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If I could choose a place to live besides Boston, it would be a very tough choice between Healdsburg, California and Galway, Ireland.  I spent a semester and part of a summer in college in Galway, and I fell in love with just about everything in the city and surrounding country. After I returned to the US for senior year of college, I set things in motion to move back to Galway for at least six months with a work visa and to see what would happen from there. In March of that year, my father died, and I ended up skipping the travel, moving to Boston instead. As luck would have it, about a year later I met my favorite Galwegian, my husband, and I have been lucky to call this place home a couple of weeks every year since.

Galway, Ireland

There’s something in the air, in addition to the mist and rain here, the smell of turf fires, and usually the sounds of an accordion, flute, or some other instrument playing. Galway is colorful in its storefronts and homes, these bright pops of color and lovely little details make just a simple walk down the street an experience.

colorful Galway

Galway is an old city, founded in the 12th century, and its history shows up all over, in bits of the old city walls and arches, cemeteries, and churches

Galway city walls

A fast river, the Corrib, flows through the town and into Galway Bay, which offers spectacular sunsets. When I studied abroad I loved running along the river and out to the sea, and in past years even on vacation, I have done some marathon training here.

River Corrib

Galway sunsets, there are no words.

Galway Bay sunset

The Galway Saturday market is one of my favorite things about the town. I lived right across the street from the market when I was a student. Every Saturday morning we were woken by the sounds of farmers setting up their stalls with produce brought in from the country. One of my all time favorite vendors is a Hare Krishna named Govinda, who makes incredible vegetarian food. Govinda was gone for a few years, so when I saw his bright yellow stall this time around, I literally jumped for joy.

The recent addition of a Continental Christmas Market makes the city even more special at the end of November and throughout December.

Govinda at the Galway Saturday market

Govinda at the Galway Saturday market

Steamy kitchiri with tomato and pineapple chutneys, a heavenly way to warm up on a chilly Galway day.

kitchiri and chutney

Even though the weather can be atrocious, getting out and about in Galway is just something you want to do, and the Salthill promenade is the perfect place for a walk with a view.

Salthill Prom, Galway

Galway is a city full of restaurants and pubs, gourmet shops, and wine bars, making it the ideal place for food and wine lovers.

Sheridan's Wine Bar, Galway

Galway has a ton of character, and people flock here from all over the world, making it a fun place to go out and to get chatting to perfect strangers who become new friends. There’s a warmth and character about the city that just needs to be experienced to be understood. It’s why we always recommend that anyone visiting Ireland spend at least a few days in Galway, using it as a jumping off point for visiting Connemara, the Burren, and even Westport.

I guess you can tell that I love it here; if the economy wasn’t so desperate and jobs almost impossible to find,  our many talks of moving back for a few years would likely become a reality. Until then, I hold this special place in my heart year-round until I get to visit again.

Have you thought about moving to a new city/country?

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  1. CC’s avatar

    I love Galway! I’ve always wanted to move to Ireland for a year or so. Actually, I’ve thought about living in a few different foreign cities and I did end up in Barcelona for two years for my job. During my travels while living there I would take pictures of street signs so that I could remember where in a city I wanted to live…just in case.


  2. Jean | Delightful Repast’s avatar

    My Uncle John was from Galway, so I always perk up my ears when I hear the name. I’ve not yet been to any part of Ireland, but hope to visit one day. My heart is in England, so I’ve never wanted to spare the time for a sidetrip anywhere.


  3. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    Galway sounds absolutely magical. While we’ve always dreamed of returning to live in Brazil, I’ve also wanted to visit Ireland for years, especially Donegal where Christopher’s family (the O’Donnells) are from. Galway would definitely need to be a stop on the way!


  4. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

    Beautiful pics. I sometimes think about living in Spain, or moving back to Manila :)


  5. Megan’s avatar

    Beautiful pictures! I can definitely tell you love it there, and it’s great that you get to visit as often as you do. I wanted to move to Italy when we were in Montepulciano.


  6. Erica @ In And Around Town’s avatar

    You are making want to book some flights! great photos. I have always wanted to move to a different country for a few years, but never have taken the step of looking – if a work opportunity magically presented itself I would jump!


  7. Colleen @ Culinary Colleen’s avatar

    Your post is making me want to visit! I’ve never been but you described it beautifully. Glad you had a great trip!


  8. Sues’s avatar

    Such beautiful photos!! And so nice that you have a second home :)


  9. Raija’s avatar

    Sigh. It would be a dream to have a home in a place like Galway. I love all of these posts. Thank you.


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