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Champagne. It’s one of the loveliest words and loveliest drinks out there, so when we can get a bargain on a new bottle, I am always for it. Since we moved further south, we have been taking advantage of our proximity to Bin Ends in Braintree. Bin Ends has SO many good deals, and this past weekend they had a sale on their bargain bins. We stocked up on every day wine; bottles that are $15 and under are very easy to find at Bin Ends Their fine wine flea market each month is also a great place for wine bargains and for expanding your knowledge of wine. I blogged about the fine wine flea market many moons ago when I first started getting into wine. Really, worst pictures ever. Ritz Brut Champagne Anyway, as I mentioned, we found some great bargains and decided a split of Ritz Brut Champagne would be worth a try for $12. The weather on Memorial Day was pretty disappointing and meant we couldn’t take the boat out, so we consoled ourselves with Champagne and some snacks, including a delightfully nutty, salty Dubliner cheese from Kerrygold. This Champagne embodies all I love about this special beverage, full body, notes of warm brioche and vanilla with perfect acidity to make it refreshing and food friendly. Champagne, as you have read here and in other places, is an excellent food wine, and this paired very well with simple snacks like chips and cheese. I am a salt-aholic, and Champagne always seems to pair with my favorite foods. I’ll keep looking for Champagne in those bargain bins. I love trying new ones and love pairing them with food even more.

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Dom Pérignon Champagne

This is the first time and likely the last time that Dom Pérignon Champagne graces the pages of this little food, wine, and travel blog, but I am going to soak up every sip. Yesterday we closed on a property that caused us headaches and stress for eight years. You can get a little glimpse in my “Meet the Neighbors” post; it barely scratches the surface of the crazy we have dealt with, but it’s a fun read.

Some very special friends gave us this bottle of Dom as a housewarming gift, and we instantly knew that getting rid of our old property was the occasion to open it. With baited breath, my husband popped the cork, and it was quiet! However, when it was time to pour, bubbles flowed out like stars and were persistent throughout each delightful sip of Champagne. This Champagne can only be described as rich, complex, and completely divine. That’s not enough of a tasting note, I know, so I leave you with the tasting notes from the Dom Pérignon website. We were pretty excited to be able to celebrate such a milestone with such an iconic wine!

Dom Perignon Vintage 2003

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Welcome to Spectacle Island! Just off the coast of Boston, this little island is a mini-vacation for us. Accessible by both ferry and private boat, it’s a great place for hiking, running, picnicking, and, in our case, spending a quiet, cozy night in the cabin of Ceol na Mara.

Spectacle Island, Boston The Boston Harbor Islands offer a variety of activities, from yoga to kayaking, to historical tours and clam bakes.

Spectacle Island Gazebo Our first walk took us to the drumlin between the two sides of the island.

Spectacle Island Gazebo This gazebo has always been a place of great tranquility, overlooking green hills and blue sea. We spent over an hour there, enjoying the quiet and peace, our only company a lone turkey.

Spectacle Island turkey This space is about to become even more special. You see, marathon bombing victim Krystle Campbell used to work on the island as an employee of Jasper White’s Summer Shack. This gazebo will be dedicated in her memory. We found this out not long before our visit to Spectacle Island, and we spent quite a bit of time talking about the tragedy, sending healing energy into the universe for the victims’ families, and being thankful for our lives in that moment.


Boston Harbor Because it was our anniversary weekend, we toasted to love and being grateful for how blessed we are. Duval Leroy Champagne seemed like a good choice for such a celebration. I am always grateful for Champagne. Smile

Duval Leroy

Boston Harbor We spent the rest of the night watching the sun set and seeing most of the other boats leave for the day. Other than two boats and the Mass Maritime staff, we were alone on the island, listening to the sounds of waves lapping against our hull, the clank of the sailboat, and the occasional plane overhead.

Boston Harbor Sunset

Boston Harbor Sunset

Boston Harbor Sunset

Boston Harbor Sunset

We haven’t had the time to go far this summer, but I honestly can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere but Massachusetts in the summertime.

Now to start planning on ways to get out of here come winter! We are leaning towards Sint Maarten in January or February. After a summer close-to-home, I have a major travel bug and am ready to be on-the-move again!

Do you have any fall or winter travel plans?

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