Tempeh Tacos

It’s going to be a scorcher today, Boston! Cooking might be the last thing on your minds on this freakishly warm March day. I appreciate warmth and a mild winter, but mid-to-high 80’s in March is worrisome even to me. More importantly, we have wine traveling from California, and I am crossing my fingers the crazy temps don’t spoil it.

As you know, I celebrated the big 32 on Tuesday, and dinner was so great I thought I would share. Since we were in Sonoma and Napa so recently, I decided I wanted a quiet birthday evening at home. After lots of loving messages from friends and family and gorgeous flowers from my family and my husband and a loooong work day, I kicked off my birthday celebration with a bubble bath and a glass of bubbly.


I was able to relax because I had started dinner the night before. I cubed a giant block of tempeh to start. After this meal, I realize I prefer tempeh to tofu for a vegetarian protein; I like the chewiness, and does it soak up sauce!

Raw tempeh looks a little like brains, unfortunately.


I chose to marinate my tempeh in this Ortega taco sauce. When we were little and my dad would travel for work,  we often had tacos for dinner because my dad didn’t like them.  This taco sauce brings back fond memories of these dinners. And it’s tasty.

taco sauce

Marinated overnight, the tempeh basically took on the flavor of the taco sauce which made it a fabulous filling for our tacos.

marinated tempeh

When it was time to start our build-your-own-taco bar, I sautéed the tempeh on low in a frying pan while I prepped our toppings.

They included grated cheddar and chopped romaine,

cheese and lettuce

I also brought out some of my homemade habanero salsa which is to-die-for and makes my forehead sweat, guacamole,  2% Fage yogurt, and of course warmed whole wheat tortillas. We each built out own tacos, starting the tempeh, piling them high with deliciousness.

tempeh tacos

We ate on the floor with the windows open and bubbly in our glasses and followed our tacos with some desserts that my husband brought from Flour. It was a nice picnic dinner.

Warm weather definitely brings out the desire for quick foods that don’t take a ton of heat to prepare. The tempeh was the only part of these tacos that required turning on a burner, and that was only for about 10 minutes so it didn’t heat the house much. Tonight we’re having giant salads with fried eggs and trying to stay cool with a walk at Castle Island. What a week!

Have you done anything summery this week?

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  1. Elizabeth’s avatar

    These look fun! I love all of your birthday flowers, the tulips especially


  2. Elizabeth’s avatar

    And really nice seeing you last night! :)


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    This sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your birthday! We’ve been grilling every night this week. And last night, we went to the driving range and got ice cream afterwards!


  4. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    What beautiful flowers!! I actually tried tempeh for the first time this week — just sauteeing it with soy sauce. I love the idea of including it in tacos. A must make soon!


  5. Heather’s avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    I also prefer tempeh to tofu as well – I made a tempeh tamale pie the other day.

    I would never have thought to marinate the tempeh overnight – what a great idea.


  6. Megan’s avatar

    I wonder if I would like tempeh. Tacos are great warm weather food. I’ve been craving a home-grilled burger all week, so I’m already convincing Jeff that once we settle in at his parents’ house this weekend, we need to head straight out to the grill!


  7. Daisy’s avatar

    sounds like you are having a wonderful birthday week. bubble bath and bubbly to drink? love it!! I want to have a picnic dinner….


  8. Raija’s avatar

    :) Lovely and tasty!! Love the photos of the flowers!! How pretty!! You were born in a good month :)


  9. eric King’s avatar

    you are always so creative – Tempeh looks delish.


  10. Colleen @ Culinary Colleen’s avatar

    I like tempeh but I’ve never been brave enough to cook it. Using it in tacos is a great idea. I’ve been in an eating-out mood all week because of this weather – my kitchen just gets too hot!


  11. Michelle Collins’s avatar

    I, too, prefer tempeh over tofu – these look great!


  12. melissanibbles’s avatar

    Beautiful flowers! I lol’d at the tempeh looks like brains. It does! I’ve never had it, but now I’m intrigued…


  13. Alaina’s avatar

    Those tacos look amazing!! Picnic’s (even indoors) are the best on a summer day. :-)


  14. Molly Galler’s avatar

    What a delicious birthday meal! That’s so funny that you ate tacos when your dad was away. My dad was always the one who went grocery shopping, so when he was away we’d go with my mom and she would let us buy whatever we wanted!


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