Just Being Here

Hello there and Happy Thursday! This week has been pretty great for me, and since I have been going through some interesting things professionally and personally, I’ve been sitting a lot with the idea of “I’m there.” What does that mean exactly? Let me back up a few weeks.

About a month ago I had a no good very bad work week which unfortunately started on a Sunday and didn’t get better. Someone I had been working with for a long time and had tried really hard to please started back pedaling and it wasn’t pretty. I learned a LOT that week, as I mentioned in one post, about getting everything in writing. Also about communicating and realizing when a working relationship is not a good one. You can’t win ‘em all, especially when people don’t want to understand what you are doing or that your goal is to help them.

When Friday of that week rolled around, I wanted nothing more than to kick back with friends. But before that could happen, I received the email I have dreamed about since I quit my publishing job. I didn’t believe it. I thought it was spam. It had to be a joke.

It was a wine brand based in Sonoma County asking if I was interested in applying for a Social Media position. My week went from someone who really didn’t get it being ridiculous to me to me and making me feel awful, and  suddenly I was being contacted by a dream job. It was kind of scary!  I called my husband, who was in meetings. I called him so many times that when he got to his phone he thought there was an emergency. I called my mom. I jumped up and down and started looking at property in Healdsburg.

Later that night, I was asked to do some media work for Tapeña.  Yes! While I have had many small successes over the past year or so (along with MANY disappointments) these were two things I REALLY wanted to be doing.

I applied for the job in Sonoma, and ended up with not one but two interviews. I started to agonize as I knew the decision would happen quickly, suddenly too quickly for me. What about spending the summer with family and friends? How would we get to California? Our condo? Our stuff? Money? Overwhelming.

And then I got another call, this time for some work at a Boston agency, the type of work I could never even look at in November 2010 because I didn’t have the experience but work I always knew I would be great at.

Oh yeah, and I was still working full time and getting ready to run a marathon. There was not a lot of quiet in my mind this month, to say the least.

I found out this week I didn’t get the job in California, but after the second interview I kind of knew that. I kind of didn’t want it anymore. There was no chemistry between me and the interviewer (Who actually said I had the “meditative voice of someone who works from home” and kind of implied I didn’t have a lot going on. If only he knew! Our call was two days after the marathon. Meditative, no? Out of it? A little!), and I knew I couldn’t move immediately, at least not at this point in time. That didn’t stop me from getting a little emotional.  It was an exciting prospect for a few weeks, and my California dreaming will have to suffice for now.

I did get the agency work though, and I am loving it. In fact, I am loving work each and every day, despite being exhausted. This is what I want.

And that’s where being here and now comes in. Even as I get new opportunities, finish a marathon, do something I am proud of, I am constantly thinking and plotting for bigger, better, faster, more, next. It’s good to be ambitious, but never being satisfied right here, right now? Exhausting. Even the best hikers stop and enjoy the view every now and then.

Sure I will keep working toward goals and will always have that drive for more, but I think I will sit back, look how far I’ve come, and be okay with that. At least for today.

In other news, I am IN! I got chosen in the lottery for the 2012 NYC Marathon. I am so excited to be able to just train without worrying about fundraising this time around!

Do you struggle with enjoying where you are right here and right now or do you have a better appreciation of the journey rather than just the destination?

  1. Amanda’s avatar

    Great post Meghan! So timely for me, I decided this past weekend that part of my 30 by 30 mantras would be to enjoy the journey and not just seek the destination. I’m always wanting more and needing something to work towards or look forward to. This next year I plan on enjoying the now. Congrats on the agency work and as for the California wine company – they must be crazy!


  2. Michelle’s avatar

    Meghan, over the past few years, you have grown stronger – physically and mentally – and happier. I’m so proud of you – the new agency work, the marathon…everything! Congrats on just being there. It is a great place to be.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      And I have had great support along the way, thank you! :)


    2. Daisy’s avatar

      Congratulations on EVERYTHING. you have worked hard, trained hard, persevered through the annoying people and jobs, you so deserve this. (And I’m secretly glad you are not moving to cali just yet….) ;)


    3. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

      Whew! Sounds like a crazy and emotional few weeks. Just being “here” is something I struggle with too… I’m always thinking about the next big thing. My goal for the summer is to really enjoy the now and here. Because I’m sure we’ll look back on this time and wish we had! Congrats on everything great that IS happening in your life!


    4. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

      Congratulations Meghan!! For the new job and the NYC marathon :) You deserve to be happy and enjoy the rewards of all your hard work. I love working for an ad agency and I’m glad you are loving it too! What agency are you working for now?


    5. Shani’s avatar

      Your story has been so personally inspirational to me–it’s good to see you achieving more of what you’ve been working on. ‘Gratz!


    6. Sues’s avatar

      Wow, what a month you’ve had!! Congrats!! I feel like we’re very similar with the bigger, better, faster deal (minus the running for me!). But I’ve been trying very hard to just sit back lately, too, especially with the wedding coming up. Now I just need some down time to actually literally sit back and relax! :)


    7. Jean | Delightful Repast’s avatar

      Meghan, congratulations on your many successes! AND on your decision to “just be here.” Call me an old hippie chick, but my motto for years has been “BE HERE NOW.” I have those words in a frame sitting on the bookcase in my entry. I try to practice it every day–it’s easier on some days than others. :(


    8. melissanibbles’s avatar

      Wow! “Emotional week” to say the least! I’m sorry you were stressed out, but everything worked out and you sound very excited. I’m more of a take my time and enjoy the view kind of person. I have goals, but I know they aren’t going to happen overnight. I try to enjoy the journey and it sounds like that’s what you’re doing now. Congrats on getting into the marathon!


    9. Megan’s avatar

      Congrats on the new workload! And on getting into the marathon! I am having a hard time with just being “here” right now. Especially because I’m not quite sure where here is. I feel pretty unsettled and like we’re standing on the edge just waiting to jump, waiting for things to happen so we can continue with our lives. I did get a fortune the other day that made me feel better. It said, “It could be better, but it’s good enough.” And that’s going to be my motto until we get a house and get settled. Right here, right now is good enough.


    10. Raija’s avatar

      Great reflection! I love these posts :).


    11. Elizabeth’s avatar

      I really enjoyed reading this. Back when I studied abroad in college, our mantra, if you will, was Be Where You Are, pretty much the same thing. Even though I clearly don’t always live it, it’s always on my mind. With just a few months left here, I’m definitely trying my best to be present for all of it.


    12. Eric’s avatar

      Really love this post – I am so proud of you!


    13. Molly Galler’s avatar

      WOW! So much to respond to here. First, you do not have the voice of someone who works from home, whatever that means. Second, CONGRATULATIONS on the new work! And lastly, hooray for the NYC marathon! You are on a roll!


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