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Tis the season for parties, dinners, a little extra bubbly, and indulgent chocolate. It’s also a really great time, amidst all of the hustle and bustle, to stop and enjoy the quiet. Winter is setting in, and when leaving the house in the morning or the office in the evening, I have been enjoying a few minutes of complete silence. I’ve also been loving being home by just the light of our little Christmas tree. Yoga by tree lights is simply magic.

Also magic is the smooth, rich, deliciousness captured in Merci Chocolates. I was sent a package of chocolates to try, and we have been slowly making them disappear. They are all velvety, high quality chocolate, but the dark cream and the coffee cream are definitely my favorites.

Merci Chocolates

Merci Chocolates

As part of my post, I was asked to share who I want to give a meaningful thank you to this holiday season. It would be impossible to choose just one person since I am fortunate enough to find myself surrounded by incredible people.

My meaningful thank you goes out to my husband for his never ending care, love, support, and humor and for putting up with me, all of my crazy ideas, and for just being the best. My meaningful thank you also goes out to my family, a group of people  who, though not close by, are my world.

I would also like to give a meaningful thank you to all of you for reading. My blog has had its ups and downs lately, but I have great readers and commenters. Thank you.

Now for the chocolate! You too can enjoy Merci chocolates in bed while watching Real Housewives (the best way to relax, just add wine). Just leave a comment letting me know who you would like to say a meaningful thank you to.

I’ll choose a winner next Friday. Good luck!

In other news, the agency I am working for is attempting to raise $1 million for life-saving treatment for a little girl named Sienna, who has a very rare genetic disordercalled FOP. FOP turns muscle into bone, trapping its victims in a second skeleton and severely limiting their movement. Some sufferers of FOP have to decide at some point whether to sit or stand. . . for the rest of their lives! The good news is that treatment is on the horizon, but the clinical trials needed cost $1 million. Please, please, please help spread the word by sharing the link to Sienna’s Flower Garden ( so we can raise that money, $5 at a time, to help Sienna and other FOP patients.


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  1. Bill’s avatar

    My mom, she is the best!


  2. Wehaf’s avatar

    I would like to thank my doctor for helping me keep my headaches under control!


  3. Lin @ BeantownEats’s avatar

    A meaningful thank you should definitely go to Jon, but instead, I’m going to say Thank You to our dog walker (Jon will understand ;) ). It was a very difficult transition (for us, the parents!) from one of us always been home with the pup to both of us working full-time and being away from home 9-10 hours a day. She has been incredible with Maisy, and all of our last-minute requests so that we have still been able to keep up with our friendships and dinner dates. With her, we know Maisy is in very good hands. (Guess I got a little carried away, sorry!)


  4. Kelly’s avatar

    A meaningful thank you to my daughter, who reminds me every day what love is.


  5. Linda’s avatar

    A meaningful thank you to all of the teachers in my life – yoga teachers, colleagues, family members, friends, etc.


  6. Noel’s avatar

    Id give a big thank you to my daughter, who has taught me how to truly conditionally love someone, she is the best!


  7. manda kay’s avatar

    I would like to thank my wonderful husband. We will celebrate our one year anniversary at the end of December and he is the most patient, loving man.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Congrats on your anniversary!


    2. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

      I do love chocolate, and these are packaged so beautifully! A meaningful thank you would definitely need to go to Christopher – he has done so much for me and our home since I’ve been pregnant. Whether it be his endless patience or taking the dog out so I don’t have to, he’s been really attentive and helpful.


    3. Joanne Gregory’s avatar

      A meaningful thank you would always go to my husband who is always there for me.


    4. Carol’s avatar

      My parents deserve a meaningful thank you for always being there for me with a comforting word or encouraging smile.


    5. Meryl’s avatar

      To my husband and best friend.


    6. Louis’s avatar

      Definitely to my wife.


    7. D SCHMIDT’s avatar

      I would say a very meaningful thank you to my Mother.


    8. Kate F.’s avatar

      I would like to thank my mom.


    9. Danielle T’s avatar

      i would love to say thanks to my mom and dad for ALWAYS being there for me


    10. Elizabeth’s avatar

      My parents, I was not the most fun person to be around this first semester of school and it was great to be supported


    11. Janet F’s avatar

      I would like to say a meaningful thank you to my best friend.

      janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com


    12. Linda’s avatar

      I’d like to give a meaningful thank you to my family: parents, sister, brother-in-law, and brother…

      For their love and support through these past couple of months of unemployment, and for giving me encouragement that the right job will come along soon.

      Also to my hairstylist, for cutting my hair for free, so that I will look good on the job interview I went on the next day. Hopefully this job is the one!


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