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Love it or hate it, February means Valentine’s Day. I am personally a huge fan and always have been, single and married, because I love love, I love pink, and I love Champagne. We stay home for Valentine’s Day nowadays; in fact I can’t remember going out for Valentine’s Day since the first one we ever spent together, in Ireland. I mentioned it in my “How We Met” post, but Valentine’s Day 2004 was our first trip to Ireland together, my first time meeting my brother-in-law and now sister-in-law, the family dog (RIP Sunny), and all the friends. Talk about pressure! We had Valentine’s Day dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, River Gods, which no longer exists, I am sad to say, and then went to a play that my brother-in-law was in. And I fell asleep. Sorry, Patrick, it was the jetlag!

Anyway, for some reason I thought wearing a handkerchief for a dress on a cold and damp Irish day was a good way to celebrate the holiday.  Times have changed! This year our Valentine’s Day plans are very much up in the air, but I thought I would share a few options based on information I have received and experiences I have had.

Kingshead Galway


Del Frisco’s – If you want to go all out and wow a special someone with a decadent meal, swanky surroundings, gorgeous views, and killer cocktails, Del Frisco’s is where I would go. They’re offering a special deal just for Valentine’s Day, featuring a filet and lobster tail for $79. Yes, it’s pricey, but if you have someone in your life who loves a great cut of meat and that old glam steakhouse vibe (with a modern twist), it’s a great option. Just looking to go out for a drink with the girls? Head to Del Frisco’s bar for their special holiday cocktail,  the Pomegranate Kiss, a concoction of
Ciroc Red Berry Vodka,Triple Sec, Pama and Monin Pomegranate syrup.

Les Zygomates – This is our go-to date night spot. I have blogged about it a couple of times before, but we have been there probably a dozen times in the years I have been blogging. The food is always good, the service is always charming, they have a great wine list and raw bar and sultry, nightly jazz. If I had to pick one place to go in Boston on a date, Les Zygomates would probably be it.

Café Polonia – Never had Polish food? If you and your Valentine are both into food, try a new-to-you cuisine. A place like Café Polonia, one of our Dorchester favorites, is cozy and quaint, offers a great bang for your buck, and can be more than sharing just a meal, sharing an experience. If it’s wintry out, even better. Polonia’s hearty cuisine is the perfect comfort food.

Enzo Bar & Restaurant – If you live up there or feel like venturing North of Boston to the lovely seaside community of Newburyport, Enzo is the place to be. It’s cozy, romantic, rustic, and offers some of the best food I have had in awhile. Ten Tables is also another deliciously cozy option in the area. With multiple fireplaces and great food, you just can’t go wrong.

Pizza to go – This is more our speed for Valentine’s Day these days. You can’t beat really good pizza (Maybe from Stone Hearth!), Champagne, and a dessert like an easy Nutella mousse. Champagne and pizza are a match made in heaven, and with Valentine’s Day on a weekday, letting someone else do the cooking makes for a relaxing evening for all.

Stay in and cook together. – If Valentine’s Day fell on a weekend, this would be a great option for us. Unfortunately, with the husband working far away, it just doesn’t make sense for us for a weeknight, unless we want to eat at 10:00. Plan a meal together or have each person choose a course to make within a certain cuisine. Pop some bubbly, dip some strawberries in chocolate, put on your favorite songs, and spend some qt together.

What’s your favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day? Do you have memories of a magical or nightmarish Valentine’s Day to share?

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    I have always loved Valentine’s Day too, whether I was single or not! This year, we’re looking forward to a date night out, which has been happening way too infrequently with our schedules.


  2. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    This post could not have come at a better time! We stay in on Vday itself but often like to get a nice dinner the weekend before, when the crowds and prices are a bit more bearable. I am definitely looking into Les Zygomates!


  3. Erica @ In and Around Town’s avatar

    I can’t say I am a valentine’s day person, I wish I was! Nick and I are heading to Grill 23 (not the most valentine’s type place, but good food nonetheless!) Enjoy your evening at home!


  4. Megan’s avatar

    I have always loved Valentine’s Day too. I’ve thrown single girl parties decked out with a sickening amount of pink and I’ve made extravagant meals at home once no longer single. Back in college I waitressed and hostessed several Valentine’s Days and it’s completely turned me off the idea of going out on v-day, but I do love your suggestions. My family is coming up the weekend before and I will be making a big, extravagant meal for them, so I’m not even sure I’ll go all out on actual v-day this year. We shall see…


  5. Daisy’s avatar

    these are such fantastic recommendations! I’m a fan of the holiday, any excuse to celebrate love!!


  6. eric King’s avatar

    I love this post – PS – you should wear more handcerchief dresses :)…
    You have some great recommendations here…. looking forward to Vday.

    - Eric


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