I kind of hate the expression “Nom, nom, nom”, but it’s just what comes to mind when I look back on a recent dinner at Happy’s Bar and Kitchen.  From cocktails to dessert, every single dish (and glass) was spot on, delicious, and fun. Happy’s is a place that certainly makes for happy diners (at least in our group), and it could be my new favorite place for going out with a group of friends.

Happy's Bar and Kitchen

Starting with its neon sign, the décor  of Happy’s is bright, fun, and funky. I wanted to capture that better in photos, but by the time I arrived the restaurant was quite crowded. I hate making people feel like I am taking their photo!

Happy's Bar and Kitchen

Our visit to Happy’s was on a very hot day, and when I arrived, I needed refreshment. The very first cocktail on the list was a sparkling wine cocktail, so of course I ordered it.  That’s a bitters-soaked sugar cube in the bottom of the glass. I loved this drink.

sparkling wine cocktail

Later in the evening I enjoyed the below cocktail, which I believe was called Oh Bloody Hell. . . I could be wrong. It was delicious!

blood orange cocktail

There were seven of us at the table, so we decided to order a few appetizers to share, and Happy’s also took great care of us, sending out appetizers and a dessert at the end.

The DIY nachos may have been my favorite. Ever since I was little, I have loved toppings bars or any place where you can make your own salad, sundae, etc. Making my own little plate of nachos meant they were fresh, not greasy, and I could layer on the toppings perfectly.

Happy's DIY nachos

Shrimp tacos, light, fresh, and flavorful, were perfect for the summery day we were having. I like that Happy’s does not fry the shrimp for the tacos.

shrimp tacos

They do fry the fried pickles, of course, and these were hot and crunchy on the outside with tangy pickles on the inside. These are definitely some of the better fried pickles I have had.

fried pickles

Crunchy meatballs with tomato and basil sauce were delicious with a nice hint of spice and bit of crunch on the outside.

crunchy meatballs

House made potato chips and dip, the perfect party food even if it’s just a party for one.

house made potato chips

The mac and cheese made its way around the table more than once. I think just about everyone grabbed a second bite. While Savin Bar + Kitchen still has my heart when it comes to mac and cheese, this was a close second.

macaroni and cheese

Creamy ricotta and crunchy bread made for another addictive appetizer, and I would say this is a must-order at Happy’s.


And finally, there was the tuna tartare. I always love to check out the tuna tartare at restaurants, and this one did not disappoint, with spicy avocado and cool cucumber. Very refreshing.

tuna tartare

Once we chowed down on every appetizer on the menu, our entrees came. I had a hard time deciding between a few dishes, but as a lover of fried green tomatoes, went with the Southern BLT with fries. After all of the amazing appetizers, I was full and could only eat half of the sandwich. I loved the tomato and the idea of the pork belly on the sandwich. As is often the case in restaurants, the pork belly was a little dry, my only complaint of the entire evening.

southern blt

After all that, I did not need dessert. At all. My stomach definitely protested, but with dinner being so much fun, we soldiered on to try the Nutella tart and strawberry shortcake, with some crisp, minty chocolate cookies sent out as a special treat.

nutella tart

The Nutella tart was a little too sweet for me, but I would imagine true dessert-lovers would devour it. The strawberry shortcake was definitely the highlight of dessert for me with its light, buttery shortcake and pool of strawberry sauce.

strawberry shortcake


On our way out, we all got to meet Chef Michael Schlow and to tell him how great our experience was. For me, the only real downside of Happy’s is its location. We avoid the Fenway area during baseball season, so there will definitely be times we’d like to stop in and probably won’t. But, that’s what the other seasons are for.

For a  really great review of our dinner, check out Beantown Eats!

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  1. Megan’s avatar

    Sounds and looks amazing!!


  2. Lindsey @ BeantownEats’s avatar

    This dinner was so much fun! I really liked their nachos, such a great idea. And even though the ricotta is so simple, I think that’s my favorite app on their menu. Thanks for the mention!!


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    I’ve only been to Happy’s for dessert but I want to make it back for dinner. Plus, they serve alcoholic milkshakes! :-)


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      We ordered one of the alcoholic milkshakes too! I was so full I could only have a couple of sips!


    2. Daisy’s avatar

      So glad to hear you had a great experience!! I liked Happy’s a lot on my first visit.


    3. Erica @ In and Around Town’s avatar

      Great Review! I am really looking forward to head over to Happy’s just haven’t had a chance yet!


    4. Megan’s avatar

      I really loved Happy’s when I went. And Jeff and I are going back tomorrow night before the Sox game, so I am looking forward to chowing down there again!


    5. Michelle Collins’s avatar

      I love the idea of make-your-own nachos. It’s always hard to find nachos that are consistently covered in toppings!


    6. Elizabeth’s avatar

      Ha, I love the expression Nom, but try not to use it much because I know it annoys a lot of people. That ricotta looks fabulous, as does the shortcake.


    7. Molly Galler’s avatar

      I had totally different things when I want but now I want to go back and get the nachos, the fried pickles and the nutella tart. YUM!


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