You have to go here.

Where, you might be asking? Darryl’s Corner Kitchen and Bar! I can’t believe I have been missing out on this incredible gem in the South End. I first heard about Darryl’s at the Spoonful of Ginger event at the MFA last year. Their fried catfish was crispy and light, and the woman serving was sweet and welcoming. Yet, somehow, with all of the restaurants in Boston, we never got there.

On Wednesday night, we were texting back and forth trying to figure out where to go on a date before I headed to NJ for four days. I was tired from another long-ish run and a crazy work day, and  I didn’t want to go anywhere super fancy. I should tell you that, as much as I like a really nice high-end restaurant, I don’t like eating anywhere super fancy where it’s so quiet everyone looks at you if you drop your fork or something. I like a good level of noise and a feeling of comfort in a restaurant, so when I was browsing through Open Table, I was looking for casual with great food. Darryl’s popped up as having openings, so I checked out the menu. I instantly knew it was the perfect spot for the night.

We were instantly pleased when we walked into the warm, cozy restaurant and saw a jazz band setting up. Darryl’s is dimly lit and has its own unique style, a mix of classic jazz bar meets South End modern.

Our entertainment for the evening turned out to be Phillip Young and Friends, and they set the mood nicely.

Darryl's Corner Kitchen and Bar

I found myself dancing a little in my seat throughout the meal. The music was perfect; we could chat over it. The musicians were super talented, and they looked like they were having a blast.

I kicked off the night with one of Darryl’s specialty cocktails, of which there are many. The “Kind of Blue” featured Cold River Blueberry Vodka, pomegranate juice, and Triple Sec. It was both sweet and tart and actually reminded me of a Sweettart candy. I loved it.


Ordering dinner has never been so difficult. I wanted so many items from all parts of the menu, but I finally went with the first thing I set my eyes on, crispy cheese grits with  beans, greens, and tomato gravy.


My husband had the fried chicken with sweet potato fries and mac and cheese, and we shared a side of cole slaw because I love cabbage and mayonnaise.

fried chicken

Once the food was put in front of us, we stopped chatting and enjoyed the music and the heavenly bites put in front of us. Each bite of crispy grits got doused in a tangy tomato sauce and topped with perfectly made greens. I also snagged multiple sweet potato fries which were lightly sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Oh, and the mac and cheese? Total, complete cheesy comfort food. This is the place to be after a week of running.

When our server returned to clear our plates, we did not even need to see the dessert menu to know that we wanted the red velvet cake. Our dining neighbors on both sides ordered it, and we were those people, you know, the ones staring at other people’s food.

The cake was the perfect portion, was nice and cold the way I love cake to be, and was layered with slightly sweet cream cheese frosting. I am in love with this cake.

red velvet cake

The service at Darryl’s was so friendly and warm; they were busy, and our server had most of the room. She totally took it in stride, smiled the whole time, apologized for any wait, which wasn’t long, and just made the experience fun.

We loved the food, the people, and the buzz about this restaurant. It was the kind of place that makes you smile ear-to-ear, the kind of place you want to linger.

We might go back next week.

Happy Friday! I am blogging from NJ this weekend while my hubs works the Boat Show in Boston.

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    My friend used to live around the corner from Daryl’s and was a regular there. I still have to check it out!


  2. Renee’s avatar

    I DO have to go here! Now to figure out when the soonest I can get there is. This looks amazing! Ever since Bob’s Southern Bistro closed I have been dying for this type of comfort food.


  3. Daisy’s avatar

    We got a 10% off coupon for this place in the BFB launch swag bag and i have wanted to go ever since. (although I had not heard much about it) thanks for the inside scoop.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      It’s kind of weird how, even living kind of close, we don’t hear much about it, yet it was packed! There was a line out the door by the time we left!


    2. Megan’s avatar

      I have to say I’m so proud to see that you get dessert almost every time you go out now. :) This sounds like a great place for comfort food!


    3. Raija’s avatar

      What a great review! I can feel your happiness through it! Enjoy NJ!!


    4. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

      I want to go there just for that drink! It sounds like a great place. Have fun in NJ!


    5. Erica @ In and Around Town’s avatar

      I have been once before and totally enjoyed my meal and the entertainment! Great review!


    6. Elizabeth’s avatar

      I remember reading about Darryl’s a year or so ago and being very intrigued. Your entree sounds awesome.


    7. Sues’s avatar

      Mmmm now I’m totally craving Southern Food! I heard about Darryl’s for the first time at a Spoonful of Ginger, but haven’t had the chance to go yet. I need to!!


    8. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

      I’ve been hearing about this place – now that I know it’s worth the trip, I will have to head on over!


    9. Alaina’s avatar

      My only time there was such a disappointment. Maybe their kitchen has gotten better! They do have really good cocktails though. :-)


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        I’m sorry to hear that! We are still raving about how good our experience was!


      2. Lindsey @ BeantownEats’s avatar

        I love that feeling when you walk in to a place and instantly know it’s exactly what you wanted. This place sounds great.


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