Lunch at Grass Fed

Being that we’ve loved Ten Tables for years, I was more than a little excited when I found out a grass fed burger place, called Grass Fed, would be opening up in the same block the Jamaica Plain Ten Tables is on. I love JP; my time as a MSPCA volunteer has given me the opportunity to explore the dining scene, Jamaica Pond, the Arboretum, and more.

Earlier this week when we were pondering lunch, Grass Fed popped up in conversation, and we were pleased to find they’re open daily from 11-11.


Grass Fed was not crowded when we arrived around 1:00, and we took a couple of minutes to look around and browse the menu before ordering. The restaurant’s ambiance wasn’t what I expected for some reason. I thought it would be a little more cozy, upscale burger place, but it’s very, very casual, definitely a place I would rather go for lunch than dinner.

They have a great selection of sandwiches and burgers, along with beers and organic wines. Since I had just done a 15 mile run, I was hungry and thirsty and was hoping Grass Fed’s burgers included turkey burgers, despite not seeing them on the menu.

I was wrong. I went up to the counter to ask just in case, and the man at the counter gave me a look and a flat “No.” His answer was the same when I asked if they had seltzer water. Unfortunately, he seemed really disinterested in helping us, so we quickly chose burgers without much more consideration.

Since I was ravenous and neither the chickpea nor the mushroom burger seemed like they would fill me up, I did something I almost never do and went with a beef burger, the Cali:5oz of grassfed beef with avocado, pepper jack cheese, mesclun, shaved red onion & cilantro-lime aioli.

It was good! Despite wanting to leave after dealing with the cranky server, we were glad we stayed when we bit into our burgers. This burger was perfectly cooked and topped with a generous amount of avocado. The onions, cheese, and aioli all made the burger pop with flavor. The fries were hot, crispy, and nicely salted.


My husband had the Blue Devil: 5oz of grass fed beef with Stilton blue cheese, bacon, aioli & crispy fried onions. He demolished it in about two minutes and really enjoyed the tangy blue cheese and crispy bacon and onion strings additions.


We dipped our fries in our fair share of Grass Fed’s house made sauces which were also really a delight.


We were both satisfied with our burgers, but we agreed we probably wouldn’t visit often. For two burgers and fries, we paid almost $30; considering you order at the counter and bus your own tables, that price seemed a little steep for what we got, even taking into account the grass-fed beef. Maybe if they added a turkey burger to the menu. . .

How’s your week going? Have you eaten anything amazing?

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  1. Erica @ In and Around Town’s avatar

    I had the same exact reaction to Grass Fed! I thought the burgers were delicious, but it was not what I expected (not really a destination).

    I had some Lamb Sliders from Ashmont Grill that were amazing!!


  2. Colleen @ Culinary Colleen’s avatar

    Interesting review. The burgers do look good, but it’s amazing how bad service can sort of ruin a place. It does sound pricey, too!


  3. Daisy’s avatar

    I went when they first opened, and enjoyed my burger but not all the sides and definitely not the insane amount of people packed into that tiny space. I agree, it’s not really a destination (but I feel like I need to go back to give it a fair review….hence why I still haven’t written about it.)


  4. Michelle Collins’s avatar

    Ugh, that stinks about the cranky server. Sometimes that can really ruin an experience, but I’m glad you guys stuck it out and enjoyed the food! I finally tried Catalyst in Cambridge for the first time Monday night, and just blogged about our meal today – it was incredible!


  5. Jean | Delightful Repast’s avatar

    When I find a place that serves grassfed beef or pastured pork, organic this and local that, I feel like I have to support them so that the idea will spread. I just can’t stand the thought of eating meat from CAFOs. But one expects a *little* bit of ambiance over a certain price point!


  6. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Those burgers look goood. I really want to try their milkshakes.


  7. Sues’s avatar

    Mmm now I’m hungry for a burger! I really want to try their boozy milkshakes, too… Burgers and boozy milkshakes sound like heaven!


  8. Megan’s avatar

    I’ve heard mixed reviews of Grass Fed. It sounds like your burgers were really good! I do want to try it at some point and heard they’re doing takeout now… so that might happen one of these days.


  9. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    Too bad this place lacked in friendliness and non-beef options. I do like the look of those onion strings on your husband’s burger, though!


  10. Raija’s avatar

    Local Burger in Northampton would probably be a good alternative…though it is in Northampton…it is great.


  11. Molly Galler’s avatar

    Sorry your server was cranky and the meal felt overpriced. I hear they have boozy milkshakes. Perhaps next time!


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