The Bubble Room

Weeks before our trip to Sanibel Island, I learned that there were secret lunch plans in the works. My niece Isabella told us that there was a special place she was taking us for lunch, but she wouldn’t tell us where. It turns out that on their last trip to Sanibel, when she was not yet three, she enjoyed the whimsical Captiva restaurant, The Bubble Room.

After a morning at the pool for Isabella and a morning of boating for us, our group reunited for lunch. On the way to the restaurant, we were told we were going to a very boring place with no desserts and only alligator soup on the menu.

The Bubble Room

She fooled us! Winking smile

The Bubble Room, Captiva

The Bubble Room is a great place for a family lunch. There is a LOT going on, from the second you pull into the parking lot. The restaurant sits on one side of the lot, and The Bubble Room Emporium gift shop sits across the way.

The Bubble Room, Captiva

The outside of The Bubble Room is splashed with a rainbow of color on every surface, with music blaring from speakers. It provides quite the welcome.

Bubble Room restaurant

Inside, the walls are decked out with photos of classic Hollywood stars. There’s barely an empty surface at The Bubble Room.

Bubble Room decorations

There’s even stuff inside the tables!

The Bubble Room, Captiva Island

Due to the fairly extreme heat in Sanibel and Captiva, we were thirsty, and I cooled off  and refreshed with a deliciously fruity rum cocktail, a Captiva Cooler.

Captiva cocktail

We were also starving and ready for some quick food. Our peppy and sweet waitress recommended Carolina Moons, a Bubble Room favorite made up of homemade potato chips, cheese, and bacon.

Carolina moons

For lunch, I decided to have a bowl of gumbo. Spicy, rich, full of seafood and okra, and served with crunchy toast, the gumbo was exactly what I was hoping for and more. It really let me enjoy some of the flavors of the South and made me want to try to do some more regional cooking.


The Bubble Room is famous for its desserts, slices of cake the size of my head, in a variety of different flavors and types. While our waitress explained each cake to us, my one-and-a-half  year old nephew gazed at the tray lovingly. It was adorable.

Bubble Room desserts

We were full and ready for some beach time, so we brought home a giant piece of cheesecake and one of The Bubble Room’s signature orange crunch cake,  yellow cake with orange icing and an almond and brown sugar crunch. We dug into those much later in the day after dinner at Gramma Dot’s.

Bubble Room desserts

While waiting, my niece gave us a tour of the restaurant. One of her favorites is this festive Christmas room, a little creepy if you ask me!

The Bubble Room

The Bubble Room

There’s a lot going on, and touring each room of The Bubble Room made the short wait for our food go by quickly. The food was great, and the restaurant definitely provided a memorable place for a family meal. I have a feeling we will be back.

One of the places I have fond memories of visiting is Four Seas Ice Cream in Centerville, MA. Eating ice cream on hot summer nights, running into Kennedys, and taking walks down to Craigville Beach define those Cape Cod summer nights.

Do you have a favorite family vacation spot or memory?

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  1. Elizabeth’s avatar

    I’ve heard of this place! It’s so quirky and colorful. SO glad you tried so many of the cakes, I’ve heard lots about them.


  2. Michelle’s avatar

    Your niece is adorable!


  3. Jon’s avatar

    This place is definitely one of the more vivid childhood memories I have! Looks the same and yes, the Christmas room was and still is a bit creepy. Looks like you guys had a great time!


  4. Erica @ In and Around Town’s avatar

    That place looks perfect for a family meal! For me, going to Benson’s Ice Cream in West Boxford (on the northshore) is summer as a kid for me. It was a special outing we did a few times a summer as a family.


  5. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

    What a fun place! The orange crunch cake sounds delicious.


  6. Daisy’s avatar

    this place is so much fun!! did you and eric get a photo in the love boat? ;)


  7. Megan’s avatar

    Your niece sounds adorable. Hope you liked your alligator soup. ;)


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