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When it comes to making it to blogger events, I have been a big slacker lately. Being up to my ears in work and working from home make it easy for me to work into the evening and beyond, and even if I do finish a bit early, my tendency has been to either take a virtual Barre & Soul class (client) or sink into a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and a book for a few precious moments. 2016 has been a crazy year.

But I love and miss the networking that goes with blogger events, and when I was invited to Ocean Prime for a social media tasting, I jumped at the chance and am so glad I did.

truffle popcorn

I arrived early (always) and snagged corner seats at the bar for me and my handsome date. We had a spot right next to Ocean Prime’s excellent live music, reason alone to make a return visit. The bar itself was just gorgeous, and the service super friendly. To go with my glass of Chandon bubbles, I received a complimentary bowl of truffle popcorn; I love a good bar snack, especially with sparkling wine!

Ocean Prime Boston

Once it was time to head to one of Ocean Prime’s private rooms for the main event, I coveted their wine walls and wondered what it might be like to have this in my house. Love.

wine wall


The event itself was “Eat, Drink & Be Social” and a chance for us to mingle with other social media fanatics while sampling cocktails and seafood.

martini glassesketel one

We enjoyed a cocktail demonstration, learning how to make Ocean Prime’s most popular cocktail, Berries and Bubbles, which was just slightly too sweet for me, but tasty nevertheless.

Ocean Prime cocktails

And it’s pretty! Dry ice adds a dramatic flair. I could see this cocktail being the perfect signature drink for an event. If Sex and the City took place in modern day Boston, the Berries and Bubbles cocktail would be the new Cosmo.

berries and bubbles

Every inch of space at Ocean Prime was gorgeous, and if it had been less busy I would have taken more photos. I did love this fireplace in the private room; what a brilliant idea in this cold and windy city of ours!

Ocean Prime Boston It was the food that won me over the most. We were spoiled with towering mountains of fresh, delicious seafood paired with perfect sauces. The crab legs and oysters were my favorites.

seafood tower I am not usually a calamari fan, but one of the servers said it was a must-try item, and I found that it was to-die-for delicious. Sweet chili sauce and tender calamari, not rubbery like it so often is, were mixed with candied cashews and veggies for some great flavor.


This truffled Deviled Egg was one of the best I have ever had. I could have eaten the entire plate of them, and since it was set down on my table, it was a possibility for a few minutes. Don’t worry, I shared.

truffle deviled egg A beautiful sushi display was also part of the feast, and every piece I had was amazing.

I love that Ocean Prime has a sushi menu and that it’s really good sushi; sometimes I am in the mood for sushi but also for other types of food and feel limited by sushi restaurants’ menus. Ocean Prime gives you the best of both worlds.



sushi    sushi

I had a great time meeting some new bloggers and the team at Ocean Prime. Everyone was genuinely nice and welcoming, and I loved the vibe at the restaurant, which felt special but not stuffy. It wasn’t as loud as some of the similar restaurants I have been to, and it felt like a place that could both be a regular stop for after-work cocktails or a destination for a birthday or anniversary. The live music several days a week is an added nice touch, and you can bet you will see me at the bar again soon.

Thanks to Marlo Marketing for the invitation and to Ocean Prime for hosting us!

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As you probably know, especially if you live in the Boston area, Boston has a LOT of food bloggers, and we get together often at a variety of food and drink events. The Boston food blogging community is definitely one of the main reasons I blog. From work opportunities to running buddies to great friends, the food blogging community has brought it all to me, so I was excited when I heard about the Boston Food Bloggers party at M.J. O’Connors. On Wednesday night I made my way downtown on a freezing, windy night. I’ll be honest; I almost didn’t make it. Working from home has a special spell on me once it gets cold. Do I REALLY need to leave the house ever? The answer is obviously yes.

I arrived at the blogger event and checked in, said some hellos and grabbed a whiskey sour. The event was sponsored by Bushmills and Guinness, and there were a variety of specials. I have always been a fan of Bushmills, and after our visit last winter, I like it even more.

whiskey sour

As with any blogger event, there was a ton of food including passed appetizers like arancini, stuffed mushrooms, sliders, and other delights, in addition to a table filled with crostini.

M.J. O'Connor's

At this event I vowed to take more pictures of people than food. After all, it was all about bloggers, and there were so many great ones in the room. I wish I had been able to stay longer to talk to everyone. Here we have Rachel, Boston Food Bloggers founder and hostess of the event.


Boston Food Bloggers

I also got to chat with Lindsay and Jon and to meet Molly.

Boston bloggers

I also got to meet Liz and to catch up with Elina and Judith.

Boston food bloggers

M.J. O’Connor’s was a great place for a blogger party. Spacious and dimly lit, it has a nice, relaxing vibe, and they were fantastic hosts. They also have very good curry fries (but their sister restaurant, Solas, has the best curry fries in Boston, in my opinion. Winking smile)

M.J. O'Connor's

Thanks to Hannah from The Briar Group and Rachel for putting together a great event for all of us Boston bloggers. I can’t wait until the next event!

Do you love blogger events? If you have a blog, what’s your favorite part about blogging?

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Enough snow for ya? I think I have officially had enough. It’s not really the cold or snow that bother me, per se, it is the conditions of the sidewalks and the inability for Boston’s public transport to work, even in the best of weather. It makes running outside impossible and going out at night less than attractive. I am 100% ready for spring, so if the universe is listening, no more snow in Boston, please.

Since I have been baking more and more these days, I am excited to feature Jen from the blog Beantown Baker for today’s Friday Foodie Feature. I met Jen briefly at this summer’s Stop & Shop luncheon, and since I got to spend more time with her on the big King Arthur Flour blogger weekend, I thought the below photo was appropriate. Most recently, I saw Jen at the Guinness dinner at the Landsdowne Pub and realized that I hadn’t featured her yet. I don’t know how that happened! Her blog is full of beautiful photos and delicious dishes, but what I love most about it is, of course, her baking. She makes bakery-worthy treats that are beyond my wildest baking dreams. You may have already checked her blog out, but if you haven’t, make sure to visit Jen’s favorite post, mentioned below.

Happy Friday, everyone! And don’t forget, if you would like to be a Friday Foodie Feature, just send me an email!

How long have you been blogging?

I started Beantown Baker in August of 2007. In the beginning I didn’t blog regularly, and you couldn’t schedule posts on Blogger so my posting was sporadic at best. After three and a half years, I’ve gotten into a groove and post on a more regular basis.

What is your favorite thing about blogging? Least favorite?

Choosing one thing as a favorite about blogging is tough. Really tough. So I’m picking three favorite things. First of all, I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made not only in my cooking and baking skills but also my photography skills. If you look back at some of my old posts, I used a lot of shortcuts (including cake mix from a box!) that I would never use now. I’ve also tackled my fear of yeast because of my blog. Now I am proud to admit that yeast doesn’t scare me at all anymore. My photos have also improved. Not only in the food styling and composition but I’ve come to realize the importance of natural light on my photos. I’ve always said that my blog is for me and it’s been a great ride so far.

Another thing I love about blogging is hearing from my readers. When I started my blog, I didn’t expect to ever get comments or emails from readers. Every time I get one, I get very excited and try to write everyone back who writes to me. I love to hear what my readers enjoy or what they’d like to see more of.

And the last thing I love most about blogging is meeting other bloggers. Boston has a great blogging community and it’s fun to meet other people who “get” this crazy little hobby of mine.

As far as my least favorite part of blogging, that has to be the mean-spirited people out there. Whether they’re leaving nasty comments or whatever the case is, they’re no fun. I know you’ll find them anywhere on the internet, but it’s not cool.

What has been your most fun blog post to write?

These are tough questions Meghan! For me, the writing isn’t the fun part, it’s the fun in the kitchen that I enjoy the most. My favorite post therefore is something that I love to make. You see, I have an unhealthy love of Oreos. I really try not to eat processed foods, but if there are Oreos nearby, I can’t control myself (so we never have them in the house). I had made a couple variations of a cookies and cream cupcake and finally developed my own version of an Oreo Cupcake ( It’s by far the favorite cupcake in our household and it’s one of very few desserts that I have made multiple times. I enjoyed baking these cupcakes and taking some photos during the process. If you like Oreos, I highly recommend trying this recipe out. You can thank me later ;)

Where do you see your blog this time next year?

This time a year ago, I hadn’t met any other bloggers and could not have guessed that I would call some other bloggers friends at this point in time. This time next year, I just hope that I’m still challenging myself in the kitchen, learning when I’m behind the camera, and having fun with my blog.

Is there anything else about your blogging experience you would like to share?

I feel very fortunate to have found a hobby that I’m truly passionate about. As I mentioned, I never imagined that I would have opportunities to try new things and meet new people just because I write a blog, but I’m so grateful that I have these opportunities.

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