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Let’s work together! I’m open to relevant product reviews and to attend press events and trips, which I cover in detail. For example, a one night wine tasting trip to Long Island resulted in six posts and a large number of social media posts.


Welcome to Travel, Wine, and Dine, now in it’s eighth year! My name is Meghan, and I am a Boston blogger, Communications Consultant, freelance writer, cat wrangler and rescuer, and more,  with a focus on food, wine, travel, and lifestyle.  I love wine tastings, dining out, and food events, cooking (some of the time), and pairing food and wine with friends for really memorable experiences I’m obsessed with summer, the beach, coastal New England, and boating. I also love creating and curating content and strategizing on how to share that content to help businesses as well as readers both find value. I hope I am doing that with Travel Wine Dine! For all of my favorite travel blog posts you can click here and for my favorite recipes, click here.

In June 2015 I left a job  working in Communications and Media Relations for a luxury hotel where I handled all web and print communications and took lots of photos in the pastry kitchen :). I am now a full time Marketing, PR, and Social Media Consultant working on travel, wine, and consumer products accounts.Brands I have worked with include Nova Star Cruises, Hotel Northampton,  Sonesta Hotels and Sonesta ES Suites, gardenUP, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, the Olive Connection, Brix wine shops, Zipcar, Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, Hilton, Nautical Gin, and Hampshire County Regional Tourism Council. I am beyond lucky to combine my love of travel and wine with my professional skills and background!

I am actively interested in learning about freelance projects, whether it be writing,  or related to my Marketing/PR/Social Media background, especially if it relates to wine, food, or travel! (Sensing a theme?) My career in Communications spans over 13 years;  over the past few years I have also spent time working as a self-employed Marketing Communications and Social Media Consultant, in addition to working in several Boston advertising agencies on various communications projects. My career path has taken a few different curves along the way, and it has been fun!


To contact me, please email me at traveleatlove at gmail dot com. Follow along on social media: Twitter , Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

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Westport Massachusetts beach

Maramboi Lodge, Tanzania

Northern California Sunshine

Sonoma and Napa Getaway

Love my Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Boat season is the best season

The journey of Travel, Wine, and Dine so far

I started this blog in June 2009 as a place to share my interests and passions, mainly food, travel, and wine but also exercise, to a certain extent, and general life in Boston. I was a Marketing Communications Manager at a publishing company at the time, and while I was learning a lot and loved the people I worked with, I realized I wasn’t that excited by what we were actually doing. This got me wondering if I would ever be excited about my job. I knew I loved Marketing and everything that came with it, and my interest in Social Media had been growing for some time. But, it’s not easy to leave a steady job in a down economy (that just got worse!).

For me,  Social Media and my blog were amazing tools for following my instincts and building a Marketing business of my own. Fast forward a year and a half into my blogging life, with the addition of some amazing Boston and Sonoma based blogger friends thrown into the mix. Blogging helped me not only to build a network of friends with similar passions, ambitions, and spirits, but it also introduced me to countless people who have been helpful in my career.

Loving the beach and wine, Truro, MA 2012

In August 2010, I started working with Red, White, Boston part time as their Social Media Manager. In October 2010, I quit my full time job to pursue a job that excited me. . . and got there as an independent Marketing Communications Consultant. August 2011 brought my new business, Pop! Marketing Communications, and a steady stream of clients needing Marketing, Social Media, and Digital PR assistance have followed. Owning a business and being out on my own had its ups and downs, but it was pretty exciting and has made for rapid growth in my skill set and leadership abilities.

Following a few years of self-employment, I found an agency position where I got to immerse myself in travel and my love for Massachusetts, working with the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. I worked with lots of great journalists, hotels, restaurants, and attractions. I was insanely busy but making tons of connections and learning about all of the amazing things there are to do in Massachusetts. Eventually I decided to move back to an in-house role and am currently Communications and Media Relations Manager at a luxury hotel in the Boston area.

I love the work I do, but there’s certainly more to life!  A little more about me: I was born and raised in Central New Jersey, got an English degree with a Judaic Studies minor from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, studied Irish politics and literature at the National University of Ireland, Galway, and in 2002 settled in Boston. A year later, I met my now husband, who himself had just made his way to America from Galway. We got married and moved to Dorchester in 2006, and we have been traveling and enjoying life here ever since. Ireland and New Jersey are second homes, and thanks to the kindness of strangers met through Social Media, many visits to California has made it feel like a third. I am obsessed with Napa and Sonoma, especially the Northern Sonoma Coast and Healdsburg, and I visit wine country as often as my schedule and budget allow.

In addition to my love of all things food, including grocery shopping, farmers markets, cooking, eating, dining out, going out for cocktails, wine tastings, and traveling to other places to eat and drink, and spending time with family, I also love animals and have been a volunteer at the MSPCA since September 2007 and can’t wait to one day have enough time in the day to adopt a dog, preferably a pit bull (my favorite, and most misunderstood breed) or two. I am also a six time marathoner (NYC Marathon 2013, Boston Marathon 2000, 2008, 2010, 2012 and Bermuda Marathon 2004) and crossing my fingers to have the honor of running Boston for Team MR8 someday in the future.

There’s so much more, so stay for a bit! I hope you enjoy my recipes, travel stories, wine tasting notes and  recommendations, and general bits of our life in Boston. I love comments and questions and chatting with readers so please feel free to email traveleatlove ( at ) gmail (dot) com for anything blog related (or for Marketing, PR, or Social Media, meghan (at) popmarcomm (dot)com.


Wedding Day, Boston Harbor, August 18, 2006


Pink for a Change in Newport, RI
The Ally Foundation Pink for a Change in Newport, RI
  1. allijag’s avatar

    “When in Ireland” – I LOVE IT! A girl after my own heart! ;)


  2. Val’s avatar

    What a cool blog, as a Boston gal who loves to eat and travel, I’m definitely looking forward to reading your posts!


  3. Emily’s avatar

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love your healthy attitude and the statement that you’re “deliriously happy” with the balance you’ve attained–way to go! I’m on my way there too :)


  4. Ruby’s avatar

    Aww you’re so cute!


  5. Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food)’s avatar

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is great! That’s awesome that you’ve found such a good balance with food and exercise. Yay for real food and enjoying your meals! And wow, three marathons – Congrats!


  6. claudia  Wisdom-Good’s avatar

    Your blog is an inspiration! I am 51 and I think you have just got it all figured out. I don’t know I was THAT savvy at 29, maybe I was. BTW it just gets better! Enjoying your blog and will put it on my blog as a favorite!


  7. Erin’s avatar

    I just came across your blog – so cute! I love to travel as well (and just went to San Francisco this summer! You’ll love it!) and eat of course! I love your food philosophy – and hey New England! I’m adding you to my blog roll to follow along!



  8. nataliekshaw’s avatar

    Awesome blog. I love traveling but don’t get to do it as much as i’d like. i better get to it before we have any kiddes! Love the blog


  9. Meg @ Be fit Be Full’s avatar

    Just found your blog from Live, Laugh Eat’s and was so excited when I read that you live on Boston! I lived there for 7 years and absolutely loved it! I’m in NC now but truly miss New England! Can’t wait to read more.


  10. Naomi’s avatar

    im a fellow Bostonian as well :) thought I would pop in here and say hi!! love your blog!


  11. Natalie’s avatar

    You have a great blog! Looking forward to more healthy delicious recipes!


  12. Caroline’s avatar

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to find other foodies living in Boston. I love your blog and look forward to reading more. I am particularly interested in your passion for local wine, I don’t know that much about wine but would love to learn and local is always better in my opinion :)


  13. Raija’s avatar

    You are fabulous in every way! I am so glad you are sharing this love of yours with the world! I look forward to following it!


  14. annenglish’s avatar

    A Boston gal with a love of Pitt bulls and travel who makes delicious sounding food? Fantastic! Fellow Beantown resident and new devoted reader here- can’t wait to read more. It’s always exciting to see other Boston blogs! I cannot wait to try your tomato soup with the brie and fig sandwiches.

    Jenny (www.colorhungry.wordpress.com)


  15. Menden (Skinny Menny)’s avatar

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is great – visiting wineries and winetasting has become one of my favorite hobbies over the years as well (although there aren’t many good wineries in PA).

    I’ll definitely be visiting again! :)


  16. Amanda (Hungry Wanderers)’s avatar

    I just found your blog and can’t wait to read more! So much of your About Me are things that I would say (if I put more time into my About Me :-) )


  17. georgia’s avatar

    Hey! I just found your blog but may have visited before (?).. Life begins to meld together.. I don’t know.. I love your title and your pics. I love to travel.. and eat.. and you get the picture! Just letting you know I’ll be tagging along for the ride for a while here.. happy blogging!

    Georgia in Texas :)


  18. Good Taste. Healthy Me’s avatar

    Came across your blog today and just wanted to say hi! I love traveling, healthy living and animals too! :)


  19. Radha’s avatar

    You are a kindred spirit! Just found your blog! Am following you on twitter! I am very interested in what you discover in New England. I live in NY state.


    1. admin’s avatar

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I would like to take a trip to the Finger Lakes wine region in New York soon!


    2. Diana’s avatar

      I love love love this section. I’ve recently started a blog and will be following yours.


    3. Clare’s avatar

      Hi ya Hon,

      Glad you enjoyed your trip back to Ireland. I just had a good look through your blog. Well done it’s great. It’s in my favourites now. I’m looking forward to seeing more. You have inspired me. I’m definitely going to start work on mine.
      Thanks again for Sunday’s yummy dinner.
      C Xx

      P.s I know what to get you for your 30th… KERRYGOLD!!!


    4. Elizabeth’s avatar

      i like your blog!!
      and a blogger meetup at cuchicuchi would be amazing!!! lemme know if you organize it!!


    5. Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)’s avatar

      We have the same dream jobs — working for a travel or food publication and being paid to travel around the world. :D


    6. Smart Green Gourmet’s avatar

      Glad to find another Boston Foodie — and a runner too!


    7. Ingredients of a Woman’s avatar

      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      I’m looking forward to reading your posts. I love to travel as well, and eat. Running is another passion of mine. Bravo!!! A marathon is not an easy task to accomplish, now three? Ayaa yayyy.
      I have to say that I really like your About page, (I have not finish mine :(.
      “Fat cheese, real butter, bread, chocolate, and fresh vegetables and fruits”? You are my kind of person!

      Well, I hope you are having a fantastic day, filled with food, health and joy, lots of joy.
      It’s is a pleasure meeting you.

      Alba H. Rodriguez


    8. Jessica’s avatar

      I LOVE your food and fitness philosophy! I see a ton of comparisons between you and me – especially that you’re in Boston and so am I! :-) Looking forward to reading more!


    9. Alison @ finnyfinds’s avatar

      Hi! I’m enjoying your blog. I live near the Finger Lakes region in NY and would be happy to share tips with you about traveling in this area or we could meet up!



      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        Thank you for commenting! I can’t wait to check out your site. The Finger Lakes region is on the top of my to-visit list, maybe this summer or fall. I will definitely let you know if we decide to plan a trip. Its so close!


      2. Sofia’s avatar

        Love your blog and life experiences!


      3. Jason Skweres’s avatar

        Attn: Blog Leader

        I’m writing from Emmy-winning production company, Magical Elves (Project Runway and Top Chef). We are casting a new show for NBC called United Plates of America (wt) – a competition show where the next great restaurant concept could make a big splash. We are seeking foodies, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, those with a creative business sense and really anyone with the next big idea in the food biz. As someone whose content gets in front of a lot of these types, we are hoping you might find this interesting enough to let your readers know about.

        More information can be found at: http://www.NBC.com/casting, with a click through to our site with the application on it.

        We will be announcing our nationwide open calls soon, please keep checking the website for updated details.

        Thank you for considering posting; it might be an exciting thing for someone who gets on the show to have heard it from you first. . .

        Best Regards
        Jason Skweres
        NBC’s “United Plates Of America”


      4. Erin at The Healthy Apron’s avatar

        I love your site! Your philosophies are very similar to mine! I LOVE food and Whole Foods is my favorite store :)
        I am curious about Friday’s Foodie Feature. How do you pick the Foodies you feature? I would Love to be featured (since I just started my blog a month ago I am looking for as much exposure as I can) and in return I could feature you in one of my posts! Let me know! Thanks and great site!!


        1. traveleatlove’s avatar

          I would love to feature you! Basically, all you have to do is answer the questions in bold in the Friday Foodie Feature and email those with a photo to me @ traveleatlove2009@hotmail.com. Once I receive the answers, I will let you know when it will post.


        2. Coley’s avatar

          My friends think I’m crazy that I’d rather meander down an aisle at the grocery store over taking a stroll through the Prudential shops, so you’re not alone! Wish you luck at finding a way to couple your career of communications with your love for food – I’m hoping and dreaming of the same thing. :)


        3. Sophie @ yumventures’s avatar

          So nice to meet another boston blogger!


        4. Linda’s avatar

          Love your site and topics! Being a gal from Beantown, I feel like I know you already! Prezza is a great restaurant! Good luck on Monday. It should be good running weather.


        5. Enrico Suave’s avatar

          I love your blog, I try to read it everyday after work to catch up with what is going on in Boston and also the wine world.

          Keep up the good work.



          1. traveleatlove’s avatar

            Thank you, Enrico. I appreciate the support!


          2. eatmovelove’s avatar

            Okay…I think you are my long-lost friend. I love you and I don’t even know you ;)…first – can you get me a job at your publishing company ;)…uh, no for real – please?!
            Second, I picked up the French Women Don’t Get Fat -and appreciate your feedback above.
            3rd – well, I also want to work for food/wine companies, write, travel…all that stuff….oh, please, oh please will somebody hire me…
            Ahem – sorry off track there – 4th – I just love your blog…and am uber impressed at your running abilities.
            Suffice it to say – you ROCK !


          3. katie@ Fab.Fit.Full.’s avatar

            Hey I just discovered your blog from CarrotsNCake and I live in southern NH and am frequently in Boston also. I am also working on a degree in Marketing! Can’t wait to read about your food adventures around NE!


            1. traveleatlove’s avatar

              Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to reading your blog!


            2. Shanna @ Shanna Like Banana’s avatar

              Oh how I miss Gwynnie and Bitman and Mario and Claudia. I loved that series! I would always settle in with a really great glass of wine to watch each episode. I live in NorCal so I’m a frequenter of many wineries. It’s such fun.

              Great blog ;)


              1. traveleatlove’s avatar

                Next time we are going to CA I would love to hear your recommendations!


              2. Enrico’s avatar

                Love the picture – looks like a great event.


              3. Jocelyn @ EnthusiasticRunner’s avatar

                You ran a marathon in Bermuda!?! I was born there! What made you decide to run a marathon there??


              4. Amy’s avatar

                I love love love your view towards food and exercise….that sometimes you’re a “runner” and other times you just fit exercise into your everyday life. I’m a twenty-something girl on the quest for the balance you’ve found :) Can’t wait to keep following!


              5. Gabby’s avatar

                Just found your blog through foodbuzz and I definitely will be following this now. Also adding you to through the networked blogs to follow.


              6. Tricia’s avatar

                Hi there! I wandered over from Daisy’s blog (she’s my best friend) and I just recently started a travel blog of my own. I’ve been reading through a few of your latest posts and have enjoyed them immensely! Travel being near and dear to my heart, I gravitated towards your end of year “Travel” post. I look forward to reading more!


                1. traveleatlove’s avatar

                  Thank you for commenting! I am going to check out your blog right now. We haven’t been traveling as much as usual, so I will live vicariously through you! :)


                2. Alexandra’s avatar

                  I totally agree about The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook and the whole European mentality of eating smaller portions of quality foods (ie real butter) in place of an XL serving of fake diet “food” (and I do use the word “food” loosely in this context…who honestly considers Tasti D-Lite satisfying??). My last blog post actually included a recipe from that cookbook because I’m OBSESSED with Magical Breakfast Cream and I swear I ate it every day for 3 months.
                  I laughed when I read about preferring grocery shopping to clothes shopping because I, once a mall fanatic, am now more thrilled by the sight of fresh veggies.
                  Interesting blog—I’ll be sure to visit often :)


                  1. traveleatlove’s avatar

                    Thank you so much for your comment! I look forward to checking out your blog as well!


                  2. Jennifer’s avatar

                    I love your food philosophy! Can’t wait to see more of your recipes! Oh, and I love pit bulls, too…They’re the best!


                  3. Payday Loans No Credit Check’s avatar

                    wow, Im impressed you found that! I will bookmark this site!


                  4. Alaina’s avatar

                    Um, I love your job. I do kind of the same thing with being a concierge, but it looks like you have so much more fun! I can’t wait to keep reading. :-)


                  5. Eric King’s avatar

                    Keep up the excellent blog- I am amazed how you do all these things you write about – AND – still have the time to write about them.


                  6. Maura’s avatar


                    I would love to send you an invitation to an event. Could you please send me your email address?

                    Maura Graham
                    Sullivan Communications


                    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

                      Hi Maura, it is traveleatlove (@) gmail dot com – Thanks! :)


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