Almond Meal Pizza Crust

I’ll be honest. It has been quite awhile since I cooked anything new or exciting. First I was away in New Jersey and then I was eating loads of pasta and other carbs plus lots of kale smoothies, prepping for the Boston Marathon. Once the marathon was over, I had almost no appetite, and when I did, I was starving and eating pretzels, chips, pudding, and other snacks or takeout.

After a week of that, I not only started to get bored with my eating, but I also realized that without the training, I need to adjust the way I eat. I am also going to be in and out of a new office for awhile, so eating real meals and planning is going to be key.

On Monday night, I decided to get back in the kitchen with a new ingredient I picked up at Trader Joe’s, Just Almond Meal. My original plan was to add it to yogurt for an extra boost of protein, and I did that for breakfast. After spending some time googling, I also decided to make a pizza crust.

almond meal

Pizza crust made with almond meal is gluten free and has a nice amount of protein. Making the crust is easy, just 2 cups of almond meal, 3 eggs, a few drops of olive oil, and a pinch of salt. I added some garlic powder for seasoning, mixed it all up, and then formed it into a pizza on an oiled pizza pan.

almond meal

To dry the dough out, I baked it for about 6 minutes in a 425 degree oven. The recommended temperature is 350, but I was roasting perfect Brussels sprouts at the time too.

While the dough got nice and dry for the toppings, I chopped leeks and melted them down in some nice brown butter. I also made a quick pizza sauce with canned plum tomatoes with basil, salt, and a pinch of sugar.


When the dough was dry, I topped it with the sauce, goat cheese, and leeks. I cooked it for about 15 minutes, until it was brown at the edges and the cheese was melted.
gluten free pizza

I served the pizza with roasted Brussels sprouts that had been drizzled with honey. I was trying to recreate the Russell House Tavern sprouts. Mine were good, but not that good.

Brussels sprouts

The pizza? It was delicious. It definitely had a hefty crust that filled me up quickly, but I really enjoyed how buttery it was and how easy it was to make. The toppings were perfect. You can’t go wrong with leeks and goat cheese! I didn’t tell my husband about the crust until he finished and was raving about the pizza. We were both pleasantly surprised at how good this nutrient-rich option was. I’ll definitely be using almond meal to make crust and other baked goods in the future. But don’t worry, I am not going all Paleo on you, just mixing things up a bit.

Have you tried any new-to-you ingredients or cooking methods lately?

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  1. Megan’s avatar

    Neat idea. I wouldn’t think to use almond meal for pizza. I like how the bag says for breading though. I think it would be a nice alternative to panko or bread crumbs.


  2. Elizabeth’s avatar

    That crust sounds really good, I’ve actually never cooked with almond meal. Love your toppings too.


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    I haven’t really been doing much creative work in the kitchen these days. A lot of my meals have consisted of reheating previous meals that I made and froze!


  4. Daisy’s avatar

    mixing things up in the kitchen, i like it!


  5. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    Sounds like a really interesting and hearty combo! I love experimenting with new ways to make crusts, flatbreads, etc!


  6. Beth’s avatar

    I’ve used almond meal in cookies a lot, but never in pizza crust. Sounds good. I’ve been eating a lot of brussels sprouts lately, and I can vouch that they are most delicious when roasted and then covered with warm buffalo sauce. Or, covered in buffalo sauce, roasted, then covered in more buffalo sauce. :)


  7. Colleen @ Culinary Colleen’s avatar

    I have some almond meal in the freezer that I used for baking last year. I never thought to use it in a crust. Good idea!


  8. melissanibbles’s avatar

    Sounds interesting. I like trying new crusts and this sounds very flavorful!


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