Graffigna and Riedel – The Perfect Pairing

Do you love Malbec as much as I do? Riedel, the global leader in varietal-specific glassware and Graffigna, an icon of Argentine wine making, have developed the perfect wine glass for you. The two companies worked together to release a beautiful new glass just for Malbec, and we recently got to try them out.

Most of the world’s wine lovers celebrated World Malbec Day on April 17. Here in Boston, the world was falling apart, and I missed celebrating. This weekend I finally got around to opening a box full of treats I received for the occasion, and much to my delight, it included two brand new Riedel Malbec glasses and a bottle of Graffigna Centenario Reserve Malbec. The glass, to start, like all Riedel glasses, is just beautiful.

Graffigna Malbec and Malbec Glasses

The glass is a bit longer than the other wine glasses we have, such as Bordeaux and Burgundy glasses, and it narrows quite a bit at the rim. We decided to test out the glasses by lining up a few of our other types of glasses, then smelling and tasting the Malbec in each. The most significant difference we noted was the concentration in the nose in the special Malbec glass. The narrowing at the top means the esters aren’t escaping the glass and are really there when you stick your nose in.

We also noticed that with the Malbec glass, the finish was longer, and the wine had more body. This wine, in any of the glasses, offers up dark fruit and a touch of pepper; it’s fantastic. Sipped from the Malbec glass, it was a different, heightened experience. Being able to try these new glasses out was a really fun little wine experiment, and we were pleasantly surprised to smell and taste the differences.

Riedel Malbec Glass

I received these Malbec glasses and a bottle of Graffigna Malbec for review, however opinions are all my own.

More information on the Malbec glass from Riedel and Graffigna can be found in the below press release.

Graffigna™ and Riedel, in a joint venture, announce today the release of the world’s first glass created exclusively for Argentina’s iconic grape variety, Malbec. The vessel, developed through a multi-stage process that enlisted the support and feedback of some of the world’s greatest palates, became available for purchase today, just in time for the celebration of Malbec World Day.

Over the last year, the designers at Riedel worked closely with the Graffigna team, who shared their expertise in the Malbec variety, to develop a glass that would accurately display the quality and intensity of the aromas and properly balance the flavors inherent in Malbec wines. The resulting prototypes were tested and rated in New York by a host of influential wine journalists and recognized Malbec experts. Through a series of voting and elimination rounds, the panel helped select the perfect vessel to become the world’s first official Malbec glass.

“When conceiving this glass for Malbec, the characteristics of the variety were profoundly considered,” remarks Maximilian Riedel. “The concept was not born on a drawing board, but finely tuned by trial and error through a highly collaborative effort involving top experts and enthusiasts.”

Carefully selected proportions — a base 3.54″ in diameter, a stem 3.94″ long, and a bowl 5.32″ tall and 3.35″ wide at its fullest point — coupled with a narrow cut rim, help to concentrate the aromas and direct the wine to the center of the tongue. These features create a harmonious balance between the distinguishing qualities of Malbec wine: its smooth and sweet tannins, its bold fruit flavors and its medium acidity. The glass joins the prestigious portfolio that has propelled Riedel to become a global leader in varietal-specific stemware.

“The Graffigna Malbec Glass developed by Riedel improves the enjoyment of Malbec wines,” says Franco D’Angelo, International Brand Manager of Graffigna, “enhancing the expressive attributes that have contributed to the progressive popularity of the grape in recent years.”

Malbec World Day, celebrated annually on April 17 in cities across the globe, recognizes and heralds the growing popularity of the wine. This year, the day will also commemorate the release of the world’s first glass created for this noble varietal. For more information or to purchase the stemware, visit

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