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While we enjoy rosé year-round in our house and definitely sipped pink wine on our recent California trip, there is something about cracking open that first bottle of rosé when spring finally arrives in Boston.

We marked that occasion with a sample bottle I had recently received from Spanish DO Utiel Requena. More information on this region is at the end of my blog post.


Aula Bobal

This Aula Bobal Rosado wine is from Bodegas Coviñas and is 100% Bobal. Bobal is a dark-skinned grape that is native to Utiel Requena.

The first thing I loved about this wine was the color, of course. I love all things pink, and the vibrant color of this wine and the pretty label are just lovely additions to a summer dining table. This would be a perfect wine for a wedding or baby shower. I am picturing  baskets and baskets of bottles of beautiful pink wine. .  .

We opened this wine right after a long walk, and I was glad I had it chilled. It is perfect (at least for me) right out of the fridge, cool and refreshing. This is definitely not a shrinking violet of rosé wines. I would go as far as to say that it is bold and bright, with notes of strawberry and watermelon, not sweet and not super acidic, just really fresh and balanced but also with a richness about it, if that makes any sense. While this is the perfect addition to your summer wine list, it’s a rosé you could easily drink in the winter; it definitely has structure and flavor with a bit of oomph!

Aula Bobal

It’s also the perfect grilling companion. We had spice and citrus marinated chicken thighs with grilled mushrooms and peppers, and while the wine’s freshness and fruity notes went with the citrus and peppers really well, that bit of boldness it has made it a match for the stronger flavors of the mushrooms and meat. It was the perfect spring dinner!



Utiel and Requena’s winemaking culture prides itself on tradition with over 2700 years of history. Archaeological digs in this region have proven that the production of wine and its commercialization have continued uninterrupted since the beginning of the Iberian age until present day.  Bobal is the signature grape of this area. Utiel-Requena includes 9 municipalities where you can find a range of micro-climes that help to make different kinds of wines to express the unique terroir found in the region.


This wine was provided to me as a review sample. All opinions are my own.

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Spring has finally sprung, and when the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and the blue sea is sparkling, there is no better time to be in New England. There are so many day and weekend trips to take within three hours from Boston, and we satisfying our New England wanderlust with a few trips this season. This past weekend we had the chance to spend time in Newport with great friends in an amazing seaside house. Here are just a few favorite photos from a weekend in Newport.

Newport Sunset

Sunset in Newport on a clear, chilly Spring night

Eastons Beach Newport

 Dunking the toes in the Atlantic for the first time this season, at Easton’s Beach in Newport


weekend in Newport

Al fresco drinks at a beautiful Newport home

making fudge

Fudge and saltwater taffy in one of Newport’s adorable shops


saltwater taffy

anchor decor

Nautical touches everywhere – I am obsessed with coastal/nautical style and could outfit myself and my home solely from stores in Newport.


41 North

A beautiful “man cave” and gorgeous views at 41 North – click here for a recap of one of my past 41 North visits

41 North   Thames Street Newport

As I mentioned above, the shopping in Newport is really great, and Thames Street is a fun wander, with its lovely shops and old New England architecture. I love classic New England, and Newport is one of those places that embodies this. Our friends introduced us to a new-to-us oyster bar, which I will be sharing in another post. Our next coastal New England getaway is Mystic. I haven’t been since I was little and would love any recommendations!

Newport, RI

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No, I’m sadly not giving one away or even going on one, but a girl can dream, right? I am at the point in the Boston winter where I am fed up with the very same sweaters and boots that I couldn’t wait to wear in October. After months of sitting around, a couple of illnesses, and marathon training, my pants don’t fit, and I am eyeing up all sorts of fresh new styles.

Unfortunately as someone who’s been working only part time for a few months, I can’t buy any of these things, but I thought it would be fun to take you through my dream list.

1) Dresses. If I could have my way and my weather, I would wear cute dresses every day of the week. Not only are they easy to put on and go, but they are generally a lot more forgiving of a big meal or lack of gym time.

I generally buy my dresses at Marshalls and TJ Maxx; I have gotten plenty of things that I later saw on Newbury Street for way low prices. But if I won the lotto, I would spend a lot more time at Anthropologie buying things like this.

Anthropologie dress


2) Flat sandals. I like heels, but let’s face it. I live in the city and spend a lot of time traveling on foot. Last summer I embraced my shortness and the flat sandal and ended up much happier than if I was trying to hobble around in cute strappy heels. I am loving these gladiator style sandals that I am seeing in stores now.



3) Accessories. Kate Middleton is making hairpieces and fascinators all the rage, but having spent so much time in Ireland, I have been coveting these pieces of wearable art for years. And let me tell you, they are pricey! I check out fascinators and hats every time I visit Ireland and still have not found one under $80 that I like.

Anthropologie headband


4) Sleeveless tops. I generally like my arms, and I love buying lots of sleeveless tops to mix and mingle with jeans and jackets. I especially like finding very inexpensive sleeveless tops at H & M, Target, and the like. It’s a cheap and easy way to have an interesting summer wardrobe!



5) Sweaters. Lots and lots of sweaters to go over above sleeveless tops because somehow I manage to be cold in August.


Looking back at my imaginary shopping spree, I definitely see a theme with the colors I chose Smile As much as I try to get away from black and gray, I always gravitate back toward them even in summer.

Do you like to shop? What is on your spring fashion wish list?

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