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Sunday dinner makes those dark winter Sundays a bit more bearable. Add in a delicious Navarra Tempranillo, fun people, and a silly dog, and Sunday becomes positively joyful. It’s a tradition I highly recommend starting.

principe de viana reserva tempranillo



mashed butternut squash


roasted vegetables


red wine gravy


Sunday dinner    

The menu:

Slow roasted pot roast, seared first with garlic and onions, then popped into the slow cooker with a 1/4 cup of red wine, two shots of espresso, black pepper, sea salt on low for six hours

Red wine gravy, made with liquid from the slow cooker and a nice brown roux

Roasted veggies – parsnips, potatoes, and carrots, slow roasted in olive oil, salt, and pepper

Mashed butternut squash

Crusty baguette

Chocolate cake from South End Buttery

Príncipe de Viana Reserva 2011- One of the wines generously sent to me by Navarra Wine, this 100% Tempranillo was one I was waiting to share with some serious wine-loving friends. I knew a roast would pair really well with it, and Sunday dinner in itself is enough of an occasion to bring out the special wine, if you ask me!

Aged in oak barrels, with a deep garnet red color, this lovely wine had notes of cherry and smoky dark chocolate, full of flavor but balanced enough to not overpower our dinner. The menu went perfectly with it, from the umami flavors in the slow cooked roast to the earthiness and bit of spice in the roasted vegetables. The last few sips went to wash down dark chocolate cake, which only brought out the cherry characteristics of the wine. Really lovely.

In this fast-paced world we live in, there’s something so soothing about taking the day to prepare a meal and to share good wine with fun people. Slowing down on a Sunday is definitely one way of dealing with the Sunday scaries if, like me, they tend to dominate the day!


Thank you to Navarra Wines for sharing some of their delicious wines with me to pair with food and share reviews with all of you.

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Chili is the perfect weekend food. I have spent the past two Sundays leisurely working on big batches of chili and toppings, enjoying my new kitchen, having little dance parties, and making the most of the cold weather.

I love chili because you can add anything and everything and come up with a different recipe each time. I’m sure I have shared that sentiment a million times before, but in a busy world, it is definitely a welcome little trick.

This chili isn’t too complicated, and like most of its kind is fine with substitutions.


2 cans fire roasted tomatoes (depends on how liquid-y you want your chili)

1 can black beans

1 can Cuban style or BBQ beans

1 pound grass fed ground beef

2 cups sweet corn

3 tablespoons chipotle in adobo, finely pureed

2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

1 large white onion, diced

splash of chocolate stout

spices to taste: garlic powder, crushed red pepper, chili powder, hot paprika

fire roasted tomatoes

chili ingredients

unsweetened cacao


diced onionI started the chili by cooking down the chopped onion in some olive oil, then adding in the ground beef until browned. As it browned, I added the cocoa powder and shakes of garlic powder, crushed red pepper, and hot paprika. Once the beef was browned, I added the tomatoes, beans, and corn, then stirred in the chipotle. Finally, I added the beer and brought it all up to a simmer, going about my day as the wonderful smells filled the air. I let the chili cook for a couple of hours, then shut the heat off. When we were ready to eat I brought it up to a boil again and made sure it was cooked and hot through.

taza chocolate stoutWe topped the chili with sliced avocado, pickled jalapeno, shredded cheese, sour cream, and cilantro, with a side of chocolate stout. It was the perfect Sunday supper and made for days of lunch leftovers for my husband. There’s a good chance I will be kicking off another week with this chili. It’s just that good!

cocoa chipotle chili

What are you having for Sunday supper this week?

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Sunday Dinner

One thing I miss when hot summer days roll in is the leisurely ritual of Sunday dinner. On summer Sundays, you’re more likely to find us on the boat until well after sunset than at the dinner table, and we’re likely eating some sort of finger food, not a home cooked meal. While most people use Labor Day as the marker for end of summer, we tend to use our boating season, which ends at the end of October. Unfortunately, the weather sometimes refuses to acknowledge that, and yesterday brought gusty winds that would have made for a not-so-fun boat day. Instead, I did Autumn things, errands, cooking, and baking, and we had our first Sunday dinner in a long time.

The menu:

roasted chicken with a boiled cider glaze

crispy kale

roasted sweet potatoes, acorn squash, butternut squash

apple cider cake (post to come later this week)

roast chicken

The main component of dinner was a whole chicken, roasted simply with butter, pepper, and salt. While the chicken roasted, I boiled down apple cider into a delicious, syrupy consistency to use as a sauce for the chicken and vegetables. A cider glaze was definitely a good idea.

cider reduction

I cooked the chicken, sweet potatoes, and squash for a little over an hour, starting at 415 and lowering the temperature to 385, keeping an eye on everything to make sure the vegetables didn’t burn and the chicken cooked thoroughly. The smell of the butter basting the chicken was amazing.

Just before the chicken was done, I made my crispy kale, one of my favorite ways of eating kale. I just added dry kale to a little bit of oil in a pan and cooked on high until the edges were crispy and browned.

crispy kale

kale and squash

Once the chicken and veggies were cooked, everything came together quickly. I plated chicken on top of the kale with the other vegetables as a side, and I topped it all with the reduced apple cider.

chicken with fall vegetables

With cool breezes coming through the window and the sun setting early, this dinner really hit the spot. I’m still not happy about the change of seasons, but a comforting meal and the love that goes into making it definitely makes it a little tastier.

Are you embracing fall flavors yet?

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