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Made in Massachusetts week continues with a favorite brunch cocktail made with a very local product, Fire Puncher Vodka from Grand Ten Distillery in South Boston. I paid a visit to Grand Ten with a group of bloggers earlier in the summer for a tasting, and when Lin and Jon invited us to join them for the official grand opening, I was excited to see their products were for sale. After enjoying a cocktail, we left with a bottle of Fire Puncher Vodka, a smoky, spicy libation I just knew would be delicious in a Bloody Mary.

Fire Puncher Vodka

Bloody Marys are an easy-to-make, delicious drink for brunch. A make-your-own Bloody Mary bar is the perfect way to allow guests to mix and match flavors and customize a drink that’s perfect for their palate.

This time around, I kept the Bloody Marys simple, letting the Fire Puncher be the star of the show. Trust me, it shines.

Like I do with most recipes, I eyeballed my Bloody Mary mix to make just enough for two.


12 ounces of tomato juice

3 teaspoons grated horseradish

juice of one lemon

chipotle hot sauce to taste

black pepper to taste


tomato juice

chipotle hot sauce


Simply stir Bloody Mary mix ingredients into a pitcher. Add ice to two glasses and pour an ounce or two (depending on how your morning’s going!) of the Fire Puncher Vodka over the ice. Top with Bloody Mary mix, stir, and enjoy.

For a variation on the above Bloody Mary mix, add some olive or pickle juice, clam juice, wasabi or lime. Garnish with shrimp or lobster, hot peppers, celery, pickles, or whatever else you like!

Do you like Bloody Marys? What are your favorite add-ins?

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Happy, happy Friday! As you might imagine, I had been worried about this week for quite some time, and I am feeling a major sense of the relief now that this little interview is over. It’s been a busy week of work and blogging events, and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. We have to take the boat out of the water which will require a day of work, but I am also hoping to wander around the Head of the Charles and to have some delicious brunch.

My favorite brunch in the world was again cemented last week when, on an errand in the burbs, we decided to check out Masa’s Woburn location. I have long proclaimed Masa as my favorite Boston brunch spot, and it’s suburban outpost was just as delectable. I started with a Bloody Mary, as spicy as they could make it, and they were not shy with the horseradish! I also chowed down on the pickled jalapeno, which I always think adds a nice touch. This drink is like a meal!

bloody mary

I usually pass the bread basket in a restaurant except for at Masa. Fresh, warm corn bread to adorn with three different spreads is usually devoured before our brunch entrees come. I am a big believer in corn bread, and I love start my brunch of this way.

corn bread

And then comes the best part, my Southwest Eggs Benedict which feature biscuits, avocado, salsa, and a spicy Hollandaise. The flavors in this meal are outrageously good, and it is always cooked to perfection.

eggs benedict

runny egg

The chefs at Masa are not afraid of a perfectly runny egg. As I soaked it up with pieces of biscuit, I praised them aloud, proclaiming the dish a plate of awesome. Our server heard, and it made him laugh. But he did agree. Smile

runny egg

The nice thing about the Masa in Woburn is that it was maybe 1/3 full during our brunch so it was very quiet as opposed to lots of city restaurants during brunch. It’s also next to a Whole Foods for stocking up on Grillo’s pickles and kombucha.


Feeling relaxed and full after our perfect brunch, we decided to do some leaf peeping in nearby Lexington and Concord. I love how many historical sites and beautiful pastures dot the landscape in these areas, completely unassumingly. . . like oh hey, there’s the Little Women house! We definitely live in a great area for things like that.

Brunch and aimless driving made for a great Saturday with my favorite person.

What does your most relaxing weekend day entail?

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Bloody Mary not required, but highly recommended. Winking smile Last night I was feeling very under the weather and wanted some comfort food which, for me, often ends up being breakfast food. I had eggs in mind as I have really been enjoying a diet higher in protein lately. A little extra meat, beans, dairy, or eggs has been helping me to feel full, and with marathon training around the corner, I need that.

I browsed the interwebs for “easy quiche” recipes and was surprised to find a bunch that involved mixing biscuit mix right in with eggs and other ingredients. I was a bit skeptical, but since I was so tired and hoping for an easy dinner, I gave it a go. As always, I used a variety of recipes as a base, then made my own mixture up.

Multi Grain Pancake Mix eggs


In my mix:

4 eggs

1 cup multi-grain baking mix

1 cup milk

1/2 cup grated Cabot jalapeno cheddar

2 cups chopped spinach

3 pats butter

garlic powder and black pepper to taste


eggs and spinach

I mixed the eggs and spinach together with garlic powder and pepper, then separately mixed the baking mix, butter, milk, and cheese. Before I poured them into a lightly greased pie plate, I thoroughly blended the two bowls.

Yes, that’s butter floating around in there, but don’t worry, it ends up being a teeny bit over the whole dish.


I cooked this at 350 for 40 minutes, then used the broil setting on high for a few minutes, until the smoke alarm went off. That tells you it’s done Smile


As you can see, the quiche was nicely browned on top and had that yummy brown butter flavor. And much to my surprise, the baking mix sunk to the bottom and made for a light and buttery crust. Talk about a lazy girl’s brunch dish! I served this with multi-grain toast, and we really did have Bloody Marys.

I mix in tomato juice, lime juice, Ketel One vodka, juice from my Mezzetta pepperoncini jar, horseradish, black pepper, and hot sauce. Delish!

Bloody Mary

I love the ease of this meal, how delicious and filling it is, and that it gave us leftovers for lunch. I simply can’t get ride of my lingering cold and am feeling super lazy!

Today begins the final countdown. . . one week of work left! Wahooo!

I am also very excited about Blogtoberfest and trying Ginger Park tonight.

What is your favorite meal? Breakfast/brunch, lunch, or dinner?

And just for fun, a photo of my cat Scout scoping out the hood as she does every morning. There is some work being done on our street, ensuring hours of kitty TV Smile



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