Lunch Date at Haru

Lunch is easily one of my favorite meals of the day (along with brunch), especially when I have the time to make it a leisurely lunch with friends. A few weeks ago, I had a meeting downtown, and beforehand I caught up with Elina over lunch at Haru.

I arrived a few minutes early, and I was able to catch a couple of shots of the empty dining room. It was just noon, and the restaurant didn’t fill up until a bit later.


I loved the serene feel of Haru along with all of the natural light. Even on a blustery day, the streaming light made me feel warm and cozy.


Elina had been to Haru before, so she had some ideas on what to order. I am a lover of all things sushi (except for the word “eel”. . . love the stuff, hate the word), so I was game to try anything.


We decided to share the Strawberry Finn roll and the Kiss of Fire roll.


Obviously, I loved the Kiss of Fire roll, which was filled with spicy tuna and topped with salmon or white tuna and a nice piece of jalapeno. Add a little wasabi, and it makes my spice-loving palate happy.

I was super curious to try the Strawberry Finn roll; fruit on sushi? I had never had it!


It turned out to be really delicious, a slight bit of sweet mixed in with the spicy fish and accented perfectly by lots of pickled ginger. Pickled ginger is one of those things that I can eat by the bowl-full. I just love it.

Haru offers a ton of different menu items, and from what I tasted, their food is creative, fresh, and beautifully presented. It’s a little pricier than our typical sushi takeout, but it is quite a bit better, in addition to offering many more choices and a really lovely dining space. I could easily eat sushi daily, and Haru will definitely be seeing me again.

Are you a sushi fan? Do you have any favorites?

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    I haven’t been to Haru since they opened! Yay for lunch dates, especially ones that involve yummy sushi!


  2. Daisy’s avatar

    I love Haru and I love fruit on sushi! (Douzo does a fun roll with kiwi fruit and Basho has one with mango!) I’d go back to Haru anytime!


  3. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

    I love Haru – I always get the Kiss of Fire too!


  4. Megan’s avatar

    I don’t think I’ve ever had fruit on sushi either. That’s intriguing. Also, I ordered sushi the other night and for the first time ever I actually tried a piece of the pickled ginger and discovered I like it!


  5. Taryn’s avatar

    I haven’t been to Haru in Boston ever, only NYC, but I remember it being really tasty. This post makes me realize I don’t eat nearly enough sushi!


  6. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    What a great lunchdate! I claim to “love” sushi — but definitely wimpy rolls like California, cucumber and shrimp tempura. Strawberry is such a neat idea!


  7. melissanibbles’s avatar

    When I read the first paragraph, I thought you wrote that you had shots while waiting for Elina. I was like…whoa, girl is STRESSED OUT. Glad to see you were just snapping photos :)

    Haru sounds good. I like the creativity with the rolls.


  8. Elizabeth’s avatar

    The rolls are so pretty! Love the colors.


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