Merci Chocolates Giveaway

Thank you to Merci for hosting this chocolate giveaway! The winner is Dawn Monroe. Please email me with your contact info so I can have your prize sent!

When it comes to chocolate, I am fairly picky. I am not generally a sweets person (I KNOW. . . most people hat when people say that, but for me, it’s true.), but when I find a chocolate that’s smooth and offers layers of flavor rather than just in-your-face sweetness, I definitely enjoy it. Merci Chocolates fit that description to a T. They are so incredibly smooth and creamy, and with decadent flavors like coffee and cream, they are the perfect little treat at the end of the day. Or anytime.

Merci Chocolates

National Friendship week happened earlier this month, and to celebrate, Merci sent me a sweet kit containing their delicious European chocolates, a picture frame, a to-die-for dark chocolate candle (seriously, can’t stop smelling it), and a $25 gift card to Target! I was so excited to receive this fun package in the mail, and I am even more excited to be able to give away the same to you!

One lucky reader will win the following:

  1. $25 Target gift card
  2. 7 ounce box of merci chocolates
  3. A picture frame to display a photo of you and your friends
  4. A chocolate scented candle


To enter, simply leave a comment about why you love your friends, something fun you have done with your friends recently, or how a friend has really helped you. I will choose a winner on Friday, September 6.

Have a great long weekend!

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  1. Raija’s avatar

    :). I love my friends because when we’re together we can laugh, cry, talk, not talk, eat, drink, dance and be who we really are with each other. I am truly blessed with some of the best friends a girl could have. (ps. this includes you!)


  2. Beth’s avatar

    I am blessed to have friends that are amazing listeners!


  3. livivua’s avatar

    I have had only two loyal amazing friends – one from high school and one from college. We all live distances apart but we always have come to value and hold true the meaning of friends in one another.


  4. heather’s avatar

    I am so blessed that have my best friend she is loyal, true and sweet. She always remembers my birthday and she is always there for me to listen to me and leand her advice.


  5. Erica’s avatar

    I recently was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. She has been so supportive of me and listens so well!


  6. Lucy’s avatar

    I love that my friends love to have a chocolate eating feast to get over a bad day or breakup!


  7. Lisa’s avatar

    My friends and I recently did a day trip to IKEA to shop for our apartment! It was so fun!


  8. Elena’s avatar

    I like my friends because they are fun to be with and loyal


  9. Jessie C.’s avatar

    I love we share the same sense of humor, it makes life so much fun and happy.


  10. kenny hall’s avatar

    Recently my friend’s husband left for Afghanistan and I spent the entire weekend with her. Brought her coffee in the morning, shopped, went out for lunch, etc. Love my friends!


  11. Bill’s avatar

    I feel lucky for friends who are great listeners!


  12. Lisa Brown’s avatar

    My best friend and I have much in common and are on the same wave length: we think the same things at the same time :)


  13. Mami2jcn’s avatar

    My friend Kathy was my college roommate and she consoled me when I broke up with my boyfriend (who I got back together with later and is now my husband). She was always there to lean on in hard times.


  14. Susan Christy’s avatar

    My friends were great to me when I got divorced – helped me get my house ready to sell, moved me in to my new place and have been extra great this past year. They are always awesome!


  15. Jolene (’s avatar

    Not sure if this is open to Canadian readers … but, I love my friends because we have made so many great memories together, and they “get” me.


  16. Noel’s avatar

    Love that my friends made sure I was well cared for and well fed and not sleep deprived after giving birth as a single mom!


  17. Whitney Lindeman’s avatar

    I love love love my friends – we are a close-knit group and I enjoy spending time with them, no matter what we’re doing.


  18. elaine’s avatar

    my friend moved to ny and we’ve been emailing non stop which is great since i’ve been going stir crazy!!


  19. Suzanne DeVaux’s avatar

    Something fun my friend and I did recently was take a little trip to Nyc.. it was great because she is a single mother of 3 and it was nice to both relax for a few days! Happy Labor Day!


  20. Nicki Joseph’s avatar

    I was having a bad day recently and my friend came over unexpected with some brownies. Love those spontaneous acts of kindness!


  21. Joy’s avatar

    Lately one of my friends has been running with me at the ungodly hour of 4 am because that’s when my panic attacks are at their worst and I was running alone and she figured it out (we are friends on run keeper) so she has just started meeting me and running. If I won I’d give it all to her but first I’d buy more chocolate with the target card (she likes chocolate)


  22. Jean |’s avatar

    My friends are all very different, but all very loving. Many of us no longer have our mothers, but we have each other to turn to when we need mothering as we all do from time to time no matter our ages! That mothering usually includes lots of food, wine/adult bevvies or tea. Chocolates would definitely fit in well!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      This is a great comment. To be honest, losing my mother is the thing I am most terrified of in life. Unfortunately, I worry about it all the time. It is nice to know, that while not the same, friends can take care of each other in that motherly way.


    2. Miriam Herreid’s avatar

      Thinking about chocolates reminded me of when my good friend K. came to visit, and I was excited to see her but upset that I wasn’t in a good mood to chat, since I had just had a fight with my husband. She could tell that I was upset, and even though she was the guest and I was the hostess, she graciously gave me a bag of chocolates she had taken for her road trip, since I obviously needed them more!


    3. beth grossman’s avatar

      This summer my college friends and I met up in Cape May, NJ for a week in a lovely condo near the ocean. We came from all parts: Pittsburgh, DC, Boston . It has been 30 plus years but we took up right where we left off. Love a girls trip!!


    4. Dawn Monroe’s avatar

      My best friend( also sister in law) and I have signed up to be monsters in an upcoming haunted hayride. We are having fun just planning our site.


    5. meredith’s avatar

      I love my friends! We recently went out and laughed for hours – I forgot how much I needed my girlfriends love and support, and how easy it is to talk about everything


    6. laurie’s avatar

      I love my friends don’t know what I would do without them, we go out once a month and eat lunch


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