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Snugly nestled in Boston’s bustling North End sits Parla, an Italian speakeasy that opened in April. I got to check it out on a recent girls’ night out, and it is the perfect place for such an occasion.


The cocktail list at Parla is a ton of fun; classics like the margarita are mixed up with rye; I am a huge fan of rye and was excited to see this. To start off, I went with the Bee Sting Julep, a slightly spicy, slightly sweet blend of habanero honey infused whiskey with mint and lemon. It had a nice kick while also being refreshing!


bee sting julep cocktailAs it often happens when I am out with these ladies (which is not often enough!) we ordered lots of things to share. Parla’s menu is perfect for sharing, especially since you’ll have a hard time choosing what to order. What did we have?


Braised Oxtail Arancini – These were one of my favorites of the night. I loved the bit of meat in the hot and chewy arancini, and the sauce that came alongside would be perfect for mopping up with bread or just about anything.

quail egg carbonaraWe also had the Quail Egg Carbonara, which was topped with a runny quail egg just waiting to be mixed in with the hot pasta and salty bacon.

lobster ravioliThe Lobster and Uni Ravioli was as beautiful as it was delicious. Out of all of the pasta dishes (We had four, but my photos didn’t come out great.), this was my favorite. I loved the creamy pink sauce, and the addition of fava beans was nice for texture.

Secco You can’t have a dinner outing with the ladies without a bottle of bubbles, and we enjoyed a bottle of Secco Prosecco with the meal. Italian bubbly certainly goes well with Italian dishes and lots of chatter!

I would recommend Parla heartily; I sent some friends there the following night, and they loved it too. It’s a great spot in the heart of the North End, doing food that is fun, creative, and delicious!

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A few weeks ago, I attended a party and wine tasting for Richer Pour, the company that is taking the wine scene by storm with its fine wine on tap. We got to check out their Fort Point area headquarters, and more importantly enjoy fresh wine while mingling with blogger friends. It was a fun night out! I was particularly taken by their Prosecco. Now, we all know how much I love bubbly, but Prosecco, due to its sometimes cloying fake pear notes, is often my last choice. The Rocher Pour Prosecco is not that at all. It’s super fresh, with nice acidity to keep out that cloying sweetness. I also really loved the Chenin Blanc, the wine everyone seemed to be talking about! The Chenin is such a fun wine, leaning a little toward a Viognier with its richness and cooked fruit notes.

At any rate, we all enjoyed the wines and learned a little secret. Not only were the Richer Pour wines going to be in many, many Boston restaurants. . . they can also be in your fridge! The Wine on Tap box brings you quality wine that stays fresh for 30 days, meaning you don’t have to open it up and finish it yourself! It’s great for parties, but also ideal for those who only have one or two people drinking the wine. Below I have included information on the Richer Pour Tap Box and on the Richer Pour company. Happy Friday, friends! Enjoy the weekend!

Richer Pour wine


About The Wine On Tap Box

Designed exclusively for Richer Pour, the wine on tap box ensures quality, consistency and great taste.  Each three-liter box holds the equivalency of four 750ml bottles of wine and is guaranteed to stay fresh for 30 days.  It is designed to fit easily in a home refrigerator or take on-the-go for days at the beach, on the boat and other outdoor activities.  With a fuss-free tap that sits outside the box and premium packaging, Richer Pour has elevated the standard for wine outside of the bottle.


The Varietals

Richer Pour’s Tap Box is offered in 6 varietals from Italy, Spain, France and California:  Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Sangiovese, Garnacha, and just in time for Summer, a Rosé from Languedoc.   “Our wines on tap are a fantastic value for the everyday wine drinker who doesn’t want to have to worry about finishing an opened bottle”says Rand. “And for those who love to entertain, you get four bottles in one box and no broken glass on your deck – it’s perfect for parties.”


The Benefits of the Richer Pour Tap Box

* 1 box = 4 bottles

*Guaranteed fresh for 30 days

*Fuss-Free Tap System


*100% Recyclable

*Vintage and Region of Origin proudly displayed on the box

*Premium Wine – wine is created exclusively for Richer Pour

*Value: $24.99


Where the Richer Pour Tap Box Is Available

The Richer Pour Tap Box will be available for purchase the first week of June, 2014 at liquor stores including:  Gordon’s Liquors, Kappy’s, The Wine Emporium, Yankee Spirits and more.


Richer Pour Wine Company ( is a purveyor of high-quality wines on tap. With a focus on changing the conversation about wine outside of the bottle, the company deliver stunning wines in recyclable kegs for restaurants and in a tap box for at-home consumption. Founded in 2013, Richer Pour’s signature wine selections include Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon from California, Garnacha from Spain, Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese from Italy and Rosé from France. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Richer Pour is growing the wine on tap market by offering a better by-the-glass wine experience.  Richer Pour also provides installation of tap equipment and personalized service to its on-premise customers. Trust the Tap™

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A winter getaway to a warm destination is most definitely a little slice of paradise. Our trip to Miami included lots of sunshine by the pool, dinner on the beach, and tons of really good food right from the start. Right after we checked in to the Sonesta Bayfront Hotel, we headed for the pool deck for lunch. The warm weather made me opt for a lighter option, a grilled Caesar salad and a glass of delightfully oaky Chardonnay.

Grilled caesarGoing for the more local flavor, my husband had a Cuban sandwich with to-die-for garlicky fries. The fries took away the light aspect of my lunch. What can I say? There’s nothing I love more than good fries.

Cuban sandwich

During our stay at the Sonesta, we visited their restaurant, Panorama, and their pool area bar a number of times for drinks and snacks. Sitting by the pool with Prosecco and soaking up the Florida sunshine was perfect, as was Sunday brunch at the pool. Panorama’s signature French Toast was covered in fresh fruit, a decadent treat to start the day (with mimosas, naturally).

Right next to the hotel was Peacock Garden Cafe, a fabulous cocktail bar and restaurant that featured live jazz in the garden. I didn’t snap any photos, but it made me feel like Hemingway was going to walk into the room at any time. I stuck to the Southern vibe and sipped mint juleps while listening to the jazz and enjoying warm Saturday night breezes. . . aaaaah.

Sonesta French ToastOne of our favorite meals of our Coconut Grove stay was at Jaguar.  As we tend to do, we sat at the bar and absolutely loved our server, who explained everything to us, including their extensive, amazing ceviche menu.

First up, I had a black pepper passion fruit capirinhia.

capirinhiaUnlike Massachusetts, Florida has happy hour, and we enjoyed discount drinks that came with ceviche spoons. In addition, we ordered the entire ceviche spoon menu and a ceviche special. Chunks of tender fish, lots of citrus, avocado, and spice filled the plate, and we had fun sharing all the flavors before moving on to a bigger plate.

Jaguar cevicheBelow is the Tiradito Nikkei, a plate made up of the following: tuna, ginger, soy, shallots, jalapeños, cilantro, lime, cucumber, avocado & sesame seeds. It woke up every sense and was fresh and light, the perfect way to eat. I could eat Jaguar’s ceviche every day. I truly miss it.

tiradito nikkei ceviche Jaguar

Chart House Miami viewsOur final meal in Coconut Grove was a spectacular one as we had lunch al fresco at The Chart House. Being obsessed with all things boating, we loved being able to see every kind of boat, from ones that cost millions to kayaks, going by as we ate lunch.

We were all about the seafood again. This crab stack, with mango and avocado, was as delicious as it was beautiful. It fit right in with the bright sunshiny day and felt like a healthy-ish lunch option.

Crab, Mango, and Avocado StackOur jumbo shrimp came with a flair, presented in dry ice. It was your standard shrimp cocktail, but it was pretty great.

Chart House shrimp cocktailFinally, we shared the “East Meets West” tuna dish, zesty tuna tartare drizzled with wasabi cream paired with seared peppered tuna & avocado, with kim chee slaw & plantain chips. Again, the flavors in this dish were off-the-hook. I think I could eat tuna tartare with avocado and wasabi cream all the days of my life. With lunch I enjoyed a tart and mineral-y Bogle Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, perfectly bright and seafood-friendly. The one downside of the meal was that our server tried to upsell us on everything, right to the very end, when he tried to pitch a credit card of some sort to us. Otherwise, he was very nice and probably just doing his job with the sales pitches. Still, we just wanted to relax.

East Meets West TunaWe didn’t even scratch the surface of the dining scene in Coconut Grove, much less the rest of Miami. This is a place for bold flavors, fresh ingredients, and of course a little spice. I didn’t know what to expect when we planned the trip and I was very pleasantly surprised.

What has been your favorite foodie travel destination so far?

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