cheap veggies and fruits like this in Boston, I would be a much healthier person. I am positively jealous at how cheap much of the produce in Ireland is! I love cooking here.


Not only was my produce haul cheap, but it was the epitome of fresh and tasty. For Thanksgiving, I decided to make carrots with a little extra flavor in the way of Bulmer’s Irish Cider (called Magner’s in America), ginger, and of course the beloved Kerrygold butter.

Irish cider

My ever-helpful husband got the job of cleaning and peeling all of these carrots.

fresh carrots

And I chopped them into carrot coins, eating about every other one. As I chopped, family members stopped by to steal their own carrot snack. These were seriously sweet.


Once the carrots were chopped, I mixed them with a few tablespoons of finely chopped ginger, added them to a clay pot, and almost covered them in Irish cider and several pats of butter. I put them in an oven at around 400 and left them there until they were bubbling yet still a little bit firm. No one likes a mushy veggie! Well, the Irish seem to, but I am happy to help change that. Winking smile

ginger carrots

These carrots were super simple to prepare, and once they were in the oven I was able to get to all of the other dinner components. With a slight spice from the ginger, a sweetness from the cider, and a richness from the butter, they were an ideal accompaniment to the meal, and I will be making them again for Christmas dinner.

Did you make or have any new sides at Thanksgiving?

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    Those carrots look gorgeous! I’m jealous of all of your fresh veggies!


  2. Daisy’s avatar

    i never knew they called Magners, Bulmers!! I wonder why that is…


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Different licensing or something. I knew it as Bulmer’s way before the US had Magner’s!


    2. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

      Wow, look at that produce! I am loving carrots right now and bet they’re great with ginger and cider!


    3. Megan’s avatar

      Sounds like a lovely side dish! I also made carrots as a side for my mini turkey dinner. I forget how much I like them when they are cooked right.


    4. Elizabeth’s avatar

      Two flavors I love, ginger and cider.


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