Sunday Stuff + a Giveaway

Congratulations to Joy, the winner of the Stonyfield coupons. Joy, please email me at traveleatlove (@) gmail (dot) com with your contact info so I can have your prize sent. Thanks to everyone else for entering!

Does it rain every Sunday now? It certainly seems like it. Poor Ceol na Mara goes to dry dock on Saturday, and we’ve missed out on so many boating opportunities thanks to rain and poor visibility.

The tradeoff is a nice, lazy Sunday getting things done around the house, meal planning, workout planning, and generally planning the week out. My family was originally supposed to come up for a weekend of boating and fall fun, but the trip didn’t work out, leaving us kind of up-in-the-air about plans. We were hoping to get the boat ready for winter today, but you definitely can’t do that in the pouring rain.

So I have time to blog and share this tasty little giveaway, along with other random Sunday ramblings. Because that’s the kind of weekend it has been.

I eat Greek yogurt every single day for breakfast. I am not a breakfast-fan at all, but my body goes haywire if I don’t eat almost immediately after getting up. I’m talking full on shakes, sweating, dizziness, anxiety. So yeah, even though eating in the morning isn’t my favorite, it’s better than the alternative. In the interest of full disclosure, my yogurt choice often depends on what’s on sale, and lately I have been going between Stonyfield, Fage, and Cabot. When a PR rep for Stonyfield offered to let me try a week of their new 1.5% Greek yogurt, I jumped at the chance.

Oikos Organic

I love a lot of things about Stonyfield, especially their work with local, organic family farmers. I also love their rich, creamy Greek yogurt but did miss the fat. A little fat is crucial to staying full, so yogurt with fat almost always ends up in my cart.

I tried both strawberry and raspberry Oikos and really loved the flavor and texture. I don’t normally buy fruit yogurts, but I liked that the fruit was subtle and natural-tasting in these. I would probably buy plain next time, as I like to add my own toppings like almond meal and cacao powder, but for a great, flavorful snack on the go, I would definitely go for the fruit Oikos. It might just be in my head, but I feel like even 1.5% fat offers a little more staying power. It was great to be able to try these yogurts before buying them, though, to be honest, I am never disappointed with a Stonyfield product.

Thanks to the kind people at Stonyfield, one of you can also have a work week worth of yogurt for free! Just leave a comment letting me know your favorite breakfast or yogurt/yogurt mix ins. I will choose a winner on Friday.

In other news, I’m starting a small new project this week in the wine industry, and I am excited to further my experience in an area I am interested in. I’m finding it completely crazy that in a couple of weeks, it will be two years since I left a full time job to be a  Marketing and Social Media Consultant.  I’m one of those people with a crazy good memory, and I think I might always associate this time of year with that exciting, uncertain time. I feel so much older!  Even though I am pretty busy right now, it never hurts to throw out a reminder; I would LOVE to hear about any PR, Marketing, or Social Media projects that are out there. I love to be busy, and no project is too big or too small, especially now that the NYC Marathon taper has begun. I’ve enjoyed running so much over the past few weeks that I might just get the taper crazies for the first time.

This lazy Sunday has a lot in store for it including a slow cooker dinner, hot bubble bath, blogging, and maybe a fall cocktail while enjoying the Sunday TV lineup (Anyone else obsessed with Homeland?!).

Enjoy every last bit of the weekend, everyone!

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  1. Bill’s avatar

    I like to mix in fresh berries or chopped nuts


  2. Joy’s avatar

    I like my yogurt in a green monster – add vanilla yogurt, water, apple, cinnamon and a pinch of oatmeal it tastes like apple pie


  3. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Seriously! I need the rain to stop! Glad you have the wine project to look forward to. As for the yogurt, I love adding granola and/or stewed fruit.


  4. Raija’s avatar

    I like mixing a little bit of honey into plain yogurt.


  5. Erica’s avatar

    I have been adding yogurt to my oatmeal, and a banana!!


  6. Noel’s avatar

    I add fresh bananas to my greek yogurt


  7. Katie’s avatar

    I love my yogurt with fresh berries and some cereal (favorites would have to be Peanut Butter Puffins, Heart to Heart and Good Friends).


  8. Betsy’s avatar

    I love to mix in granola and fresh fruit.


  9. Julie’s avatar

    I like fresh fruit like strawberries in mine thanks


  10. Terri’s avatar

    Harrison eats the strawberry version of this yogurt a few times a week! I like mine with strawberries and granola (and sometimes a banana). Makes a beautiful parfait for a brunch, too!


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