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A holiday weekend is a great time to take a couple of day trips from home, and in the Boston area, there are plenty of places to visit. We love going down to Hingham, which is only about 30 minutes away from Boston, and this week we got our exercise in a new-to-us spot, Bare Cove Park. The park features 484 acres along the Weymouth Back River, and it is a beautiful spot for running, walking, picnics, and I would say, yoga.

Bare Cove Park

The trails in the park are mostly paved, and they often pass by beautiful scenes like this one, a marshy river peeking out behind the trees. The trails are also very flat, ideal for walking and running. The park is extremely dog-friendly, with dozens of off leash dogs. If you are not a fan of dogs or have a dog-aggressive dog, I wouldn’t recommend going here.

Bare Cove Park


We walked for about an hour total, and one of my favorite spots along the way was this wide open area, complete with a beach and wide grassy field. I’d love to bring a yoga mat here to do a yoga podcast.

Bare Cove Park

Bare Cove Park is close to restaurants and shops in Hingham, and we enjoyed a glass of wine at Alma Nove in the Hingham Shipyard after our walk. A trip to Bare Cove Park could easily be a half day trip, or you could mix in some shopping and dining to make it a full day. Our trip to Bare Cove was yet another reminder of how beautiful the Greater Boston Area is and how much there is to do here.

As you plan your summer weekends, keep in mind some of our favorite Boston area day trips, and feel free to share your own in the comments!

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Spectacle Island

Chatham, Cape Cod

A Day Trip to Martha’s Vineyard (a little more difficult, but do-able!)

World’s End State Park

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New England hibernates for long enough, and if you live here, this past Winter has felt particularly awful. When we woke up to blue skies and beaming sun on Saturday, we knew that a beach day was in order, even if it meant walking barefoot with a winter coat on.

We have been under a lot of stress lately that we can’t really control, so we decided to get away from the everyday and take a trip to Onset, which is a tiny village in Wareham, Massachusetts, a stone’s throw from Cape Cod.

About an hour from Boston, Onset is marked by stunning, calm beaches and sweet Victorian homes.

Onset, Massachusetts

The sun was strong enough to warm the sand, and it felt SO good to walk along the water’s edge barefoot. I went to the beach in Miami, but there is just something so different about a New England beach.

Onset, Massachusetts

You may already know that we are OBSESSED with the sea, so we spent a good amount of time wandering Onset’s beaches, building up quite the appetite. Unfortunately, Onset is very seasonal, and a lot of the places I scoped out were not open.

Onset, Massachusetts

Lucky for us, the pizza place we stumbled upon, Marc Anthony’s, was way more than a pizza place and was very cool, while offering ridiculously good, inexpensive food, great music, and friendly service in funky surroundings. I loved the long wooden tables and stained glass, and the soundtrack, which went back and forth between Grateful Dead and Beatles during our entire lunch.

Marc Anthony's Pizza

The seaside makes me crave seafood, and fried clam bellies, fries, and chowder were the perfect, cozy lunch to come inside to. Everything was delicious, and Marc Anthony’s had a steady line of takeout and sit down customers. Clearly, they are on to something.

fried clams

Onset, Massachusetts

After lunch we went for another walk on the beach and checked out some of Onset’s beautiful architecture before heading to nearby favorite day trip town, New Bedford.

Onset, Massachusetts

We never miss a chance to taste wine at Travessia Urban Winery, and while they were not quite ready yet, we loved learning about the new releases. I can’t wait to taste the latest wines produced by this wonderful winery, and I loved revisiting ones they had available. It’s crazy to see how wines change in the bottle. For example, the most recent vintage of Vidal Blanc was a little too sweet for my taste when it was released, and it has aged into a rich wine that is reminiscent of a Viognier, luscious stone fruit notes, delightfully weighty mouth feel.

Travessia Urban Winery

Our little jaunt outside of Boston reminded us what a difference a few miles – and a few degrees – makes. Massachusetts is one of the best places to live in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, and I am excited once again to be on the brink of the best times of year!


Did you enjoy the Spring weather this past weekend?

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With August half over, I think I need to step it up on accomplishing the items on my Summer 2012 to-do list! It’s unlikely I will get to all of them, but I’d still like to try. Despite the fact that I haven’t done everything I hoped to do this summer, it has definitely been fun.

Our wine tasting trip to Long Island allowed us to enjoy some of the best summer has to offer. Seriously, the North Fork is like one giant farm stand, surrounded by water, and our eats on the trip reflected that. Oysters, strawberries, tomatoes, and corn made up most of the menu that day. Plus wine, of course.

One of our favorite stops on our visit to the North Fork was Harbes Farm & Vineyard.

wine tasting, North Fork

Harbes is more than just a winery; they’ve got a full farm stand, snack bar, petting zoo, wine tasting barn and more. It’s a fun place to visit!

wine tasting, North Fork

Harbes Family Farm

We wandered around a bit before heading to the tasting barn. Along the way we sampled some sangria made with Harbes wine and received tickets for a complimentary taste in the barn.

Harbes Family Farm

Harbes Family Farm

Since we each had a coupon to taste one wine, we ended up sharing tastes. It wasn’t a surprise that I loved the dry Red Horse Rosé, lots of berry flavors without the sweetness that some rosés offer. I’ll be seeking out North Fork rosés for the rest of the summer, that’s for sure.

Harbes Family Vineyard wine tasting Harbes Family Vineyard

While we sipped on our wine, we dug into some of the cheeses that my sister-in-law picked up at The Village Cheese Shop (A great place for cheese, meat, etc., but the staff definitely had attitude and was overwhelmed by the stream of traffic.) Eating cheese and bread while sipping wine in a barn overlooking wide open spaces was just about as good as it gets!

Harbes Farm

Harbes Farm & Vineyard is a place for the whole family; parents can come and taste wine, kids can take pony rides and play on tractors. Even big kids. . .


The wine and the grounds at the farm were great, but the fresh food was what made the experience for me.

strawberries and blueberries

Local berries, heirloom tomatoes, watermelons, all sorts of lettuce and more filled the roadside farmstand space.

heirloom tomatoes

purple peppers

And across the street, fields of sunflowers let off a cheery glow.


We even had a little taste of fall with some cider donuts; my sister-in-law and her boyfriend, visiting from Ireland, had never tasted them before!  Harbes’ snack stand also sold roasted corn on the cob, dipped in melted butter. It was divine.

cider donuts

We spent the most time at Harbes, and I definitely would have stayed longer to have a glass of wine if it was a little less crowded. With all of that natural beauty and local produce, this experience was what summer should be.


Dying hydrangeas mean that my all time favorite season is going to come to an end, but I will enjoy every last moment!

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