Broccoli Cheddar Risotto

Just in time for the cold’s latest arrival, I have been spending evenings in one of my favorite ways, sitting in bed with lots of pillows and cook books, bookmarking recipes and getting myself a meal plan in place. We have gotten pretty darn bad with the takeout, frozen food, and snacks as dinner, and I am determined to stop that, especially since we had a recent family health scare.

While browsing through one of my magazines, I found a recipe for broccoli and cheese risotto, and I thought the idea sounded brilliant. I love any recipe that lets me sneak a vegetable in while also incorporating indulgent tastes like wine and cheese.

arborio rice

Now I rarely cook risotto the same way twice, and I definitely cook it by eye. If you are not comfortable doing that, following a recipe, especially when it comes to liquid measurements, is always helpful.

I always start my risotto by toasting the arborio rice in oil with a little onion or shallot, before I begin the process of slowing stirring in liquids. In this case, I got a pot of chicken stock boiling next to my risotto, reduced it to a simmer, and then started stirring it into my risotto, ladle by ladle, stirring until each grain soaks the stock up. About halfway through, I start adding little bits of wine, this time around a Shannon Ridge Chardonnay, until I have used about a cup of wine.

Shannon Ridge Chardonnay

The stirring and adding liquid part of making risotto lasts for a good long time, so be sure to pour yourself a glass of that wine too!

Once the risotto is getting tender, it’s time to add in other ingredients. This is when I added in chopped broccoli, then continued stirring and adding liquid in.

broccoli florets

Kerrygold cheese

When the risotto was to my liking, texture-wise, I added in a grated Kerrygold Dubliner cheese and served the risotto with a cold glass of Chardonnay.

broccoli and cheese risotto

This meal isn’t perfect, when it comes to eating “clean” or healthy, but it was complete and filling and a step in the right direction. Next time I would add a side of steamed spinach or a light salad to get in a little more nutrition.

Now that we are planning on moving to a new home, I am getting excited about holiday decorating and good wine and food at home. Tis the season to be a bit of a homebody, and I am definitely ready!

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  1. Erica @ In and Around Town’s avatar

    I still have not made risotto – while not totally clean, it is home-cooked and sometimes on these cold and raw evenings. this comforting meal is just what you need.


  2. Michelle Lahey’s avatar

    This looks SO comforting and delicious right now! Congrats on the new home – how exciting!


  3. Sues’s avatar

    That’s basically my idea of the perfect evening, too. And this is my idea of the perfect meal in the chilly weather! Congratulations on a new house… That’s so exciting!!


  4. Megan’s avatar

    This looks like great comfort food! I’m all about indulgent cheese and wine based meals, but it is great to throw some veggies in.


  5. Colleen @ Culinary Colleen’s avatar

    I’d still say this is better than takeout! I also need to get way better about what I eat for dinner…I’ve definitely been doing too much takeout lately.


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