Local 149 Revisited

What a difference a couple of years makes. Back in early 2011, we were pretty crushed to find out that the Farragut House, a South Boston institution, was closing. We loved the Farragut House. They poured a perfect pint of Guinness, made some delectable seafood, and offered a cozy, down home atmosphere that was as close to feeling like Ireland as I have seen in the US (we also really like Mr. Dooley’s in the Financial District for a real Ireland feel, FYI).

To top off our disappointment at the closing of Farragut House, we had a fairly awful first experience at its replacement, Local 149. We actually vowed to never go back, which is pretty rare, especially considering how often we pass it on walks to and around Castle Island.

This past Friday, after trying unsuccessfully to get into Lincoln Tavern in Southie, we decided to give Local 149 another try. We could not believe how different, in a very positive way, our experience was this time around. It looks like they have settled in and worked out all the kinks.

Local 149 Chalkboard Table

The last time we visited Local 149, the atmosphere was awful. It felt chaotic, messy, and unpleasant. This time, even though we were seated in the middle of the room, it felt cozy and relaxed, warm and friendly.

Our server was welcoming and attentive and gave us plenty of time and space to go over the extensive beer menu. I decided on a cocktail whose name I now forget, but I do remember I absolutely loved it.


Local 149’s beer menu is pretty impressive, and my husband took full advantage of the variety.

Local 149 beer

Our food was fantastic. To start, we split the Fried Brussels Sprouts, obviously. They came with a chipotle lime sauce and a house-made blue cheese. We ate every last crumb and probably would have ordered more if we were just there for beers and appetizers.

fried Brussels sprouts

Since I like a little balance in my life, I decided on the roasted acorn squash for dinner. It came with cranberries, “good” blue cheese, and greens, and it was the perfect, hearty veggie plate dinner.

acorn squash

We really couldn’t get over how much we loved everything about our visit to Local 149, and the fact that it’s close to home makes it even better. It just goes to show you that you definitely can’t always judge a restaurant when it’s still fairly new and to not completely rule places out after one visit.

Do you like to visit restaurants immediately after they open, or do you wait a couple of months for them to settle in?

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  1. Lin’s avatar

    So glad you had a better experience! If they do their Resolution dinner again this year, we should go! I love their chef Leah.
    I don’t mind going when a new place opens if I’m really excited about it. Otherwise I like to wait.


  2. Alaina’s avatar

    I’ve heard amazing things about Local 149! I’ll definitely have to check it out.

    And Mr. Dooley’s is my FAVORITE Irish pub!! So authentic and I love the food/drink/bartender (Terry)! :-)


  3. Erica @ In and Around Town’s avatar

    So happy to hear that about Local 149! I heard of other unpleasant experiences when they first opened. Now it seems they have gotten their act together!


  4. Emily @ A Cambridge Story’s avatar

    First, I’m so glad that I can access your blog again! :) I’ve never been to Local 149 but have definitely had disappointing experiences at newly opened restaurants. Catalyst comes to mind. So glad this place redeemed themselves!


  5. Colleen @ Culinary Colleen’s avatar

    I’m always torn about giving a restaurant another shot after a bad experience, but it sounds like this worked out well!


  6. Michelle Collins’s avatar

    So glad you had a better experience this time around! I tend to wait a little while after a restaurant opens, but mainly because I want to go when the crowds have lessened (this has backfired in the past, though, for restaurants that become popular fast).


  7. Eric’s avatar

    So glad to see you back online – I missed your posts :) I am glad we went back to try it out – the beer was great, the atmosphere had definitely settled down into a more relaxing less frenetic pace. The food was really good and the beer selection was some of the best I have seen.


  8. Daisy’s avatar

    I remember your first horrible experience!! I am so glad you gave them a second shot and they are coming out on top. I still have yet to visit this place!


  9. Taryn’s avatar

    I absolutely adore Local 149 – it’s super close to where we live, so we go often, and always have a great time. I’m glad you gave them a second chance to redeem themselves – next time you go, try the hog wings! Amazing. (The fried brussels sprouts are also one of my absolute favorites.)


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