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Port and Snow

Did you know that Friday was Port Day? Thanks to the magic of the Twitterverse and some great people in the wine business, I also received some Port samples to taste for the occasion.

Since we already had plans to head to Killington, Vermont for the weekend, I brought the Port along. Port and snow go so well together!

The drive to Killington was rainy and foggy until we got close to Killington itself and started ascending the mountainous area. It was then that big snowflakes started to fall. Despite the weather when we arrived, it had been foggy and rainy all day, resulting in the slopes being closed down, and also in lots of ice and slush on unplowed roads. Unfortunately, our not-so-trusty GPS led us astray, down a very long driveway, and we got stuck. Not the best way to start the weekend. The homeowner had a plow, but he told us to call AAA. New England hospitality? Perhaps he should add a giant “Private Driveway” sign to the start of his property?

At any rate, after about 35 minutes of spinning wheels and backing down the driveway and zooming back up, we made it to the dry, salted road. My husband the driver for the win!


We arrived at our cozy house to baked ziti and salad and later, Port. I liked this Sandeman 10 year old Tawny Port the best. It exhibited flavors of both dried and ripe fruit with a warm vanilla undertone and a little bit of spice. It went perfectly with Whole Foods two bite brownies. Yes it did.

Sandeman Tawny Port

We spent the evening by the fire sipping Port, and then I had night one of the worst sleep ever.

Luckily, the next day dawned bright but chilly, and we had a leisurely breakfast while looking out over this.


Due to the icy conditions and general lack of desire to ski, a bunch of us decided to go snowshoeing instead. Those of us who needed to rent shoes did so, and we spent about four hours hiking around a pretty difficult terrain. By the time we were done, I had removed layers and was just enjoying the warm winter sun.


Blackberry pictures, unfortunately. . . I have snow shoed in the past with my camera, and it was not fun.


Throughout our hike we went over hills, past a frozen lake, and even saw some adorably furry animals like this pony.


We unstrapped our snowshoes along the way for a quick bite at the Mountain Meadows Lodge. Sweet potato and mushroom soup was just the thing to warm all of us up.

sweet potato and mushroom soup

Après-snowshoe, most of our group took naps, and then we headed to hang out with the skiers at the Lookout. A few pre-dinner beers and some bar food in the very crowded bar, and we headed home for the night, well stocked with some very mediocre Chinese takeout.

We both had another horrible night of sleep, so we ended up not skiing on Sunday and instead, after fluffy pancakes at Blanche and Bill’s, headed home to nap.

Killington is a really fun place, and while the social scene would probably have suited me better five years ago, there are plenty of reasons to return, including dinner at the Killington Ledgewood Yurt.

Vermont still has so much damage from Irene, and I was happy to see businesses booming. If you’re planning a winter trip, Killington is a good place to start!

Special thanks to Killington expert Daisy for all of her recommendations in and around town!

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I love weekends! Rather than complain about the snow, yesterday we decided to enjoy it by heading to the Weston Ski Track, right off of the Mass Pike, and only about 20 minutes from our house, for some outdoor fun. If you were reading the blog last winter, you may remember our first adventure at Weston Ski Track. On this day, I learned what a great workout a few hours on snowshoes is and declared it my favorite form of marathon cross training.

Yesterday was very cold but bright and beautiful in the Boston area, and we arrived at the Weston Ski Track in no time, rented snowshoes, and were on our way.

Weston Ski Track

Weston Ski Track

We immediately wandered away from the groomed cross country skiing trails to trudge in the two-foot deep snow. It’s better that way Winking smile

winter in New England

A little pond and tiny streams, hills, and trees provided us with constant beauty, and a couple of falls into the deep snow provided some belly laughs in the snow. The sky, as you can see in the photo below, was magnificent. I was truly amazed that these berries survived the winter.

winter in New England

The path among the trees was quiet and well worth veering off for.

Weston Ski Track

Don’t I look glam?


On our walk, we discovered this badly broken tree, likely affected by one of our wintry storms this year. If you squint, you can see the head of a little woodpecker, pecking away with delight at this wonderful discovery. He was LOUD!


We spent over two hours walking around the Weston Ski Track property, which is actually a golf course during the warmer months. This truly is a great workout; our hearts were pounding, our legs sore, and I was as tired as could be when we got home. I love fresh air!

After a long bath with Philosophy Hazelnut Espresso bubble bath, I made a blogger-inspired dinner. . . you will have to wait until tomorrow for that! But I will share our post-snowshoe cocktails with you. Inspired by our Thursday dinner at The Elephant Walk, I decided to make Lemon Ginger Martinis. I started by making a quick ginger syrup with water, sugar, and chunks of fresh ginger. Hint, take the peels of ginger and run them in your garbage disposal. It smells amazing!

ginger simple syrup

In addition to the syrup, the other ingredients for the martini were vodka, limoncello, and a splash of bubbly ginger beer.

lemon ginger martini

And a squeeze of half a lemon in each glass.



I very simply added four teaspoons of ginger syrup, two shots of vodka, two shots of limoncello, and about 1/2 cup of ginger beer with ice to a cocktail shaker and shook. I poured it over a pasta strainer into my favorite Waterford martini glasses which don’t get enough use! They are lovely, and I was excited to dust them off.

lemon ginger martini

A day of snowshoes, fresh air, and beautifully sunny blue skies added to a strong but incredibly delicious cocktail was enough to knock me out. I absolutely love how a day in the snow, like a day at the beach, just takes it all out of you. Bliss.

I already asked this question last year, but since I have some new readers, I would love to know: what is your favorite day trip from where you live?

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